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Mary Ellen (Nellie) Boylin Gardiner 1877 - 1958

Mary Ellen was born 24 November 1877 Selly Oak, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom to Charles Boylin and Zilpah Ackerman. Selly Oak is a residential suburban district in south west Birmingham, England. The town is dead center England.  The name Selly Oak came from a prominent tree in the town.  It was standing when Nellie lived there but was torn down in 1909 due to problems with the root system.  She was christened Dec 1877 at St Mary's Church, Selly Oak, Worcester, England.  The 1881 census lists her father Charles as a bricklayer. 

Her maternal grandparents George Ackerman and Zilpah Busby lived in Birmingham, Ladywood, 
Warwickshire, England in the 1881 census.  At the time of the census Nellie's 2 year old sister Amy was visiting her grandparents 3.5 miles north of her home.  George was a green grocer in Lady Wood, Birmingham.  A greengrocer is a retail trader in fruit and vegetables.  They had a daughter 33, named Maria who was a greengrocer and another daughter named Elizabeth 18, who was a gold cutter.  They immigrated after 1881. 

In 1888 Mary Ellen immigrated from Liverpool with: Chas Boylin, age 32, Mrs. Boylin, age 27, (ME) Mary E, age 9, Rose, age 6, (FE) Fannie E, age 3, Chas. infant in 1888 (ages slightly off) on the ship City of Chicago. They had a lay over in Queenstown, Ireland.  The arrival date in New York City (NYC) was May 19, 1888.  Nellie's sister Rosetta Ackerman,  husband William King and 9 year old daughter Maria are listed just below the Boylins.  They were not members of the LDS faith. 

Upon arriving in America Nellie's family lived in SLC then in 1896 they moved toFarmington.  In 1895 her grandfather George, a milkman and his wife Zilpah celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary at 78 Q street, Salt Lake City (SLC.) 
Nellie's parents and family consisted of the following: (First 5 born in England, last 3 born in Utah, number of children they had is in parenthesis)

A.  Charles Boylin 1854 - 1940, not LDS, Charles was a gardener and florist for Lagoon.
B.  Zilpah Ackerman (Boylin) (8) 1859 - 1911 non member in this life 

1.  Mary Ellen (Nellie) Boylin (Gardiner) 1877 - 1958 m William Francis Gardiner, (3) bap. sealed, William was a conductor for SLCRR, car repairer for Consolidated Ry&P, electrician for Utah L&R Co and foreman at the street car barns, all SLC
2.  Rose Amy Boylin 1878 - 1961 m Percy Lee, bap., Percy was a fireman in Oakland, CA
3.  Fannie Elizabeth Boylin 1881 - 1980 m John Charles Burns, (1) bap. sealed, John was a motorman and conductor for Utah Light and Traction, SLC
4.  Charles Henry Boylin 1883 - 1965 m Elizabeth Ann Keddington, (9) bap. sealed,  Charles was a garden landscaper for private homes in SLC and died in Lancaster, CA.
5.  George Ernest Boylin, 1885 - 1885
6.  Alice Boylin 1890 -  1964 m William Day, (3) bap., William was a carpenter and WWI vet.
7.  Beatrice Lucy Boylin 1895- 1962 m Lester Wyman Payne, (3) bap., Lester was a motorman on the Bamberger RR Co., SLC. Note: Nellie was a servant in the Bamberger household.
8.  Bertha Gladys Boylin 1898 - 1982 m Spencer Dewey Adams, (2) bap., sealed,  Spencer played in the National Baseball League for 4 years and was in two world series.  He worked for the Utah State Highway Dept. after his career in baseball.


In 1897 Nellie was a "nurse" at 539 E 1st South, SLC.

Her address in 1898 was 170 O Street, SLC.

At a Lagoon event in 1899 her maternal grandparents, George Ackerman and Zilpah Busby were awarded a prize for being the "oldest married couple" in front of 2,000 people. 
Nellie had an 8th grade education.  From 1897 to 1902 she was a servant in the Jacob and Bertha Bamberger household at 539 1st south SLC.  Her position was servant, domestic or nurse.  Nellie worked with another servant girl named Alma Steckling.  Jacob was a silver mine owner with a wife, and two children: Dorothy (6) and Clarence (13).  (His older children were out of the home.)  Jacob immigrated from Germany in 1868, was Jewish, and died in 1928.  He and his family were well thought of in the community.

Nellie was baptized August 2, 1902 in SLC.  She was confirmed the next day.  Nellie was 24 and 8 months old.  3 1/2 months later on November 21 her grandfather George Ackerman died of pneumonia at 77.  He died at 819 Spruce Street, SLC and was buried two days later in the SLC Cemetery.  

Here is what this means for Nellie.  When she was baptized in 1902, none of her siblings were members.  Her parents were not members and her maternal grandmother was not a member.  The only member was her maternal grandfather George Ackerman.  3 and 1/2 months after her baptism the only other member in her family, George Ackerman, dies.

Nellie is one of eight. One died at birth. Of the remaining 6 children, all joined between 1904 and 1927.  

Grocer George Ackerman joined the church June 30, 1849.  None of his children joined but one granddaughter did: Nellie. Then her siblings followed.  It would be interesting to know when she began dating William Francis Gardiner.   Before she was baptized or after?    

On April 16, 1903, 8 months after her baptism, Nellie was sealed to William Francis Gardiner in the Salt Lake Temple. The reception was given by Nellie's non member Uncle and printerJohn Henry Akerman at 529 Second Street, (1851 - 1927) and his member wife, Sarah Jane White.  The newlyweds lived at 922 4th Street.  The "avenues" which run east and west in SLC were called streets until 1907.  The location of their home was directly across the street from where William's parents would later be buried in the SLC City Cemetery.  There is an LDS church there today.

One year after she was married, on April 10, 1904 Nellie gave birth to Stewart Boylin while living at 922 4th Street.  Two days later, her grandmother Zilpah Busby, died from heart disease.  Stewart lived a long, yet single life.  In 1906 she gave birth to Harold Francis who lived a year and died from marasmus or malnutrition and cholera on October 5, 1907. They were living at 589 6th Avenue, SLC.  Her husband, William Gardiner, was a foreman in the trolley yards in SLC.  William died of typhoid and accompanying complications on November 14, 1907, 40 days after Harold passed away. 

Boylin Family 1905

LtR back Rose, Alice, Charles, Mary Ellen, Fannie, Bertha, front Charles, Beatrice, Zilpha

On April 13 1906 her father was bitten by a monkey at Lagoon and was temporarily paralyzed.  On August 1 Charles, who took care of the electrical systems at Lagoon, went outside during a lighting storm and saw fire flew in strings through the window.  The lighting ripped a generator to pieces which brought Lagoon into darkness.

Her last Gardiner child William Charles was born, two and a half months after William Francis died, on January 25, 1908.  So, while pregnant, Nellie lost a child, her own husband and afterwards gave birth to their 3rd child.  After William died she moved back in with her parents in Farmington.

In 1910 Nellie was 32 and lived with her parents and two children in Farmington.  She worked as a railroad station agent.  Nellie was a member of the Entre Nous Club and hosted a party for them.  The social club was for single women.

In 1911 her father Charles was chief gardener at Lagoon. 

Nellie's mother, Zilpah, died in 1911 of carcinoma.  They resided in Farmington, but her mother was buried in the SLC Cemetery.  

October 31, 1913 Nellie was made president of the Primary in Farmington.  November 21 she visited her mother-in-law Margaret Gardiner in SLC.  She later served in the Relief Society and the Young Women's Improvement Association.

Her father Charles married Alice White Ackerman who immigrated on July 28, 1868 at the age of 13 from England.

May 1, 1914 she entertained the Voran Club in her home.  November 20, Nellie went to SLC to attend Charles Gardiner's home coming talk after serving a German mission and she heard about the pre-war conditions.  December 18 Nellie began attending a 12 week course regarding the Primary.    

In 1916 Mary Ellen visited Margaret Gardiner, her mother in law, after Margaret took a fall on the ice and broke her ankle.  The fall would lead to Margaret's death in the coming year.

January 27, 1918 Nellie encouraged organizations in the community to "adopt" fatherless French orphans.  4 1/2 months later on September 9th her son William died of lymphatic leukemia.  He was 10 years, 7 months and 14 days old.  On March 30, 1919 Nellie discussed the book, Just Like You, with the Seloun club.

She married Casey Bowen on the 4th of June 1919 and had another child in 1920 namedNorman Ralph Bowen  (1920-1992.)  He was the city editor for the Deseret News and was a mission president over the Eastern Atlantic States Mission.  

By 1920 she and her 15 year old son Stewart Gardiner were living on a farm in Lyman, Idaho near Rexburg with her farmer second husband Cacey, who was 18 years older than Nellie.  He was 60 and she was 42.

In 1930 Cacey raised poultry and fruit in Farmington, UT. Nellie wasn't working outside the home.  Charles, her father, was a florist in green houses at Lagoon.  

On November 27, 1938 Charles' second wife, Alice White died from senile arteriol sclerosis and senile dementia in Farmington.  Her death cert lists her name as Alice White Ackerman Boylin.  The Ackerman is Charles' first wife's last name and Alice White's first husbands last name.  Unusual.  Charles was the informant and they were the same age at the time, 72.  SLC Cemetery: M_9_8_2W

By the 1940 census Nellie was 63, and worked in the post office in Farmington, UT and lived with Cacey east of the Hotel.  Her 85 year old, "slender and distinguished looking," gardener, florist, electrician father died August 29 of a stroke while visiting in California.  He was retired 16 years, owned his own home worth $2,000, and lived "south on highway from viaduct" in Farmington.  Buried: SLC Cemetery: 

In late 1941, with her parents gone,  Cacey and Nellie moved to Oakland, CA to be near her sister Rose Amy's family and son Stewart Boylin Gardiner who was working on the railroad.  Stewart worked 43 years for the Southern Pacific Railroad in the Oakland, California offices.  On January 27, 1942 Cacey died in Oakland, at 84. Nellie and Cacey had been married 21 years.  Cacey was buried next to his first wife in the Sutton Cemetery, Archer Idaho.
Mary Ellen lived another 16 years and died in Oakland on 29 October 1958, at 80.  She was buried Nov 3, 1958, Salt Lake City Cemetery, SLC, UT.   Her grave marker acknowledges both marriages: Mary Ellen "Nellie" Gardiner Bowen 1877 - 1958.  SLC Cemetery: 

Her descendants are only through Ralph Bowen and his wife Donna.   (Information from Ralph Bowen's obit.)  They include:

1.  Bountiful; James and Donna Lee Barnes, (daughter)
2.  Orem; Mary Karen Solomon, (daughter) Anna, Patrick and Sophie Solomon
3.  Bountiful; Cacey and Carol Bowen, (son) Brandon, Joy, Jennifer and Amanda
4.  Bountiful; John H. Bowen, (son)
5.  Salt Lake City; Budd and Kristen Black, Bennion. (daughter) Ciara Black

His grandchildren include Debbie Coles, Diana Gehrke, Darlene Gallegos.

From Stewart's obit: He is survived by a sister-in-law, Donna J. Bowen, Bountiful, Utah; nieces and nephews: Donna Lee B. and Jim Barnes, Orem, Utah; Mary Karen B. Solomon, Craig, Colorado; Kirsten B. and Budd Black, Bennion, Utah; N. Cacey and Carol Bowen, Bountiful, Utah; John H. Bowen, Salt Lake City, Utah

St Mary's Church, Selly Oak

 Amy Ackerman 2, traveled from Selly Oak to Chipping Norton to visit her grandparents.  She was with them on Sunday April 3, 1881 when the census was taken: 

Places can be confusing in this family.
Zelpah Busby is born 1826 in Chipping Norton  
In 1841 George Ackerman is in Chipping Norton.
George and Zelpah are married 1845 in Chipping Norton. Charles was born in 1855 in Tipton or Dudley. 
In 1861 George Ackerman is in Lady Wood, Birmingham. 
In 1871 George is in Lady Wood, Birmingham.
In 1871 Charles' family lived in Northfield, Selly Oak.
Nellie's paternal gfather dies in in 1873 in King's Norton. 
Charles was married in 1877 in King's Norton.  
Nellie is born in 1877 in Northfield, Selly Oak.  
In the 1881 census Nellie and family are in Northfield, Selly Oak.   
In 1881 George Ackerman is in Lady Wood, Birmingham..
Zilpah Busby is from Leafield.

In 1888 Charles and family leave the UK.  

1881 England census:  Her father was a brick layer: 


1881 census, her father is a brick maker: 


1888, When did Mary Ellen come to the US?

New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957    
about Chas Boylen

Name:    Chas Boylen
Arrival Date:    19 May 1888
Birth Date:    abt 1856
Age:    32
Gender:    Male
Ethnicity/ Nationality:    English
Place of Origin:    England
Port of Departure:    Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland
Destination:    New York
Port of Arrival:    New York, New York
Ship Name:    City of Chicago
Number of passengers: 1122  

Bottom of page one, Chas Boylin, age 32, then Mrs. Boylin, 27, (ME) Mary E, age 9, Rose, age 6, (FE) Fannie E, age 3, Chas. infant. 

City of Chicago

City of Chicago


Salt Lake Herald, 1895-07-02



78 Q Street, SLC


1898  Nellie is 25

Salt Lake Herald, 1899-07-01

The Ancient Order of United Workmen was a fraternal organization in the United States and Canada, providing mutual social and financial support after the US Civil War. It was the first of the "fraternal benefit societies", organizations that would offer insurance as well as sickness, accident, death and burial policies.

1899 SLC Directory:

1900 census: This census taker has some of the best handwriting I've seen in any census

Mr. Jacob Bamberger (early famous Jewish family in Utah) was born in Eberstadf, Germany, March 7, 1852. He came to United States at the age of thirteen and with his brothers, Herman and Simon, located in Pleasant Hill, Mo., where they engaged in the mercantile business. Leaving there in 1873 he came west engaging in similar business along the line of the Union Pacific railroad and arrived in Salt Lake City in 1875. Not long after his arrival here he accepted a clerkship in the Salt Lake post office; but from the first mining had an irresistible lure for him and as soon as possible he began making mining investments. Success crowned his efforts and it was not long before he was identified with large undertakings. When the Centennial Eureka was organized he became vice-president. With H. G. McMillan he organized the Bamberger-McMillan company, representing the Philadelphia Smelting company and later the American Smelting and Refining company. In 1900, with his associates he purchased the Daly-West Mining company. He retained the presidency of the company until 1913. He was also president of the Ontario Silver Mining company and for several years was heavily interested in the Braden Copper company, of which he was a director. Bertha married Jacob Bamberger in 1876. Having reached a position of affluence, Mrs. Bamberger devoted much of her time and means to philanthrophy. Personal visits to homes of the sick and destitute were numerous and she affiliated with charitable institutions and organizations in many ways. She lived to be eighty one years of age when she died of a sudden heart attack while visiting in Los Angeles.At his death in 1928 Jacob was living in the Hotel Utah
and his occupation was a capitalists.

539 E 1 South, SLC

Photo of her father Charles:

1902 August 2 Mary Ellen is baptized at 24 years old, (FamilySearch) 

Salt Lake Herald 1902-11-22

1903 April 16, Nellie goes through the temple and is sealed to William Frances Gardiner 


Henry and Sarah Jane White Ackerman: 

John Henry Ackerman and Sarah White, if these are their first 3 children, photo could be 1881

Salt Lake Telegram, 1903-04-16

1904 April 10,  Salt Lake Tribune: Mary Ellen has a baby: 

1904 SLC Directory:

Deseret News 1904-04-13

Zilpah Busby Ackerman

Davis County Clipper 1906-04-13

1906 August 1

1906 SLC Directory:

1907 SLC Directory:

1909 SLC:

1910 census: Nellie moved back in with her parents in Farmington.

October 2, 1910 Salt Lake Tribune:

Salt Lake Telegram 1911-10-23



Salt Lake Tribune, 1911-10-23



Salt Lake Herald 1911-10-23



Davis County Clipper 1913-10-31

Davis County Clipper 1913-11-21

Davis County Clipper 1913-12-12

Davis County Clipper 1914-05-01

Davis County Clipper 1914-05-08

Davis County Clipper 1914-09-25

Davis County Clipper 1914-11-20



Davis County Clipper 1914-12-11

Davis County Clipper 1914-12-18

Davis County Clipper 1915-02-19

Davis County Clipper 1915-06-11

February 11, 1916

Salt Lake Tribune 1918-01-27


Salt Lake Tribune 1918-01-27



Salt Lake Herald 1918-09-09 He actually dies of lymphatic leukemia according to his death cert.



Salt Lake Tribune 1919-03-30

Married Cacey Potter Bowen, 4 June 1919
Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake

1920 census:

 1930 census:






1940 census



  1940 census: Charles Boylin




Davis County Clipper 1940-08-30



The Salt Lake Tribune, 31 Oct 1958, Fri, Page 60:


 SLC City Cemetery: Mary Ellen lived to be 80 years old. 


Mary Ellen's mother's death certificate:

Cacey Potter Bowen Jr. (1858-1942) was born in Ogden, Utah, and married Arvilla Susannah Booth in 1879. They settled in Lyman, Idaho where Arvilla died in 1916. Cacey moved to Salt Lake City, and in 1919 he married widow Mary Ellen (Boylin) Gardiner. They settled in Farmington, Utah, and moved to Oakland, California in late 1941. Cacey died in Oakland in January 1942. Vol. 1 is about Cacey and his life and family, and also about Cacey's ancestry in Utah, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, New England and elsewhere. The other eleven volumes deal in turn with the families of his surviving eleven children. 


Charles Boylin [Parents] was born 1 about 1856 in Tipton, Staffs. He married 2 Zilpha Ackerman on 7 Oct 1876.

Zilpha Ackerman [Parents] was born 1 on 17 Apr 1859 in Birmingham,Warwick,England. She died on 8 Oct 1911. She married 2 Charles Boylin on 7 Oct 1876.

They had the following children:

F i Amy Boylin was born about 1879 in Selley Oak, Worcestershire.
F ii Mary Ellen Boylin was born about 1878 in Selly Oak, Worcester.
F iii Fanny Elizabeth Boylin was born about 1881 in Selly Oak, Worcester.

Edward Boylin was born 1 about 1815 in Shropshire. He married Elenor. 
Elenor was born about 1822 in Shropshire. She married Edward Boylin. 
They had the following children: 

MiWilliam Boylin was born about 1850.

MiiJohn Boylin was born about 1851 in Tipton, Staffordshire.

MiiiCharles Boylin was born about 1856.

MivEdward Boylin was born about 1857 in Tipton, Staffordshire.

MvJames Boylin was born about 1858 in Tipton, Staffordshire.

FviElenor Jane Boylin was born about 1860 in Tipton, Staffordshire.

FviiMary A. Boylin was born about 1862 in Tipton, Staffordshire.

FviiiFanny Boylin was born about 1865 in Tipton, Staffordshire.

MixGeorge H Boylin was born about 1868 in Tipton, Staffordshire.

Edward Boylin

1S&N, 1871 Census, Northfield, Worcestorshire.
Edward Boylin Head 56 Brickmaster.

Zilpah Busby [Parents] was born 1 on 24 Mar 1826 in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. She died on 12 Apr 1904 in Salt Lake City. She married 2 George Ackerman on 1 Jul 1845 in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England.

They had the following children:

F i Ann Ackerman was born 1 on 7 Nov 1845 in Birmingham,Warwick,England. She died on 7 Apr 1849.
F ii Maria Ackerman was born 1 on 22 Aug 1847 in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England. She died on 7 Apr 1930.
F iii Rosetta Ackerman was born 1 on 27 May 1850 in Smethwick, Stafford,England. She died on 28 Feb 1923.
M iv John Henry Ackerman was born on 19 Oct 1851. He died on 5 Oct 1927.
M v Jared or James Ackerman was born 1 on 4 Apr 1854 in Smethwick, Stafford,England. He died on 11 Feb 1896.
M vi George Alma Ackerman was born 1 on 27 Aug 1856 in Birmingham,Warwick,England. He died on 27 Dec 1858.
F vii Zilpha Ackerman was born on 17 Apr 1859. She died on 8 Oct 1911.
M viii George Orson Ackerman was born 1 on 5 Apr 1861 in Birmingham,Warwick,England. He died on 5 Feb 1862.
F ix Elizabeth Ackerman was born on 21 Dec 1863. She died on 6 Jan 1928.

John Busby [Parents] was born 1 about 1800 in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England. He married 2 Rose about 1825 in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England.

Rose was born 1 about 1804 in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England. She married 2 John Busby about 1825 in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England.

They had the following children:

F i Zilpah Busby was born on 24 Mar 1826. She died on 12 Apr 1904.

William Busby.William married Rebecca Hodges.

Rebecca Hodges.Rebecca married William Busby.

They had the following children:

M i John Busby was born about 1800. 



Burial Information

Burial:11/3/1958Salt Lake City Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States
Grave Location:N_16_28_2E