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Lawrence Bachman Hill 1898 - 1969

Lawrence was the 9th child of Verena Bachman and Henry Albert Hill:  Lawrence had 2 daughters, one with cerebral palsy.  Emma went to the temple with Lawrence (nicknamed Barney) and Anna.  I have Barney's obituary and photo from the Standard Examiner, dated 8/22/1969.  The obituary indicates he was a high priest and active in the Church. I think Lawrence and Anna Hill haven gotten kind of a bad rap by me and others.  Their line ended with their 2 daughters who didn’t have children.  They were one of the 2 Hill families who ended up religious (Fred’s family was the other).  You noticed where they went to the temple with Emma, and Lawrence’s obituary says he was a high priest.  And that he’d been president of his adult Aaronic group (telling me he came back to the Church when he was older). SBingham

The truth, according to their niece, Eleanor Jenkins, who I interviewed, was that Anna was a “lovely woman”.  She made a home for both Lawrence and Jesse.  Jesse died at age, 42, of cirrhosis of the liver after 7 months of illness, and, obviously Lawrence and Anna took care of him all that time. SB

Emma: I did 30 endowments in Salt Lake Temple and sealings of two couples for Christian Bertlesen, a new convert in Hollywood Ward. I forgot to say that two sealing excursions when our family was permitted to do sealings in evenings in Salt Lake Temple were August 19th, 1938 when Joseph and Margaret Bachman, William and Ida Stone, Rosella and Elijah Larkin, Lyle Bachman, Charlotte Nichols, Bertha and I, also Lorenzo Young and Wister Wallace of Farmington acted as proxies, Edward Clark officiating. I wrote the names of the proxies on the sealing sheets. 

The other night was September 11th, 1942, when William and Ida Stone, Blane and Margaret Bachman, Laurence and Annie Hill, Henry and Mary Alice Hill, Vernon and Vallecita Hill, Elijah and Rosella Larkin, Charlotte Nichols, Bertha and I acted as proxies.

Jan. 26, 1898

 Annie Margaret Hancock (Hill) 1899 - 1965
m 1921 m in temple 21 July 1938

Marion Evelyn Hill 1921 - 1991 m Verl William Gritton 1929 - 1983 m 12 May 1978 went to temple 1954 (Marion was the one with palsy, not sure of the exact diagnosis.  It appears
she went through the temple when she was 33, married at 57, husband died 5
years later.)

Elaine Eldrie Hill 1926 1968 m Ronald Comfort Savage 1912 - 1983 m in temple 9 August 1949 (Elaine appears to have married Savage in the temple in 1949.
A family member told me that Elaine and Savage were later divorced.)

Aug. 21, 1969
Ogden City Cemetery
Weber County
Utah, USA
Plot: J-13-4-1W

1914 December 24 Ogd Standard Lawrence Hill

1918 April 9 Ogd Standard Lawrence Hill (see Lawrence, lower right column)

1920 Census: 

1930 census