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Elizabeth Scholl 1879 - 1914

Lizzy, 1898
Elizabeth “Lizzie” Scholl was born 22 November 1879 in Arago, Richardson County, Nebraska to Frederick and Fannie (Weinert) Scholl.  She was the second child of eleven.  Lizzie grew up on a working farm and as such she learned how to work.  Lizzie milked cows, tended sheep and picked fruit. She rode horses across the meadow or to  church on Sunday. There was much to be done on a working farm in the early 1900s. When she was 19 she traveled to Kansas to have a formal photograph taken by photographer J.C. Hill in Atchison, Kansas as seen here on the left.

In 1900 Ben Apel was a 23 farmer living in his own home with a 19 year old brother named Henry and sister named Lydia who is a 21 year old housekeeper. Lizzie married Benjamin Christopher Apel, March 6, 1901 when she was 21 years 3 ½ months old and Ben is almost 25.  Ben Apel was born 18 September 1876 in Pontiac, Livingston County, Illinois. His mother Catherine Miller was born in Crawford County, Ohio. Ben's father was named Christopher Apel. He was born in Wendershaussen, Hessen, Germany and as a 9 year old boy moved to Illinois. The Apel family moved to Olpe, Lyon County, Kansas about 1884 and then to Preston near Arago, Richardson County, Nebraska between July 1891 and Feb 1893 when Ben was between 15 and 18 years old. Ben's mother died in Falls City in 1905 four years after her Ben's marriage. Ben's father was named Christopher Apel.

Ben and Lizzy married 6 March 1901 and had two children in Arago: Fred Christopher, Jan 7, 1903 and Willard Benjamin, August 16, 1904.  Prior to 1905 Lizzie and two of her sisters contracted tuberculosis while cleaning her parent’s rental house outside of Falls City, NE.  Renters with tuberculosis lived in the house previously.  

When Ben realized the seriousness of the situation he moved the family by train to Alamogordo, New Mexico in the spring of 1908. He felt she had a better chance of survival in a warm dry climate.  Fred was 5 and Willard was 3 years old at the time of the move. While they were in Alamogordo, his in-laws Frederick and Fanny sent money to Ben who was valiantly battling for his wife's life.

Several times Frederick and Fannie traveled from Portland, OR to Alamogordo to visit the family”  Fannie arrived three days before Lizzy began to deteriorate and was in the home when Lizzie passed away, March 9, 1914.  Lizzy was only 34 years, 3 months and 3 weeks and her son Fred was eleven and Willard nine years old.  Fannie wanted to take the boys to Portland to raise them but Ben would not let them go.  

The only thing Willard remembers about his mother was that she was sickly all the time.  Ben bought a 160-acre farm south east of Alamogordo but only farmed about half of it.  During the summer months when Fred and Willard were in high school they would take turns staying in a one room cabin to monitor the Alamogordo drinking water which was about 9 miles up the canyon.  The water went from an elevation of 9,000feet to 4,500 feet.  It took them about 3 to 4 hours and they bragged about walking up non-stop! 

When Willard was about 16 he moved to the Otero Motor Co. (Ford Garage) where he worked.  Fred graduated from high school in 1922 and Willard in 1923. After high school Fred helped on the farm and worked for the City of Alamogordo grading the streets and driving a water sprinkler truck.  Willard moved to Denver, Colorado shortly after graduation.  

Ben stayed on the farm until about 1937 when he moved to San Leandro, California where he worked for Montgomery Wards to be near his two sisters and brother-in-law, Rose Apel and Bill & Tillie Fischer.  Ben moved in with Fred in Tularosa, New Mexico in 1953 after Fred’s wife, Ruby passed away.  Ben lived with Fred until about 1967/8 when he was moved to a retirement home in Castle Rock, Colorado near Willard. Grandpa Ben would usually walk to town for a few groceries several times a week, about 3 blocks with no sidewalks so the highway was easier to walk on!  Ben passed away November 11, 1969 at the age of 93 years 1 month and 3 weeks. (Source: Margie Ingersoll)

Elizabeth's Obituary:
"Mrs. Elizabeth Apel, wife of Benjamin Apel, died Monday March 9th of congestion of the lungs, after an illness of a little over one month. Mrs. Apel had been a sufferer with tuberculosis for some years, but death was due to congestion of the lungs, which was the result of catching a bad cold that did not yield to treatment.

"The funeral was at Grace Methodist church Tuesday afternoon at 2:30. Rev Ed LeBreton, former pastor of the church conducting the service. Interment was made in the Alamogordo cemetery. The pallbearers were Messrs. L.N. Jones, George Shurtz, G.M Tower, D.A. Fribley, C.J. McAdamas and R. T. Cribb.

"Mr. and Mrs. Apel with their two little sons came to Alamogordo from Falls City, Nebraska, nearly six years ago in the hope that the pure, invigorating air would arrest the progress of tuberculosis. When the hope of recovery ran so low, the mother, Mrs. Fred Scholl of Portland, Oregon, was summoned. She reached Alamogordo just three days before her daughter's death.

"Mrs. Apel was a member of the Methodist church, a devout Christian and an earnest worker in all matters pertaining to the welfare of the church. She was ready to go and felt no reluctance in answering the Master's call."

Note: Elizabeth lived to be 33 years 3 mo 17 days old. She is buried in the Monte Vista Cemetery, Alamogordo, Otero County, New Mexico USA. 

What happened to their children?
Fred Christopher Apel born 7 Jan 1903 in Falls City, NE and died 30 Jan 1969 Tularosa, NM,  In 1930 he worked for the City of Alamogordo grading the streets and driving the water sprinkler truck on the dirt streets plus helping his father on the farm.  Fred married Ruby Clarissa Stallberg 13 Sep 1933 at the Methodist Church in Tularosa. She was born in Viking, MN, 15 Sep 1907.  In 1909 with her Swedish immigrant parents and three siblings traveled by train and moved to Alamogordo, NM.  Three more children were born in NM.  In addition to farming Ben had a business of picking up people from the train station with his horse and buggy  and with their belongings take them to their designated place.  It is thought Ben may have picked up the Stallberg family when Ruby was 17 months old.  In 1910 the Stallberg family homesteaded 360 acres between Alamogordo and Tularosa and then in 1919 they purchased an 80 acre farm just south of Tularosa.  About 1935 Fred and Ruby bought the lower 20 acres of the Stallberg farm from his mother-in-law, Helen Stallberg, where he built a three room home and outhouse.  He also worked at the Holloman Air Force Base, prior to it’s opening, as a carpenter and for the Fire Department.  In 1940 he is working on his farm and has a 4 year old son Clarence.  At one time he had a peach orchard which was a lot of work.  His main crops were alfalfa and cotton and always a garden when Ruby was alive.  For many years he was the Cotton Gin Manager and also the Water Boss, coordinating which farmers would get ditch water for the day.  In 1941 a daughter, Margie was born.  About 1945 Fred and Ruby bought the rest of the 60 acres and moved the three room house closer to town and next door to mother-in-law Helen.  Ruby died 7 Jul 1953 and  Fred died 30 Jan 1969, both in Tularosa, NM.
Willard Benjamin Apel born 16 Aug 1904 in Falls City, NE and died 9 Mar 2004 in Wheat Ridge, CO, 90 years to the day after his mother Lizzie.  He moved to Denver, CO shortly after High School graduation and worked for the Ford garage selling parts for two years.  He married Leyland Edge 1 Jun 1924 in Denver, CO.  He then worked for Continental Oil Purchasing Department for about 7 years until they closed during the depression.  He then worked for the Wholesale Novelty Company keeping inventory and purchasing until 1942 when he was drafted in the Army.  He was stationed for almost two years at Camp Davis near Wilmington, NC.  Back to Denver to work for Ideal Cement Company from 1944 to Jan 1, 1970 when he retired.  He married Eva “Marguerite” Green, 24 Jan 1948 in Edgewater, CO.  Marguerite was the love of his life for 52 years until her passing 29 Jan 2000.  Willard died 9 Mar 2004 in Wheat Ridge, CO, five months short of 100 years old.  Willard’s claim to fame from any one who knew him is that He was a real “Gentleman”. (Source for both bios: Margie Ingersol)

Tuberculosis  is an infectious disease usually caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria. Tuberculosis generally affects the lungs, but can also affect other parts of the body. Most infections do not have symptoms, in which case it is known as latent tuberculosis.  About 10% of latent infections progress to active disease which, if left untreated, kills about half of those affected.  The classic symptoms of active TB are a chronic cough with blood-containing mucus, fever, night sweats, and weight loss.  It was historically called "consumption" due to the weight loss. Infection of other organs can cause a wide range of symptoms. Tuberculosis is spread through the air when people who have active TB in their lungs cough, spit, speak, or sneeze. (Wikipedia)

What happened during their lives?
1879 Birth of  Elisabeth Scholl  
1880 Birth of Sister Anna Scholl Age 1
1881 Birth of Sister Laura Scholl Age 2
1885 Birth of Brother Philip Frederick Scholl Age 6
1886 Birth of Brother George Fred Scholl Age 7
1888 Birth of Brother Augustus Phillip Scholl, Age 9
1891 Birth of Sister Clara Lydia Scholl,  Age 12
1895 Birth of  Twins Edna Fannie/Edgar Fred Scholl,  Age 17
1897 Birth of Brother Fred Clarence Scholl Jr. Age 18
1901 Benjamin Apel and Elizabeth Scholl marry on 6 Mar
1903 Fred Christopher Apel born to Elizabeth Scholl Apel in Falls
1903 Leyland Annie Edge, future wife of Willard, born in MO
1904 Willard Benjamin born 16 Aug in Falls City
1905 Catharine Miller, Ben's mother dies in Falls City, NE
1905 Photo taken of 4 generations, Fredericka, Fannie, Elizabeth, Fred
1907 Birth of Ruby Clarissa Stallberg.
1914 Elizabeth Scholl dies 9 March in Alamogordo, NM. Elizabeth is 
         buried in the Monte Vista Cemetery, Alamogordo, Otero County, 
         New Mexico USA Age 33

1914 From this time on Ben worked in the fields of NM. His widower
         father Christopher took turns living with his children. Willard says his 
         grandfather Christopher didn't like working in the fields and did the 
         cooking for them.
1921 Christopher Apel dies 18 September in Los Angeles while visiting his
         oldest daughter Lydia. Christopher was taken by train to Falls City for
         burial. The train went through Alamogordo and Ben got on the train 
         and went to Falls City. Ben's mother's parents George and Sarah
         (Ream) Miller are also buried in Zion Cemetery in Falls City. 
1924 Willard Apel and Layland Edge marry 1 June in Denver, CO
1933 Fred Apel and Ruby Stallberg marry 13 Sep in Tularosa, NM
1935 Birth of Clarence Fred Apel, Tularosa, NM
1941 Birth of Margie Louise Apel, Alamogordo, NM
1953 Death of Ruby Apel, Tularosa, NM
1969 Death of Fred Apel, Tularosa, NM, 30 January and Benjamin died 11
         November  the same year in Castle Rock, CO.  The family never told 
         Benjamin that Fred had died. Benjamin kept trying to run away from
         the home to go back to Fred's.  Benjamin is buried in Alamogordo,
         NM. Ben lived 93 years 1 month 24 days. He was without his wife for
         55 years. Ben had a hard life. (Source: Margie Ingersol)

Documents related to Elizabeth Scholl:

1900 LtR back George Peter Apel, Benjamin Christopher Apel, Anna Matilda Apel, Henry George Apel, Albert Apel, front, Rosa Apel, Catharine Miller, Christopher Apel, Lydia Apel.
Ben is the oldest in this photograph because the first 3 children died. 

1880 United States Census, Nebraska
1885, The Scholl girls: Emma,  Laura, Anna, Elizabeth

1898 February 1, Weinert/Scholl Grandchildren, Arago, NE

1898 February 1, Weinert/Scholl Grandchildren, Arago, NE
LtR back row
Lizzy 1879 Nov 22 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 18 2 mo
George 1886 Aug 6 Frederick/Fannie Scholl 11 years 7 mo
Henry 1889 March 19 John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 9 years 0 mo
Fred 1886 Jan 30 Minnie Weinert/ Edward Julius 3 years 2 mo
Gus 1888 Dec 6 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 9 years 3 mo
Edwin 1883 July ? Jane Weinert /Christian Hofer 14 years 8 mo
Charlie 1885 Oct 16 Jane Weinert/ Christian 12 years 5 mo
Clara 1887 Apr 27 Charles Weinert/ Mary Voegelein 10 years 11m
Ida 1881 Sep 9 Jane Weinert /Christian Hofer 16 years 6 mo
Laura 1881 Aug 27 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 16 years 7 mo

Second row
Anna 1880 Oct 8 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 17 years 5 mo
Edna 1891 ? John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 7 years
Carl 1888 ? Charles Weinert /Mary Voegelein 10 years
Lula 1887 July 3 Jane Weinert/Christian Hofer 10 years 8 mo
Alma 1890 May 10 Charles Weinert/ Mary Voegelin 7 years 10 mo
Eddie 1888 Sep 19 Minnie/ Edward Voegelein 9 years 6 mo

Front row
Edna 1895 July 9 to Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 2 years 8 mo
Clara 1891 Aug 16 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 6 years 7 mo
Lula 1895 Oct 13 John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 2 years 5 mo
Arthur 1893 May 13 to John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 4 years 10 mo
Elmer 1896 Dec 24 August Weinert /Amelia C. 1 year 3 mo
Kate 1889 Nov 3 to Minnie/ Edward Voegelein 8 years 4 mo
Elmer 1889 June ? Jane Weinert/Christian Hofer 9 years
Walter 1895 Jan 12 August Weinert/Amelia C.Ernst 3 years 2 mo
Fritz 1897 Oct 9 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 5 mo 23 days
Emma 1877 March 22 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 21 years
Rosa 1886 March 30 John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 12 years 2 mo

1898 LtoR back Lizzy, Emma, front Laura and Anna 

1898 Lizzy Scholl, Atchison Kansas, 53 mi SW of Falls City.

1900 United States Census, Nebraska

1901 Elizabeth Scholl's marriage license and certificate

1901 Nebraska, Marriage Records, 1855-1908 for Benjamin C. Apel

1901 Ben Apel and Lizzy Scholl
1901 Elizabeth Scholl and Ben Apel

1903 Falls City, NE, LtR back, Augustus, Anna, Elizabeth, Emma, Laura, George,
front, Edna, Frederick, Clara, Fannie, Fred Scholl.

1903 Scholl family showing who contracted TB
1905 LtoR back Elizabeth Scholl, Fanny Scholl front Fred Apel,
Elizabeth's son and Fredericka Weinert, Elizabeth's grandmother.
Four generations!

1906 LtR Willard and Fred Apel

1910 United States Census, New Mexico Otero Alamogordo

1911, The Alamogordo News., May 18

Elizabeth Scholl Apel Obituary

1914, Elizabeth Scholl Apel, death certificate

Monte Vista Cemetery, Alamogordo, Otero County, New Mexico USA

Monte Vista Cemetery, Alamogordo, Otero County, New Mexico USA

1917 WWI Draft Registration

1917 WWI Draft Registration

1933 Ruby and Fred Apel wedding photo.

Headstone for Ruby Clarissa Stallberg, Fairview Cemetery, Tularosa NM Section E

Ruby and Fred Apel headstones in the Fairview Cemetery, Tularosa, NM Section E

Crown Hill Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, CO

Eva Marguerite Green Apel was born in Menlo, Iowa. She is the second wife of Willard Benjamin
She died at 91 years. They married 24 January 1948. Willard divorced Leyland who he had married in 1924. Leyland lived to 1965.

2000, Eva Marguerite Green Apel death certificate