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Elizabeth Scholl Frerking 1858 - 1943

Elizabeth Scholl was born 13 July 1858 to Philipp Scholl and Elisabeth Kelsch in Lower Manhattan, New York City, NY.  There were two Elizabeth's born to Philip Scholl and Elisabeth Kelsch. One in 1854 and this one in 1858. Elizabeth was the 5th of eight children. Between 1860 and 1870 the family moved from N.Y. to Arago, Nebraska where Elizabeth's father took up farming. She married Louis Wilhelm Diedrich Frerking 22 September 1876 in Arago, Richardson, NE. Louis was 22 and Elisabeth 18. St. Joseph is 54 miles south east of Falls City which is close enough for these two to meet, fall in love and marry. 

Louie is the son of August and Mary (Schmidt) Frerking. He was born 6 Mar 1858 in Concordia, Lafayette, Missouri. He was the only child of his father's first wife. When Louis was 4 years old his mother, Mary Schmidt, died at age 21. Louis's father remarried the next year and the new wife, Henrietta, had 3 children who were half siblings to Louis. The 1880 census says Louis is a farmer. The 1900 census says "fruit grower." The 1910 census says Louis is retired and is a Capitalist. This may be when he began to own and rent property. According to family members Louie owned a lot of rental property in St. Joseph. He went out regularly to collect rent from his rental occupants.  (See the 1926 St. Joseph Directory below.)  The 1920 census says retired farmer. The 1926 St Joseph directory confirms he was in real estate. The 1930 census says retired. Louis died 18 Jan 1938 at age 79 in Saint Joseph from pneumonia and arteriosclerosis.   He was interred the 20th. 

L. W. D. Frerking, fruit grower, section 25, post office, Saxton, was born March 6, 1858, and is a native of St. Joseph, Missouri. He was educated in the German and public schools of this city, and was principally engaged in the grocery business till the spring of 1876, when he moved to his present location. His farm contains over forty eight acres. He was married September 21, 1876, to Miss Eliza Scholl, a native of New York, but of German ancestry. They have two children: Clara L. and George L. ("History of Buchanan County, Missouri")

From at least 1924 until her death Elizabeth's address was 1624 North 2nd Street in St Joseph, MO . She lived in St. Joseph 71 years which means she lived in Falls City for 14. This does not make sense because she didn't marry until she was 18. Did she move out of the house at 14? Since her son died in 1889 at 7 years old and her daughter in 1906 at 29, she and Louis lived on their own from 1906 until his death in 1838 or 32 years. After Louis died she was on her own for 5 years in their little white house on 2nd street. The 1942 city directory says a Melvin Frerking is a salesman for Associated Grocers who is living with his wife Myrtle. They are the only other Frerking's in St Joseph and must be related but not sure how. One of the unusual things about Elizabeth is that she lived through the Civil War, WWI and WWII. Elisabeth's death certificate says the certificates' information came from the Family Bible and that she lived 85 years 5 months 15 days. She died of lobar pneumonia with the other contributing condition as arteriosclerosis. She was interred on the 27th of December 1943, in the middle of WWII, in the Ashland Mausoleum, Chapel, SW Wall, Deluxe 1, Crypt B, St Joseph, MO

What happened to their children?
Clara L. Frerking born in Slkeston, Scott MO, 1877-1906, buried in the Ashland Mausoleum, St. Joseph, MO
George L Frerking 1881-1898, born in Slkeston, Scott MO and died in St. Joseph

During their lifetime:
1860 - Republican candidate Abraham Lincoln elected president.
1863 - Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation, declaring slaves in
           Confederate states to be free.
1865 - Confederates defeated; slavery abolished under Thirteenth
           Amendment. Lincoln is assassinated.
1913- Henry Ford mass produces the automobile
1917-18 - US intervenes in World War I
1920 - Women given the right to vote under the Nineteenth Amendment.
1920 - Sale and manufacture of alcoholic liquor outlawed. The Prohibition
           era sees a mushrooming of illegal drinking joints, home-produced
           alcohol and gangsterism
1939-1945 WWII

Documents related to Elizabeth Scholl:
Elizabeth Scholl birth 13 July 1858  NYC film 004186109 page 701

Elizabeth Scholl birth 2 Dec 1854 NYC film 004201782 page 328

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Louis Frerking's mother Mary Schmidt's grave
marker, Mount Mora Cemetery, St. Joseph, MO

Louis Frerking's mother Mary Schmidt's grave marker
Born 6 Apr 1838, died 24 Apr 1859, cause of death unknown.
Mary was 21 when she died. Mount Mora Cemetery, St Joseph, MO

1870 United States Federal Census for Louis Frerking

1876 Scholl, Elizabeth Marriage Record

United States Census, 1880 Missouri 

About 1885, Frerking family 

United States Census, 1900 Missouri

United States Census, 1910 Missouri 

United States Census, 1920 Missouri 

1924 St Joseph City Directory, Louis Frerking

1926 St Joseph City Directory,  Louis Frerking

Elizabeth Scholl and Louie Frerking

United States Census, 1930 Missouri 

1938 Louis Frerking death certificate, St Joseph, MO

United States Census, 1940 Missouri

1940 St Joseph City Directory, Eliza Frerking 

1942 St Joseph City Directory, Elizabeth (Scholl)  Frerking

1943 Elizabeth (Scholl) Frerking death certificate, St Joseph, MO

Ashland Mausoleum, Saint Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO