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Edna Fannie Scholl 1895 - 1919

Edna Fannie Scholl was born July 9, 1895 to Frederick and Fannie Scholl in Arago, NB. She was the 10th of 11 children. Her twin, Edgar Fred, died three weeks after his birth. Growing up on a farm with plenty of older brothers and sisters must have been great fun but lots of work as well. Edna helped with the chickens; feeding them fruit, vegetables, grains and table scraps. She most likely collected the eggs daily. As she got older she must have taken on more difficult jobs like caring for the horses or helping her grandfather as he was constructing barns. When she was about 15, she said goodby to farm life because her parents took her to Portland where her father "retired" and built houses with Edna's older brothers. At some point during her teenage years she took a horrible fall which resulted in serious injuries. For a time she was confined to a wheel chair. Edna died at 23 years 9 months 9 days from the effects of the injury she sustained in the fall years earlier according to family members. The Oregon Daily Journal says she died of "valvular heart disease." Did the fall somehow effect her heart? If so how can a fall effect her heart valves? We don't know but Edna died 8 April 1919 and was buried in the Rose City Cemetery, Portland. Three years later Edna's mother, Fannie, was buried next to her and 10 years after that, her father, Frederick is laid to rest at the same spot.

What happened during Edna's lifetime?
1895 Birth of Twins Edgar Fred Scholl, Edna Fannie Scholl
1895 Edgar Fred Scholl dies after living only 3 weeks
1897 13 January Edna's grandfather Philipp Scholl dies
1897 Birth of Brother Fred Clarence Scholl Jr, Age 2
1898 12 March Edna's grandfather August Weinert dies.
1902 Anna Scholl and Maurice Bingaman marry 12 March, Age 7
1902 Laura Bingaman born 3 December to Edna's sister Anna Scholl, Age 7
1902 7 December Edna's grandmother Elizabeth Kelsch dies
1904 Leona Bingaman born 20 March to Edna's sister Anna Scholl, Age 9
1904 3 Scholl girls clean a home having TB, Falls City, Age 9
1905 Anna Scholl dies 20 September in Falls City, Age 10
         Anna is buried in the Steel Cemetery, Falls City, NE
1906 Edna's grandmother Fredericka Weinert dies 1August
1908 August Jr, Edna's uncle, marries Marie Fosberg, 25 Dec, Age 13
1908 Emma, Edna's sister, and Emil Hornschuch marry 25 Dec, Age 13
1914 Elizabeth Scholl, Edna's sister, dies 9 March in Alamogordo, NM. 
         Elizabeth is buried in the Monte Vista Cemetery, Alamogordo,
         Otero County, New Mexico USA Age 19
1914-1918 WWI
1918 Laura, Edna's sister marries John William Zinser 5 June in 
         Multnomah, OR, Age 23
1919 Edna Scholl dies from heart disease and/or an injury from a fall
         8 April 1919. She is buried in the Rose City Cemetery, Portland,
         Oregon, Age 23+

Documents related to Edna Fannie Scholl:

1898 early, Weinert Grandchildren, Arago, NE

1898 early,  Weinert Grandchildren, Arago, NE

1899 LtoR Fred Scholl (born Oct 1897) and Edna Scholl

1900 US Census, Portland, OR

1910 USCensus, Portland OR

1903 Falls City, NE, LtR back, Augustus, Anna, Elizabeth, Emma, Laura, George,
front, Edna Fannie, Frederick, Clara, Fannie, Fred Scholl. Edna is 8.

1914 Edna Fannie Scholl

1916 Edna Fannie Scholl

1917 LtR Frederick, Edna, Fred Scholl, portland, OR

The Oregon daily journal., April 19, 1919,

Morning Oregonian., April 21, 1919,

The Oregon daily journal., April 24, 1919

Rose City Cemetery, Portland OR, Section B