Sunday, April 3, 2016

Atlas Refreshment Stand

I have also used sprue pieces and pieces of styrene rod to model cans and bottles.  It really doesn't take that much to suggest an item to the viewer and their imagination takes over from there.  I tried my hand at weathering and super detailing an Atlas Refreshment Stand kit and was amazed how easy it was to suggest lots of extra detail, even on the exterior.  I used pieces of sprue and styrene to make cans and boxes to place on the cooking area shelves and food cooking on the grill.  Squares of styrene sheet were used to create doors for storage below the counters.  One of the best effects was achieved by sharpening one end of a thin styrene rod, then cutting off a small length beneath the pointed end.  Paint it yellow or red and I had mustard and ketchup bottles to place around the perimeter counters.  A small length of square styrene strip painted silver on two sides and the top created napkin dispensers.  I used a small diameter hole punch to cut circles out of 0.010" styrene sheet and, even unpainted, I had paper plates.   Bits of colored gift wrap tissue paper worked for wrappers and other trash.  Add a few appropriate figures and the place really came alive.  Best of all, I spent very little money.