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George Philipp Scholl 1863 - 1921

George Philipp Scholl was born to Philipp Scholl and Elisabeth Kelsch born 12 March 1863. He married Amelia Bippes 1 Dec 1887. George was a well known farmer in Falls City. He resided just west of Steele cemetery. The Falls City Journal said George had been "unusually successful in his lifetime and was rated as one of the county's substantial citizens." 

At his death the paper says "George came to Arago when he was 3 years old in 1866. He resided in the Falls City area for 55 years. During that time Mr. Scholl has been noted for his industry and integrity. For several years he was retired and with his wife took an extended trip through the northwest. They then returned and again settled down on the farm this spring. The deceased was very highly regarded by all who knew him and the tragedy of this morning has greatly shocked the entire community. Mr. Scholl is survived by his wife, completely prostrated by the sad event, and by three sons, Phillip, David and Edward, who have for some years taken care of the family farms "off their father's hands" and all resided in this vicinity on land acquired by Mr. Scholl. A brother, Fred resides at Arago, this county and there are also four sisters, one of whom, Mrs. August Becker, resides in Arago Township. The funeral has been arranged for Monday at 10:30 a. m. from the home. Rev. J. J. Hoffman, pastor of the Evangelical church, officiating." (Falls City Journal 28 May 1921, see full article below)

In 1897 George's father, Philipp Scholl, left him $5 in his will while the other children received considerable sums. In 1921 he became greatly worried over money and some of the family members were aware of this. George Philipp committed suicide in 1921 and his son David George committed suicide in 1952

What happened to their children?
Philip Ferdinand Scholl 1889 - 1958 He married Mary Catherine Sausman and had 2 children. Ferdinand's son, William Jacob Bippes, had a daughter Bernice Alice Bippes, who had a daughter named Kathleen Mae Ostheller.
David George Scholl 1895 - 1952, David married Clara Anna Maria Gerlt, and had 5 children. He shot himself in the barn in Falls City in 1952. Lucille was his daughter. David George’s son George Robert had sinus problems so he moved to the Phoenix area and did not like the heat so he moved to Montclair, CA.  His daughter Jan and family lived in LaVerne, CA.
Scholl daughter 1898 died as infant, 16 May 1898 (see Amelia's obituary)
Edward Scholl 1902 -1998 He married Emma Madalena Werner and had2 children.  Edward Scholl was in a nursing home in Falls City. Edward is buried in the Steele, Cemetery. Edward  had a son named Robert Scholl, who was a postman and a farmer and a diabetic in Falls City, NE. Paul Weinert (both are related by marriage) knew Robert and was friendly with him. However Robert had no interest in talking about family as reported by Paul and also by Robert’s wife.  Robert had a back problem. Paul told him to have an operation, Robert refused and soon died from the effects.  Robert’s daughter married and had a child then divorced and wouldn’t let the child take the real father’s name. (Source: Paul Weinert)

Amelia was born 22 August 1870 in Spöck, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany. Spöck is near Graben, where her father-in-law was born. The Spöck records go to 1869 on FamilySearch so her birth record cannot be found. Amelia Bibbes Scholl lived from 22 August 1870 to 16 July 1966. When Amelia was 16 she was present at the birth of her nephew George Scholl. Amelia lived 95 years, 10 months 25 days which is a record in the Scholl family. Amelia saw the invention of the automobile, the airplane, WWI, the depression and WWII.

Amelia Obituary Excerpt:
"Amelia entered the hospital from sunny court nursing home about an hour before her death. Amelia had been in failing health for five years. She was in Sunny Court three years, 4 months. Amelia came to the US in 1880 with her parents when she was 10 years old. She married George P. Scholl and they lived in the Arago area until moving to the Falls City vicinity in 1894. Amelia attended the Evangelical United Brethren church and taught a Sunday school class there for a number of yeras. She was a charter member of the woman's Society of World Service of the church. Mrs. Scholl is survived by a son Edward Scholl, Falls City, two daughters-in-law, Mrs. Philip Scholl and Mrs. David Scholl both of Falls City; nine grandchildren 20 great-grandchildren, and four great-great-grandchildren. A great grandson is in the service, serving in Hong Kong. She was preceded in death by two sons, Philip and David Scholl, a daughter, who died in infancy, a sister, Mrs. John Hyoesel, and three brothers, Louis Ferdinand and Julius Bippes." (Falls City Journal, Obituary, 1966, full obit below)

Documents related to George Philipp Scholl:

Amelia's father, Philipp Jakob Bippes baptism 18 Mar 1836,
birth 11 March Spöck, Karlsruhe Baden, film 102121308 page 1085

Translation by Robert Seal:

No. 4. On the 11th of March [1836] early at 4:00 am was born, and on the 15th [of March 1836] in the afternoon at 2:00 pm was baptized Philipp Jakob. Parents are Konrad Bippes, citizen and master shoemaker, and his wife Elisabetha, née Fetzner. Baptismal witnesses are: (1) Jakob Friedle, citizen and shoemaker; (2) his wife Eva, née Hofheinz; (3) Konrad Ernst, citizen and master smith; (4) his wife Margaretha, née Gruber.

Spöck, on the 15th of March 1836. Henhöfer, pastor.



1880 United States Census, Nebraska 

1885 Nebraska State Census,  Richardson, NE 

1886 Amelia was present at the birth of her brother-in-law Frederick's
son George Scholl

1885 Nebraska State Census, Richardson , NE

1887 Marriage license and certificate of marriage for George and Amelia

1900 United States Census,  Nebraska

1908 George Philipp Scholl family LtoR George Philipp, Philipp Ferdnand (top), Edward (front)
Amelia, David Georg

United States Census, 1910 Nebraska

United States Census, 1920 Nebraska 

1921 Falls City Journal, May 28, right hand column

1921 Falls City Journal, May 28, right hand column (page 2)

1966 Falls City Journal

Steele Cemetery, Falls City Nebraska

Died 16 Jul 1966

Robert Scholl