Thursday, April 16, 2020


Kathleen. When Joyce sent me her packet of information I noticed a photo of Harold Copley Girsberger and Mildred Louise Bippes. I thought to myself, when my wife was brought into the church in Pasadena CA in 1993  Glenn Girsberger from Washington was the mission leader in her ward. He conducted her baptism. So we contacted him and he said his grandfather's brother is Harold Copley Girsberger. How is that? Kent

Yes, this is correct.  

My parents are Robert Ernest Ostheller 1917-1991 and Bernice Alice Bippes 1925-2006
Bernice parents are William Jacob Bippes 1897-1975 and Anna Bertha Mantz 1893-1965
William's parents are Ferdinand Martin Bippes 1866-1937 and Lydia Frances Garbe 1872-1936
Ferdinand is the son of Jacob Phillip Bippes 1836-1885 and Caroline Zimmerman 1839-1916
Jacob parents of Konrad Bippes 1791-1858 and Elisabeth Fetzner 1807-1858
Konrad resulted from Philipp Jacob Bippes 1766-1826 and Barbara Nonnenmacher 1765-1833
Philipp's parents Johann Phillipp Bippes 1723-1769 and Catharina M Ramsauer 1732-1769
Johann's father is Leonhardt Bippes 1698-1769 and mother Maria Ernest Muller 1701-1766
Begot by Ulrich Bippes 1637-1720 and Maria Anna ??? 1666-1724
Result of Hans Bippes 1600-1660 and Elisabeth 1610-1660

Two Bippes brothers married two Garbe Sisters:
Lydia Garbe parents are Wilhelm Christian Garbe 1843-1924 and Louisa Carol Schottle 1850-1916
Wilhelm parents are Johann Heinrich Garbe 1802-1859 and Sophie Charlotte Licke 

Caroline Zimmerman's parents are Wilhelm Zimmermann 1797-1876 and Maria Stober
Wilhelm's parents are Johann Wilhelm Zimmermann and Anna Maria Appenzeller

I hope this helps.  Let me know if you need more as I was not able to duplicate more at this time.

Kathleen Ostheller

Joyce, I read all your materials. Wow. You have done a lot of excellent work. Amelia’s immigration record would be hard to find because they misspelled their last name: Bipart. Not sure how that happened but it is the same family. Loved the photo of the SS Switzerland. 

The photos are very interesting! Is there any way I can get a scan of them? Who owns the originals? I particularly liked Aunt Amelia Bippes Scholl with her husband George.  It may be a wedding photo.  Kent Gardiner
Hi Kent,
I don't know if you got the info I sent you Sun. night? but as to the spelling of names, the person talking to the immigrants, wrote the name  as it sounded,  with their accents.  My husbands parents were the Germans from Russia, so they did the same thing, even when others with the same name, it would be different  yet. My Mother-in-law never did lose her accent.  These pictures were in my Mother's things she gave to me, so I doubt they were the originals.  These people never did smile & always looked so very stern. My mother-in-law never smiled or laughed & I always tried to make her happy as I knew they had had a very tough life.  I know she appreciated it, but she never showed it.  I do think that was the wedding picture.  Reuben & I stayed in a very nice modern motel near Spock.  I hope this helps.
Joyce Getz 

I think Joyce's parents are  Harold Copley Girsberger and Mildred Louise Bippes. Kent