Monday, January 14, 2019

European Trip

Here are the main destinations:

To Do List 

1. Brunner family  Salzberg, Kufstein, Jenbach, Schwatz, Innsbruck, (Inn river) Austria then 5 hours to:

Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk, Zum Traumwerk 1, 83454 Anger, Germany which is 1 hour 15 minutes away from Kufstein. (amazing layout)

By chance I found this wonderful attraction on Google maps. We were only able to spend about a hour but could easily have spent much longer. The antique toys are truly a wonderful exhibit. The car collection is priceless. The outdoor railway for kids looks really fun. But for me the Marklin train layout is amazing. It extends from trains in plexiglass tunnels in the floor, to high above your head. The details are stunning and the trains and scenery are very well done. The lighting cycles from day to night and includes thunderstorms and fireworks. The trains are in HO scale and the details are so lifelike. The entry tickets for all exhibits were 14 Euro, I think.

places to visit in German, Rothenburg Medieval city, castle Burg Eltz Castle

2. Sidler family Ottenbach then 1 hour to -
3. Bachman family Wiliberg and (surrounding area) then 3 hours to -
4. Scholl family Graben/Neudorf Germany then 1 and 1/2 hours to -
5. Marklin, Göppingen, is 2 hours from the Scholls

Possible places to stay:

Innsbruck or Salzberg in Austria
Zurich in Switzerland
Stuttgart, and Graben in Germany

Total travel time is 9 hours.

Because Deborah has to get back, if we do Marklin days, we could end with this event.
B and Bs, Germany and Austria 

Look for Zimmer Frei, Privatzimmer, or Gästezimmer. These are very common in areas popular with travelers (such as Austria’s Salzkammergut Lake District and Germany’s Rhine, the Romantic Road region, and southern Bavaria — but they’re rare in Switzerland). Especially in Austria, one-night stays are discouraged. Most Privatzimmer cost about $40 per person and include a hearty breakfast. Pensionen, Gasthäuser, and Gasthöfe are similarly priced small, family-run hotels. Don’t confuse any of these with a Ferienwohnung, which is a self-catering apartment rented out by the week or fortnight.

1.  Brunner family

Kufstein is a town in the Austrian state of Tyrol, the administrative seat of Kufstein District. With a population of about 18,400, it is the second largest Tyrolean town after the state capital Innsbruck. The greatest landmark is Kufstein Fortress, first mentioned in the 13th century

County Tyiol

Jenbach 2 families
Kufstein 8 families
Schwaz 8 families

15 things to do in Kufstein

Cemetery in Kufstein

Kloster Friedhof

6330 Kufstein



Bavarian dialect tend to pronounce "Jenbach" as "Jembåch".

The earliest dwellings in Jenbach date back to the end of the early Bronze Age and the early La Tène culture. Jenbach was first officially named in a document of the year of 1269 as "Ymbach". From 1410 onwards the Fugger constructed furnaces in order to process the silver and copper ore dug from the mines near Schwaz. After these ores were mined out, the processing of iron ore took over. Until 1865 this early industrial infrastructure remained private, however afterwards the state took ownership. 

The railway station of Jenbach contains three different railways:


Catholic church:

2. Sidler Family

Anna Hegetschweiler
was born 29 September 1847 in Ottenbach, Zurich Switzerland

  • Father ? Hegetschweiler
Mother was born in Ottenbach in 1827 

Maternal Grandparents

Johann Sidler born in Ottenbach, death ?
Susanna Jenta born in Wetziknon, Zurich, Switzerland

Maternal Great Grandparents: 

Hans Rudolf Sidler was born in Ottenbach. 
Elizabeth was born in Ottenbach.

Rudolf Jenta born in Wetzikon, Zurich, Switz. (Wetzikon is an outlier)
Elisabeth Frei born Birr, Aagau Switz

Ottenbach is a municipality in the district of Affoltern in the canton of Zürich in Switzerland. It is in north Switzerland, three hours from Graben

How far from Bachman's to Sidler family?
The Bachman's are about 3.5 hours from the Sidler family

3. Bachman Family

I can’t remember where I left off on my suggestions for your trip. 

--Patrick Jakob is team leader (equivalent to mayor) of Wiliberg He said he’d be happy to meet you at the only restaurant in Wiliberg (Restaurant Mooseragi) and tell you where the house is, church is, etc.
--I suggest you go to Bottenwil (5 miles from Wiliberg) which is a larger town, our ancestral town, has Bachmanns still living there (1 is in the government there as I recall).  See if they have more history of the Bachmanns in the valley, know why Baumann is engraved inside the Bachmann house
--I never got to see ‘central Wiliberg’, which maybe consists of 1 building.  Wiliberg has a population of 164 I think.  Bottenwil is maybe 4 times that.
-- I’ve always been curious why there are 2 houses together on the former Bachmann Wiliberg land.  I wonder if the Suter house next door also has Baumann engraved.
--I suggested you contact Brian Hill, Orem, who has been to the area more recently than I (I think).

Hope all is well,

Patric will meet us at a Restaurant and accompany us to the Bachman home: email:

Sounds like a great trip.  As you noticed, Patric has agreed to meet at the small restaurant, Restaurant Mooseragi, if you’d like.  The Bachmann home is about 3 blocks away.  The home and the church in Reitnau are the only 2 sites that you want to see for sure, but the green hills, partially forested, are wonderful.  There are no old graveyards to wander through.  In Switzerland, they dig everyone up after 25 years.

The Stettlers who own the house have been friendly, but have never invited us Americans in.  We met the grandparents (German speakers) and the teenage son.  I think your sister may have met the lady of the house.  I think we know all there is to know about the house.  We know when the Bachmanns lived in the house, via insurance records.  We know that it was probably built by a Baumann family, because Baumann is engraved inside.  No more is known about the Baumanns The house next door is so close that it must have been owned by someone with a connection to the Bachmann house occupants.  It has SUTER printed on its outside but doesn’t seem to be our Suters (Jakob’s first wife but what about the famous California Suter’s Mill folks.  They were Swiss.).  

I hope  you get to see more of Wiliberg than I did.  Below is their website that I have a hunch Patric did:

Our real ancestral village is Bottenwil (the w sounds like a v).  It is 5 times more populous that Wiliberg (794 people to 164).  I seem to remember reading that there is a female Bachmann on the municipal council there.

Yes, Switzerland is expensive, maybe 50% higher cost than Utah.  If you google Wiliberg accommodation or Wiliberg B & B, you’ll find a lot of places within 20 miles.  I think the area is kind of a vacation area for Swiss city dwellers.   Patric might have some suggestions.  If you go to Bottenwil and explore around for me, I’d be happy to pay for accommodations <smile>.

I emailed you info on Brian Hill who might be a good contact.
Steve Bingham

Jacob Bachman (Emma's father) was born in Wiliberg, Aargau, Switzerland


Hans Rudolf Bachman was born in Bottenwil, Aargau, Switzerland and died in Wiliberg
Elisabeth Aerny born Attelwil, Aargau Swizerland and died in Attelwil. 

Paternal Grandparents:

Rudolf Bachman born in Wiliberg ? death
Verena Hochuli born in Reitnau Aargau Switzerland ? death

Maternal grandparents

Heinrich Aerni born in Reitnau and died in Attelwil-Reitnau
  • Elisabeth Wullschieger born in Attenlwil, Aargau, Switzerland, death? 

4.  Scholl family

Philipp Scholl born 1825 Graben


? unknown father
Christina Scholl born 1789 Graben, second marrriage Graben

Maternal grandparents

Johann Wendel Scholl born and married in Graben
Maria Catharina Nuchter born in Graben

Paternal Great grandparents:

Johann Georg Scholl  born and married in Graben
Anna Maria Kammerer born and married in Graben, died in Spock (11 minutes from Graben)

Info:Graben-Neudorf is a town in Northern Karlsruhe Country in Baden-WürttembergGermany. It was created when the two communities of Graben and Neudorf were united on January 1, 1972. With this union Neudorf was transferred from the district of Bruchsal to the district of Karlsruhe. [2]

5.  Marklin Days: 

September 13-15, 2019Märklin Days (IMA)
Märklin Factory
Göppingen, Germany
To find more information as it becomes available, visit