Thursday, November 1, 2018

Falls City/ Weinert- Scholl Questions

Here are some questions for anyone visiting the Falls City, Nebraska area regarding the Weinert and Scholl families. 

Elizabeth Kelch obit

I have been looking for information on Elizabeth Kelch. I was looking for newspapers to find an obituary. I have used the following to find appropriate newspapers,,_Nebraska_Genealogy

* I found that there were potentially 2 papers that could hold that obituary. They are,
Falls City Journal [Microform]
Falls City News [Microform]
These papers are available at the,

Nebraska State Historical Society Library 
1500 R St, Lincoln, NE 68501

The Falls City Tribune was not printed in 1902. The Falls City Bazoo was only printed for 2 years according to Chronicling America, 1892-1893. There are other Falls City papers but none that I can find that were printed in 1902. Mark


Open ⋅ Closes 8PM
Phone(402) 245-2913 (call and see if there is a local historian that can help us)

-What resources are there not online?
- Elizabeth Kelch obituary, (Mark says they are on microfilm in the Nebraska Historical Society Library and archives in Lincoln Nebraska.
-Are there church publications from 1860 - 1900. Lists of names? Photographs?
-Get information on the native Indians from 1860 - 1880s
-Does the library have land ownership records from the late 1800s?
-Get more info on the arrival of early German immigrants. Are there paintings or   other records of them?
-Where did the Weinert's and Scholl's go to church? There is a Zion church, Zion Bauman Church, (see map below)
-Does the library have anything on the school George attended. Where did he attend high school. What about the college in Peru where George apparently went to briefly.

-Visit Arago, I already did and took photos, not too much to see
-Drive between August's home and Frederick's home and Phillip's home
-Find Frederick's home near Falls City ( I didn't know about this before I   went to Falls City)
-Use my map to drive between places of interest.
-I took photos of all grave markers except the new ones (not sure if they are   installed) of Fredericka's 4 deceased children in the Arago Cemetery (it is hard to find)
-Get more photos and a video of the old school George attended.

Paul Weinert
-Either here or the library trace land ownership of August's, Phillip's and  Frederick's properties
-Can he arrange a visit to August's Morton Street home. This is the home be   build to retire in and died soon after it was finished.
-I have a poor quality photo of the gun August used to defend the boarder. Get some photos of the gun including close ups.
-Ask Paul what he knows about the van der Schaff family and what he will do   with the van der Schaff photos when he passes? I copies the photos front and back.
-Paul has two memories of George. I wrote them down but it would be nice to have a video of him telling his memories. He has an amazing mind and memory.

County Courthouse
-Land records of August, Phillip and Frederick? It looks like they are available. How hard are they to look up?  Before you go we can call and ask the procedures?

Richardson County Courthouse
1700 Stone Street
Falls City, NE 68355
Phone: 402.245.2911
This courthouse has a website

County Clerk has birth and death records from 1918. 
County Judge has marriage records from 1800s, probate and court records. 
Register of Deeds has land records. 
Clerk District Court has divorce records.