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Elizabeth Duncan (Shiells) 1840 - 1867

Born November 17 1840, baptized December 1, in Dundee, Angus, Scotland 
She is a twin to her sister Christina Duncan (Stewart), wife of William Stewart
Marriage October 14, 1862 to David Shiells  25, b 1837 David lived at 9 Queen street, Elizabeth lived at Youngs Close, Murrygate, Dundee, David's parents William Shiells, Isabella Walker, witnesses William Steward and Isabella Steele, Elizabeth 22, is a dressmaker.

David Shields was a ships carpenter in 1860 in the Dundee Harbor. (marriage certificate)
They had two children Christina Shiells b November 14, 1863 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland.
Elizabeth Duncan Shiells b 15 September 1867, fifteen days before her mother dies of TB (This child is not found in the 1871 census and may have died because she was infected with TB from her mother)

Based on Sandra's thinking which I truly don’t begin to understand, I thought I would take a chance on George Duncan and Isabel Steele on Scotland’s People and came up a winner. Turns out George Duncan was a ship carpenter, not a traveler around the world.  Notice where they lived.  George marries on April 30th 1867 and is living at 8 Fish Street.  His Intended Isabel Steele lives at 13 Fish Street.  In 1871 Margaret Duncan Craig is living at 14 Fish Street.  Duncan’s like Fish Street.

So George  is living with his sister and David Shiells.  Elizabeth died September 30, 1867, 5h 25 min pm at 8 Fish Street Dundee,  She was 27.  In 1862 Isabel is the witness for David and Elizabeth’s wedding and later when George moves in with his sister he falls in love with Elizabeth’s neighbor!

1.  William Duncan b 10 July 1827 Liff Benvie and Invergowrie, Angus, Scotland
2.  Margaret Duncan born 9 August 1829, Liff Benvie and Invergowrie, Angus, Scotland (married David Craig, seaman, see 1861 census)
3.  Andrew Greg Duncan born 3 July 1831 Liff Benvie and Invergowrie, Angus, Scotland (not found after this date, apparently he died before the 1841 census)
4.  Jean Robbie Duncan born 23 April 1833 Liff Benvie and Invergowrie, Angus, Scotland GS Film 0993484-0993485 (not found after this date, apparently she died before the 1841 census)
5.  Charles Duncan Jr. born 4 July 1835 Liff Benvie and Invergowrie, Angus, Scotland  (seaman master mate)
6.  George Duncan, born 1838
7.  Christina Duncan, born January 12, 1840 twin
8.  Elizabeth Duncan, born January 12, 1840, twin

1829 August 9, Liff Benvie and Invergowrie, Angus Scotland.  Possible birth of Margaret Duncan to Charles Duncan and Christina Grewar (Gruar spelling a little off)

1841 census:  They live at Smalls Wynd, Dundee
Janet Duncan born 1806 (not sure who she is or is this a nickname for Christina.  She could also be a domestic servant)
Margaret Duncan, born 1830
Charles Duncan Jr, born 1836
George Duncan, born 1838
Christina Duncan, born January 1841
Elizabeth Duncan, born January 1841,  twins
(The 1841 census was taken June 6, 1841.)

1851 census: Living at Tindals Wynd, Dundee
Christina Duncan, 48 born 1803 in Liff
Margaret Duncan, 21 born born 1830 in Liff
Charles Duncan Jr., 15 born born 1836 in Liff, occupation seaman apprentice (like his father)
George Duncan, 13 born born 1838 in Dundee
Christina Duncan, 10 born 1841 in Dundee
Elizabeth Duncan 10 born 1841 in Dundee

1861 census: living at 90 Murray Gate, Dundee
Charles Duncan 60, born 1801 in Cupar Angus, Seaman P Emperor On Merchant Bard (poor indexing quality on this)
Christina Duncan 58, born 1803 in Lochee, seaman's wife
Christina Duncan 20 born 1841in Dundee, dress maker
Elizabeth Duncan 20, born 1841 in Dundee, general servant
(George 23 apparently has left home)
David Craig 32, born 1829, seaman (see certificate below)
Margaret Duncan 31, born 1830 in Lochen, seaman's wife, (married to David Craig with daughter Margaret below)
Margaret Duncan Craig, born 1856 Dundee 5
William Stewart born 1860 Dundee. (6 mo grandson, mother is Christina Duncan age 20)

1863 November 14 Christina Duncan Shields born in Dundee to Elizabeth Duncan and David Shields.

1867 September 30 5h 25 PM, Elizabeth Duncan Shields dies from acute tuberculosis.  It looks like the witness is Isabella Steele to me as the shape of word looks different to Isabella  Shiells née Walker her mother in law. She is either Davids sister or sister  in law.   I noticed Elizabeth says she is dressmaker in occupation. This differs from last census when only Christina was the dressmaker.

In 1867 Elizabeth Duncan Shiells dies at 8 Fish Street.  In 1871 Margaret Duncan Craig b 1830 is living on Fish Street according to the census.  Apparently Elizabeth died at her sister's home?

Tuberculosis (TB) is a potentially serious infectious disease that mainly affects your lungs. The bacteria that cause tuberculosis are spread from one person to another through tiny droplets released into the air via coughs and sneezes.

Notes: The Cowan tree for Charles Duncan b 1800 reveals that Elizabeth married in 1862 a David Shields b 1840 in Dundee.  I could not find them in census or records though. Their child Christina Shields married William Woods b 1867 and had about 7 children in Renfrewshire.

One of their children William Woods married Margaret Campbell and had 3 children. He died in Glasgow.  Margaret Woods, their daughter, married three times.  First to Donald Cowan and had 4 children.   Margaret eventually died in Shrewsbury.

Interesting that mother is Catherine and not Christina Duncan.  Maybe it was her given name and Christina was a nickname. I wonder if a marriage could be found between Catherine Grewar and Charles Duncan.  We looked for Christina and Charles.  Also interesting that the MD was George C Pirie.   Could this be whom Christina Jnr named her child David the year later - after the family doctor who certified her sisters death.  Maybe he delivered them both as well? Or is it just a coincidence or did Charles Duncan meet Jessie when she was visiting her uncle? In Dundee??  So many questions.

Timeline for Daughter Christina Shields (Woods)