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Jorgen Peterson 1886 - 1954

Jorgen born 26 June 1886 in Huntsville, UT.  

Father: Soren Peter Peterson, born 1853 Trige, Jutland, Pannerup Denmark (1853 – 1942) Soren was confirmed 1862 and married in temple 1886 and in 1876 he was sealed to Charlotte Katrina Erickson. Soren died in Huntsville 1942. m Charlotte Katrina Erickson 1876 (1856-1882) He was sealed to both wives while living.

Mother: Dorie Marie Petersen, born 1857 in Trige, Jutland Pannerup, Denmark (1857 – 1899) She died when Jorgen was 13, in 1899. unknown burial spot. m 10 March 1886, three months before Jorgen was born in the Logan Temple, died 13 years later.  Dorie’s mother died in Huntsville and father died in ID.

Jorgen’s father, and father’s parents all died in Huntsville.  It appears they were all pioneers from Denmark.  His father was a farmer in Huntsville.  His father lost his first wife and remarried.

1st Wife: Edna Mae. Elizabeth and Edna Hill married brothers, John and Jorgen Peterson.  Edna and Jorgen had 2 sons, Edward and Clarence (probably named after Edna's little brother, Clarence Roy, who had died at 14 months).  Edna died at age 25 of TB.  Jorgen, reported to be a rounder, went on to have more sons.  Elizabeth and John took and raised Edna's son, Clarence. 

Five years after Edna died, Elizabeth died at age 37.  From her death certificate, it appears she died of chronic hepatitis, but had been ill for many years with endocarditis, an infection of the heart.  This left John with 3 young boys.

This is where a real heroine of our family comes in -- Irene Davis.  Irene was an immigrant from England living in Salt Lake City.  During the years she should have been dating and marrying, Irene was taking care of her mother and sister.  We don't know how John Peterson became acquainted with Irene.  She may have been his housekeeper. 

Irene Davis Peterson continued taking care of her own kin, Elizabeth's 2 boys, Edna's 1 boy, and 2 children born to her and John.  From time to time, she would also take care of Edna's other son, Edward.  John was an upright, ambitious fellow who earned a living in many ways.  He had a lot of rentals, including the house that Steve’s grandparents, Harold and Bertha Hill, lived in.  Irene's two children, Elva and Herbert, are still alive. S

Jorgen married Edna May Hill 24 June 1909 (1890 – 1916) and had two children: 

1.  Clarence Raymond Peterson  (1914 – 21 March 2006) Clarence Roy Peterson married Hazel Pauline
     Moore (1911 – 1991) on 6 May 1936.  He married in the temple 1955, active in church. Clarence Roy was a civil engineer at hill AFB, fixed mechanical things and was in the navy. 
    Clarence Roy and Hazel had a daughter named Linda Peterson (1943 – 2011) who
    married a Clyde Cook (son Mike) (later divorced) (Linda died in 2011 in an auto accident in a residential area, she drove into a tree at 50 mph and a daughter Gayle Peterson who married Leo _____.  son who died of pneumonia associated with swine flu at 37, he was divorced and had a son
2.  Edward who stayed with Jorgen after Edna died and had a leg amputated from a motorcycle
     accident.  Steve vaguely remembers a one-legged relative who was probably Edward.  Edward
     stayed close with his mother's Hill family.
3.  Arnold with Jorgen in Feb of 1920 according to news clipping - definitely Jorgen's child with Ethel
4.  Leona in 1930 census and in her obit b in 1914 - from previous marriage?
5.  Blaine born in 1921 Jorgen and Ethel Clair's child
6.  Glen R born in 1927 mother Frances Margaretta Mariott

Church activity:
Jorgen doesn’t show any church activity on newfamilysearch

Edna May was baptized 3 September 1899, confirmed the same day and linked to parents 28 June 1917, SLC temple, a year after her death.

1.  Edna Mae Hill 1890 - 1916 m 24 June 1909, married 7 years, two children

2  Ethel Claire (aka Clara) Altman (Peterson) (1890-1925) 
Birth: 14 October 1890 Santaquin, Utah married 6 August 1917 newfamilysearch

3.  Frances Margaretta Marriott (Cook) (24 June 1893-1981) son named Glen Ray Peterson (1927-1994) newfamilysearch and 1930 cennsus  Her previous marriage was to James William Cooke (1888-1924) m 13 Nov 1911 two children Jesse (1914 - 1986) and Ada (1918 - 1999) from that marriage.  Married Jorgen July 15, 1926 from Dec 15 1942 Ogden Stand clipping

4.  Lena Lowe Oechsle 1889 - 1956 b 12 July 1889 Pueblo, Colorado
m 15 July 1943 see  her obit


1900 Fed Census: 
Soren Peterson b 1854, 48 Farmer in Huntsville
Jorgen b Jan 1887 13 years old
Lussisa 22
John S 20
Johanna 8
Marie  6
Elizabeth 4
Dorte Ms 7/12

1909 June 24 Ogden Standard, Jorgen Peterson:  A marriage license has been issued to Jorgen Peterson and Edna Hall (Hill) both residents of Ogden.

1909 Jan 1 Ogden Standard Jorgen gets land for a dollar transfer fee.

1909 June 24 Edna and Jorgen get married, Ogden UT

1911 Jan 23 Ogden Standard, Building permit issued for Jorgen Peterson 21st Residence  $350

1911 Ogden City Directory Jorgen Peterson: helper S P Co, r 550 W 21st

1910 Federal Census: Jorgen Peterson 23, Edna H 19, Jorgen, boiler maker helper in RR shops

1912 Ogden City Directory Jorgen Peterson: helper S P Co, r 550 W 21st

1913 Ogden City Directory Jorgen P Peterson: lab, r 562 W 21st

1914 SL Telegram June 27 Ogden Standard: “Divorce Mill Has a Busy Week End”: Six interlocutory decrees of divorce were granted by Judge Morse yesterday afternoon as follows: Clara Jackson from Frank J. Jackson.

1915 Ogden Directory: Jorgen Peterson, watchman Pingree National Bank r 556 W 21st

1916 January 21 Ogden Standard, Jordan Edna Mae: Mrs. Edna May Peterson, wife of Jorgen Peterson, died this morning at 8:30 at the family home 624 West Twenty-fourth Street. She had been suffering of tuberculosis the past three years.  Mrs. Peterson was born in Ogden, May 26, 1890, the daughter of Henry A. and Fanny “Bouthman” Hill and was married to Jorgen Peterson in 1909.  Mr. Peterson is an employee of the Pingree National bank.  Besides Mr. Peterson, two children, Edward and Clarence, survive; also the following brothers and sisters: Horace W., Harry A., Fred M., Jesse R., Lawrence B., Harold E. Hill, Mrs John S. Peterson and Mrs. Clair Boyle.  Remains were taken to the Lindquist chapel pending funeral arrangements.

1916 Sep 30 Ogden Standard, Jorgan Peterson: Jorgen listed as a member of the Woodrow Wilson Club, which promoted Woodrow Wilson for president.

1917 Draft registration: Tall, Medium build, blue eyes, brown hair, janitor Pinegree Bank, widower, 2 children, 500 W 24th Street, born in Huntsville, UT, 30 years old

1917 Oct 2 Ogden Standard, Jorgen Peterson: Jorgen joins the Woodrow Wilson League to promote Woodrow Wilson’s presidency. 

1917 Aug 7 Ogden Standard Society: Miss Clara Jackson and Jorgen Peterson married the day before.  He is an employee of the Pingree National Bank, they have many friends.

1917 Aug 19, Ogden Standard Clara gets hitched: A quiet wedding occurred at the court house yesterday afternoon, when Miss Clara Jackson became the bride of Jorgen Peterson.  Both are from Ogden, the groom being an employee of the Pingree National bank.  The happy couple departed for a short honeymoon after which they will be at home to their many friends in Ogden.

1918 Jan 27 Ogden Standard District Draft Board Action: Appeals denied by district board on grounds of industrial necessity.

1918 January 29 Ogden Standard Ogden Draft Registrants: Appeals denied by district board on grounds of industrial necessity.

1920 Federal census
Jorgen 33, janitor bank, owns his own home,
Ethel (Claire) 29
Edward 10
Leona 6
Arnold 1born Feb 1920 according to newspaper and 1920 census 
(note: where is Clarence?)

1925 July16 Ogden Standard Deaths: Ethel Altman Peterson, 33 wife of Jorgen Peterson, mother of 5 dies. She is born 1891 in Santaquin, UT.  She resided in Ogden 12 years.  They lived at 527 West Twenty-fourth street.  She was active worker in the sixteenth ward.  She had the following children: Leona, Arnold, Blain, Edward and Clarence. (Edward and Clarence are not hers but Edna’s children)

1926 July 15 Francis Margaretta Marriott and Jorgen marry.

1927 Oct 22 Ogden Standard: John Mariott age 81 died Friday at the home of his daughter Mrs Jorgen Peterson in Roy.  Mr. Mariott was born in Council Bluffs, IA October 24, 1845 and crossed the plains with his parents when very young.  daughter: Mrs Peterson of Roy.

1927 Oct 23 Ogden Standard, Mrs Jorgen Peterson: Funeral services for John marriott who died last Friday afternoon at 5:30 o’clock at the home of his daughter Mrs. Jorgen Peterson in Roy will be held Monday afternoon at 2’oclock in the Plain City meeting house. 

1928 Dec15 Ogden Standard, Webbs Subdivison: Taxes,  subdivision 5&6 taxes $29.92

1929 Nov13 Ogden Standard, Notice Guardianship: Jorgen files for guardianship of Edward Peterson, minor (Edna’s child, why does he need to file for custody of his own child when the mother is dead?)

1930 Fed Census:
Jorgen, 42 1st marriage at 20, janitor at bank, worked yesterday
Francis 37 1st marriage at 18 (Who was she married to?)
Edward 19 laborer at paving factory
Arnold 11
Blaine 10
Glen 3

1932 Feb 10 Ogden Standard, Automobile: Arnold Peterson 13, hit by a car after throwing snowball, cut on the bridge of the nose and a severe bump on the head. (Arnold is Ethel’s child because she would be alive in 1919)

1933 Ogden Standard May 192 Real Estate Transfer:  Jorgen Peterson and wife Frances to Catherine Greiner, all lots 5 and 6, Webb’s subdivision $10

1940 Federal Census: living by himself at 28th Street Ogden and Grant Avenue, Lodger, 52 years old, 6th grade education, watchman at bank, between mar 24 - 30 he worked 40 house, last year 1939 he worked 52 weeks with an income of 1500.

1942 Dec15 Ogden Standard: Divorce Complaint, Jorgen Peterson charges Francis Peterson with desertion.  They were married July 15, 1926, in Brigham City.

1943 Lena Lowe Oechsle (1889 – 1956) m Jorgen Peterson, 15 July 1943, see her obit and newspaper article of Jorgen’s death

1952 Dec 31 Ogden Standard: Divorce Filed: Lena Lowe Peterson against Jorgen Peterson, cruelty, married July 15, 1943 in Ogden

1956 Apr 28 Ogden Standard: (picture included) Lena Peterson age 66 of 2629 Grant Avenue died after an extended illness.  Mrs Peterson operated a rooming house at the above address.  She was born 12 July 1889 in Pueblo, Colorado, daughter of Charles and Caroline Huver Oechsle.  In 1910 she moved to Evanston, WY.  She had lived in Ogden since 1918.  In 1906 she was married to William Stemm in Pueblo.  They were later divorced.  She was married to Jorgen Peterson in Ogden in Ogden.  He died August 17, 1954.  Surviving are one son, Charles Stemm, Ogden, two brothers and one sister. 

1954 First Article Aug 18 Ogden Standard, Jorgen Death:  Police said today Jorgen Peterson 68 of 2629 Grant Ave, a bank employee, died yesterday afternoon of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his chest.  His body was found near Ogden River, between Grant and Childs Avenues about 3:30 p.m.

The finder, Junior Opheikens, 14 of 1863 Childs Ave., came across the body while taking a short cut through the brush along the river banks.  He told Police Officers John G. Pincock and Otto jF. Henderson he had seen Mr Peterson sitting along near the spot about 30 minutes earlier.  The body was laying on top of a 410-guage shotgun.  Dr. R. N. Hirst city physician estimated Mr. Peterson had been dead about 30 minutes

Second Article: Jorgen Peterson, 68 of 2629 Grant Ave., ws found dead yeserday of a gunshop wound.

Mr Peterson was the building engineer for the commercial Security Bank.  he had been employed in the building for 44 years starting when it was the Pingree National Bank

He was a member of the LDS Second Ward

He was born June 26, 1886 in Huntsville, a son of Soren Peter and Dorothy Marie Petersen Peterson.  (should be Dorie Marie Petersen)

On July 15, 1943 he married Lena Lowe in Ogden.

His drinking was a problem.

Surviving are his widow, Ogden: five sons by a former marriage: Edward, Clarence and Arnold Peterson, Ogden; Blaine Peterson, Los Angeles, and Glen Peterson, Roy; 15 grandchldren one brother; John Peterson, Ogden; three sisters: Mrs Reuben (Marie) Miller, Mrs Aldon (Lizzie) Peettigrew and Mrs. Anna Horn, Ogden.

Funeral services will be conducted Friday at 1 p.m. in Lindquist and Sons Colonial Funeral Chapel, 3408 Washington Blvd., Bishop Rulan D. Wardle of the LDS Second ward, officiating.

Friends may call at the funeral chapel tomorrow from 6 to 9 p.m. and Friday until the service hour.  Interment will be in Ogden City cemetery.

Funerals, Peterson – Funeral services for Jorgen Peterson, husband of Lena Lowe Peterson of 2029 Grand Ave., will be conducted Friday at 1 P.m. in Lindquist and Sons Colonial Funeral Chapel with Bishop Rulan D. Wardle of the Second Ward officiating.  Friends may call at the funeral chapel Thursday from 6 until 9 p.m an Friday until the service hour.  Interment Ogden City Cemetery.

1900 Census Jorgen Peterson

1908 Ogden Directory:

1909 June 24 Ogden Jorgen Peterson

1909 Jan 1 Ogden Standard, Jorgen gets land

1909 June 24 Ogd Stand, Jorgen Peterson

1910 Federal Census: 

1916 Sep 30 Ogden Standard, Jorgan Peterson (note who is next to him voting for a Democrat)

1917 Aug 7 Ogd Stand Ethel Peterson funeral

1917 Aug 7, Ogden Standard Jorgen, Clara Jackson get hitched

1917 Draft registration: 

1917 Dec 10 Ogden Standard, Section Acres,

1917 Oct 2 Ogden Standard, 

1911 Jan 23 Ogden Standard Jorgen gets a house

1915 Sep 9, Ogd Stand Jorgen Peterson

1918 Jan 27 Ogden Standard District Draft Board

1918 January 29 Ogden Standard Ogden Registran

1920 Federal Census:

1924 Ogd Stand Aug 3

Note: We have the second wives of two brothers John Peterson (second wife: Bertha Irene Clara Davis) and Jorgen Peterson (second wife: Ethel Claire Altman) attending the Ogden 16th Ward.

1925 July16 Ogden Standard Deaths

1925 July 17 SL Telegram:

1925 July 17 Ogd Stand Ethel Peterson funeral

1927 Oct 23 Ogden Standard Mrs Jorgen Peterson

1927 Ogd Stand Dec 1 Mr. Jorgen Peterson

1928 Dec 15 Webbs Subdivison

1929 Nov 23 Ogden Standard, Notice

1927 Oct 22 Ogden Standard,

1930 census:

1930 Dec 15 Ogden Stand Webb's Subdivision

1932 Feb 10 Ogden Standard

1932 Feb 10 Ogden Standard

1933 May 192 Ogden Standard, 

1940 Federal census: 

1942 Dec 15 Ogden Standard Jorgen Divorce

1952 Dec 31, Cruelty, Ogden Standard Jorgen

1954 Aug 18, Ogden Standard, Jorgen Dies

1954 Jorgen's death certificate: 

1956 Apr 28 Ogden Standard Lena Peterson:

1956 Lena's death certificate:
Add caption

Birth: Jun. 26, 1886
Weber County
Utah, USA
Death: Aug. 17, 1954
Weber County
Utah, USA 

Son of:
Soren Peter & Dorothy Marie (Petersen) Peterson

Husband of:
Lena Lowe Peterson

July 15, 1943
Ogden, Weber, UT.

Father of:
Edward, Clarence, Arnold,
Blaine & Glen Peterson
(By previous Marriage)
Ogden City Cemetery
Weber County
Utah, USA

 Special permission has been given by Utahtombstonelady@hotmail.com for these photographs

How many children did Jorgen have?

1.  Edward  b 1910  Edna's child
2.  Clarence Edna's child
3.  Leona  born 1914 probably Ethel's child from a previous marriage
4.  Arnold  born 1919  Ethel's child with Jorgen (threw snowball ant hit by car)
5.  Blaine aka Blain  1920 Ethel's child with Jorgen
6.  Glen 3 born 1927 Frances' child with Jorgen

It was great to finally meet you.  Sorry if I was babbling that day.  I had quite a bit to say, but I was trying to put myself in your shoes and not swamp you with information.

A few questions that I forgot to ask you:  I was calling your father 'Eddie', maybe not the name you'd prefer?  What name would you prefer we call your dad?  What was Edward's occupation?  Was there any final disappointment that would have caused Jorgen to take his life?  Is Diann older than you?  Am I spelling Diann's name correctly.

Again, I'm working on a history of Henry and Verena Hill and their 10 children, one of which is your grandmother Edna.   I get sidetracked easily and got interested in your grandfather Jorgen, who really isn't blood-related to me (or Kent).  He's just a very interesting guy and had a life which seemed to include real highs and lows.  Maybe the reason Kent became interested in Jorgen is that Kent lost his young wife to illness like Jorgen lost his first two wives. 

Kent has researched that Jorgen and his second wife, Ethel, had 2 sons, Blaine and Arnold.  Then Jorgen married Francis and had one son, Glen.  He divorced Francis for 'desertion', married Lena, who filed for divorce but never went through with it.  I think she might have been ill at the time and died shortly after Jorgen.

So my focus would be more on Edna.  The trouble is that we know very little about your grandmother, because she died so young (of TB).  We have 2 photos of her--  one when she's about 21 (very attractive) and another when she's about 12.  Kent found a newspaper article reporting that Edna threw a wedding shower for her younger sister, Hazel, and I think we have another article about Edna attending a party.  The 1910 census tells us that Jorgen and Edna lived next door to Henry and Verena on West 21st St. in Ogden.

So Edna was in the daiy life of her youngest brother, my grandfather Harold, before and after her marriage.  My grandfather named his only child 'Betty Edna Hill', I'm sure in honor of your grandmother.   Interestingly, your parents named their daughter 'Betty Diann Peterson' after my mother.  Another interesting thing is that Edna named one of her 2 sons Clarence, I'm sure after Edna's little brother Clarence, who had died at age 15 months. 

As you probably know, the two Peterson brothers, John and Jorgen, married two Hill sisters, Elizabeth and Edna.  When Edna died, Elizabeth and John took Clarence but not Edward.  I wonder how that was decided? 

The question arises of who raised Edward.  Diann says 'nobody'.  I know enough about psychology to know that if Edward bonded with 'nobody', he would have turned out a psychological mess, but, by your and Diann's account, Edward grew into a fine man, with good ethics.   Diann says that Edward left home as soon as he could, and we have that strange newspaper article where Jorgen is petitioning the court to get custody of Edward.   Can you think of any explanation for that?

My theory is that Jorgen was trying to get help from the court to get Edward to come home.  As for who raised Edward, I think "a village" of Hills and Petersons raised him--  probably the Hill uncles (who by all accounts were fine blue-collar family men), Hazel Hill Boyle (who saw herself as the keeping the family together and who would 'hold court' from time to time), John and Elizabeth ( later John and Irene), and Soren Peterson (and the Ogden Valley Petersons and Bachmans). 

Elizabeth Hill also died young and John married an English convert, Irene Davis.  Irene became mother to Clarence and Elizabeth's 2 sons, Clyde and Floyd, and had 2 children of her own, Elva and Herb.  According to Elva, Irene took care of Edward when he was recovering from his leg amputation.

There is surprisingly little known about what Henry and Verena Hill were like .  Henry was especially camera shy-- there are only 2 known photos of him.  His obituary reads that he was the 'most popular railroad man in Ogden'.  I've talked to two people who knew Verena, and they both said she was a sweet, loving person.  The only photo we had of her wasn't her at all--  it turns out to be her mother-in-law.  But I've located 3 photos of Verena that I will share.

I've tried to locate the Hill family home and now know the general area--  near where West 21st and West 20th streets connect and near Wilson Lane.  It was within walking distance of the railroad yards, where Henry, Fred, Henry Jr., and Harold worked.

So anything you'd like to add, Roger, would be appreciated.  l've located about 8 Hill relatives in the Salt Lake area.  Good people.  It's too bad that you don't all know each other--  we could have a great family reunion :)