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Lydia Scholl 1860 - 1939

Lydia was born to Philip and Elizabeth (Kelsch) Scholl on December 21, 1860.  She was their sixth child. Between 1860 and 1870 the family moved to Arago, Richardson, NE where Lydia's father became a successful farmer. August lived to be 84.

Lydia married August Bernard Becker, who was also a successful farmer.  He came from Germany and was a knife smith, or Messerschmied in Germany.  An older brother came to the country first. August's parents came later. 

Lydia’s grandson Vince Becker has a picture of August Becker with a German uniform however Vince said,  "He came to America because he didn’t like the army."

From  Richardson County, Nebraska History by Lewis C Edwards: 
"August B. Becker, one of Arago precinct’s substantial landowners and one of the most progressive farmers of Richardson county, owner of more than three hundred acres in his home precinct and the proprietor of one of the best-kept farms in the eastern part of the county, his home being a bit over nine miles northeast of Falls City, is of European birth, but has been a resident of this country and of Nebraska since the days of his young manhood, and has done well in his operations since his arrival here back in 1876, in what was regarded even then as pioneer days. He was born in the grand duchy of Baden on February 27, 1852, son of William (Wilhelm) and Elizabeth (Redel) Becker, also natives of (Graben) Baden, the former born in 1819 and the latter in 1822, who came to this country in 1878, their elder children having preceded them here, and settled on a farm in the precinct of Arago, this county, where they spent the remainder of their lives, the former dying in 1892 and the latter in 1895."

"Reared in his native Baden, August B. Becker received his schooling there and there learned the trade of knifesmith, becoming a skilled and efficient cutler. He remained in his native land until he was twenty-four years of age, when, in 1876, he came to this country, coming over on the sailing vessel “Moss,” which was only two weeks in making the voyage. His objective point was Nebraska, he having been in previous correspondence with others from Baden who had settled in Richardson county, and when he arrived in this county his slender supply of cash had been reduced to twenty-five dollars. For a time after his arrival here Mr. Becker worked as a farm hand and then rented a farm in Arago precinct and was engaged in farming during the period of the grasshopper scourge on the plains, a not very encouraging experience to a newcomer. He bought his present home farm in 1884 and after his marriage in the spring of 1879 he established his home on the farm and has ever since been engaged in farming and stock raising, long having been regarded as one of the leading farmers and stockmen in that hart of the county. Mr. Becker now owns a very well-improved farm of one hundred and ninety-five acres in section 16 of the precinct of Arago and is also the owner of a fine farm of one hundred and twenty acres in section 25 of that precinct. He has a fine house and an excellent farm plant, situated about the center of his home place, and he and his family are very pleasantly and very comfortably situated there.

The Lutheran church and cemetery are located on his farm. (section 16 which is 1 mile from Lydia's home) Mr. Becker is a practical farmer and an extensive breeder of Shorthorn cattle and has done very well in his operations. He has taken an interested part in the general civic affairs of his home community ever since acquiring citizenship here and for some time served as a member of the local school board. He and his family are members of the Evangelical Lutheran church and take a proper part in church work, as well as in other neighborhood good works and in the general social activities of their home community."

"On April 17, 1879, August B. Becker was united in marriage to Lydia Scholl, who was born in New York on December 21, 1860, daughter of Philipp and Lizzie (Kolsch) Scholl, natives of Germany, who came to this country in 1847 and to Richardson county about 1862, becoming substantial pioneers of this county. To Mr. and Mrs. Becker thirteen children have been born, namely: Philip, who is the owner of an eighty-acre farm in section 32 of Arago precinct; August, also a farmer in that same precinct; Henry, who is now a resident of the state of California; Ludwick, of Arago precinct; Lydia, who is at home; Ida, now living in Illinois; William, of Kansas City, Missouri, and Anna Christina, Otto, Albert and John, at home, and Bernard, deceased."  (From History of Richardson Co, by Lewis C. Edwards)

"August Becker was member No. 15 joining the church 3 January 1887. When August Becker and Lydia came to Nebraska (separately) they (his family) settled on 186 acres in Section 16-1-16, Arago Precinct of Richardson County, Nebraska. The St. John's Lutheran Church and cemetery had been a part of this land. The church burned about 1879 and was rebuilt, but the Becker family left St. John's in 1886. Albert Becker can remember his mother telling that on their wedding night they noticed a glow to the west and the next morning learned the church had burned. St. John's Church closed about 1950 and the building was purchased by Sam Schuler and moved to Section 32-2-17, Arago Precinct, where it has been used for grain storage. The St. John's Church was located south of the cemetery." (Evangelical Church Booklet)

More on the Beckers

What happened to their children?
1. Philip August William Becker He was a farmer and then moved to Hartford Kansas and died there. He owned land in Falls City and raised his family. He was buried in Hartford, Kansas.
2. August Herman Becker Jr. In 1882 he was a farmer who mainly farmed in Kansas, across the state line, but had a house in Falls City. He married Emma E. Zimmerman 27 Feb 1907 in Falls City. She died 24 Jan 1966. They lived for a time in Kansas. In later years August and his family moved back to Falls City, died and is buried in Zion (Bauman) cemetery next to his wife.
3. Henry Frederick Becker In 1884 he married and had an infant who died and he and his wife split up; he always lived in Falls City and was a farmer, and moved back to Falls City town where he lived in the hotel because they didn’t have rest homes at the time.
4. Ludwig Karl Becker  He was born 1885 and died in 1950, has a daughter who lives in Falls City, north of Paul’s cemetery named Laurine. Had a daughter named Edna who married a Witt and bought the Becker property from Anna Becker and Christina Becker (see photo at bottom of page)
5. Lydia Elisabeth Becker 1888 Lydia never married stayed, stayed at home, lived on the farm and was one of three aunts who moved to town around WWII. She was one of the big three: Anna, Lydia and Christina.
6. Ida Becker 1889 Ida  got hooked up with the Zion movement in Illinois, worked for individual people and was a cook and housemaid for a family in Lincoln. When she retired she bought a house in Falls City. When Vince Becker’s grandparents died they didn’t give Ida any money because they figured she wouldn’t use it wisely, so they helped her buy the house.
7. Bernard Becker 1892 He died as an infant.
8. William Bernard Becker 1894 William was a rebel; he left the family to go Kansas City and then married and moved to Fairview Missouri. He had no children. His wife was Kerry McGee, who had a lot of sinus problems, and was "snorting and wheezing." He killed her in 1969 and he lived to 1973 in the Fulton Prison.
9. Anna Elizabeth Becker 1896 Anna died as infant.
10 Christina Bertha Becker 1897-2001
11. Otto Paul Becker 1899 Otto was a farmer off of hwy 75 in Nebraska and Kansas, and was successful and but drank all up his money. Otto was an alcoholic. His wife sued for divorce. She then married W.H. Bounds from Odessa Texas.  When they settled August Becker 's estate Otto didn’t get anything because the executors were fearful Otto would drink it all up. Otto's sons, Vince and his brother, got 40 acres each and later when their aunt Christina died they got the other 40 acres. Anna and Lydia were in control of the estate by that time. (great aunts?)
12. Albert Theodore Becker 1902-1986Albert was a farmer in Brown county Kansas, successful who had no children He had  a wife. Vince stayed with them when he went back to Falls City. Delightful people.
13. John Walter Becker 1904 John never married. He stayed home and was a farmer with his mother Lydia aunts Anna and Christina and a hired hand. He had a disease and couldn’t work anymore and he and Anna and Christina moved to town. Anna and Lydia owned everything. Anna was mainly in charge of the assets of the estate.

Edna Witt (Ludwig Becker's daughter) also comes from this line and Edna got the property from Lydia Scholl's children Anna, Lydia and Christina. They got their money from lending to bankrupt people during the depression. (Information for all children: Vince Becker, son of Otto's Paul Becker, grandson of Lydia and August Becker)

What happened in their lives?
1780 August's grandmother Catharina Roesch born in Graben
1782 August's grandfather Jakob Becker born in Graben
1805 August's grandparents married in Graben
1819 August's father Herman Wilhelm Becker born in Graben
1821 August's mother Maria Elizabetha Roedel born in Kandel, Germany
1825 Lydia's father Philipp Scholl born in Graben
1847 Lydia's parents Philipp and Elisabeth immigrate to NYC
1848 August's parents married in Graben
1862 Lydia's parents Philipp and Elisabeth and family move to Arago, NE
1852 August Bernard Becker born 27 Feb in Graben
1860 Lydia born in NYC
1876 August arrives at 24 years old, on the ship Moss
1878 August' parents immigrate to Falls City
1879 August and Lydia married, 17 April
1880-1904 August's and Lydia have 12 children
1892 August's father dies in Falls City
1895 August's mother dies in Falls City
1936 August Becker dies in Falls City, and is buried in Steel Cemetery
1939 Lydia Scholl dies in Falls City and is buried in Steel Cemetery

Documents related to Lydia Scholl and August Becker:
Lydia Scholl birth 21 Dec 1860in NYC film 004186109 page 494 copy
August's grandfather's family, Graben Family Book film 102118620 page 903
The person on top is August Becker's grandfather the b and b after his name indicates he is a burger (citizen) and the other b = farmer, Jakob Becker
and Catharina Roesch the second dot is August Becker's father,
(Hermann) Wilhelm Becker and Maria Elisabetha Roedel. 

August Becker's father Wilhelm Becker marriage to Marie Eliz.
Roedel 4 May 1848 Graben film 102550540 page 254

Translation by Robert Seal:

No. 9. In the year of Christ 1848, on the 4th of May, midday at 11:00 am, after receiving state permission d.d. Karlsruhe on 1 April 1848, no. 9052, were here maritally blessed: Wilhelm Becker, new budding citizen and knife smith here, born 21 September 1819, legitimate unmarried son of the deceased Jakob Becker, former citizen and farmer here, and Katharina Rösch; with: Maria Elisabetha Rödel, born 26 November 1821, legitimate unmarried daughter of Johann Adam Rödel, citizen and farmer in Langenkandel in Rheinbaiern [Rhenish Bavaria], and Maria Elisabetha Hesselschwerdt.

Witnesses are: (1) Christoph Zimmermann, citizen and parish council member here. (2) Jakob Kammerer, citizen and carpenter here.

Graben, on the 4th of May 1848. T. Crecelius, pastor.

Comment: Here is the link for Langenkandel from Meyers Gazetteer: https://www.meyersgaz.org/place/20017063

  August B Becker bap 4 Mar 1852 birth 27 Feb birth
film 102550540 page 339

Translation by Robert Seal:

No. 16. In the year of Christ 1852, on the 27th of February early at 3:00 am was legitimately born here, and on the 4th of March [1852] midday at 11:00 am was baptized here: a little boy: August Bernhard. His parents are: Wilhelm Becker, citizen and knife smith here, and Elisabetha Rödel.

Baptismal witnesses are: (1) Friedrich Zimmermann, citizen and farmer here. (2) Wilhelm Heinle, citizen and farmer here.

Baptismal sponsors are: the two witnesses, then their wives: (3) Christine Zimmermann, née Köhler. (4) Elisabetha Katharina Heinle, née Zimmermann.

Graben, on the 4th of March 1852. T. Crecelius, pastor.

Lydia Scholl and August Becker,
assumed to be a marriage photo

Lydia and August Becker, marriage license

1870 United States Census, Nebraska

1880, United States Census, Nebraska

Close up of Arago Township 1896 map showing the Becker home in section 16 and Philipp Scholl's
home in section 15. Lydia and August didn't have far to go to date and fall in love. A section
is one square mile so the distance between the properties is about a mile. 

August Becker’s property was in Arago Township, section 32 and Lydia’s family lived 5 miles away in Arago Township, section 15

2009 August Becker home or farm

2009 August Becker home or farm

Baptism:. Lydia Elizabeth (Jr) was born: 9 May 1888 in Falls City, Richardson, Nebraska, United States. 
Here is her baptismal record: From the Zion Evangelical Church records, microfilm RG3245 from the Nebraska State Historical Society in Lincoln, NE

United States Census, 1900 Nebraska 

The Becker Family
Back Row: Ludwig, Henry, John, Philipp, Albert, August, Lydia
Front Row: Anna, Otto, Lydia, Ida, Christina, August, William
The two added in the back were not born when the photo was taken. 
Taken about 1900

1900 Lydia and her children 

United States Census, 1910 Nebraska

United States Census, 1920 Nebraska 
1935 Daughter's Anna, Christina and mother Lydia (Scholl), father, August Becker

United States Census, 1930 Nebraska

2009, Paul Weinert looking for Scholl's in the Steele Cemetery, Falls City NE

FALLS CITY, Neb. -- Christina Becker, 103, Falls City, died Friday, March 23, 2001, at a health-care center in Falls City.

Born northeast of Falls City on Aug. 4, 1897, Miss Becker was reared in that area and moved into Falls City in 1946.

She was preceded in death by her parents, August B. and Lydia E. Becker; nine brothers, Bernard, Louis, John W., Philip, Otto P., William B., Henry, August H. and Albert T. Becker; and three sisters, Ida, Lydia and Anna Becker.

Surviving: nieces and nephews; great-nieces and great-nephews; and great-great-nieces and great-great-nephews.

Service: 2 p.m. Monday, Dorr Funeral Home, Falls City. Burial: Steele Cemetery, Falls City.

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