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Edna Mae Hill 1890 - 1916

Edna Hill (Peterson)
Elizabeth Hill and Edna Hill married brothers, John and Jorgen Peterson.  Edna and Jorgen had 2 sons, Edward and Clarence (probably named after Edna's little brother, Clarence Roy, who had died at 14 months).  Edna died at age 25 of TB.  Jorgen, reported to be a rounder, went on to have more sons.  Elizabeth and John took and raised Edna's son, Clarence.  Edward stayed with Jorgen and had a leg amputated from a motorcycle accident.  I vaguely remember a one-legged relative who was probably Edward.  Edward stayed close with his mother's Hill family.

Five years after Edna died, Elizabeth died at age 37.  From her death certificate, it appears she died of chronic hepatitis, but had been ill for many years with endocarditis, an infection of the heart.  This left John with 3 young boys.

This is where a real heroine of our family comes in -- Irene Davis.  Irene was an immigrant from England living in Salt Lake City.  During the years she should have been dating and marrying, Irene was taking care of her mother and sister.  I don't know how John Peterson became acquainted with Irene.  She may have been his housekeeper. 

Irene Davis Peterson continued taking care of her own kin, Elizabeth's 2 boys, Edna's 1 boy, and 2 children born to her and John.  From time to time, she would also take care of Edna's other son, Edward.  John was an upright, ambitious fellow who earned a living in many ways.  He  had a lot of rentals, including the house that my grandparents, Harold and Bertha Hill, lived in.  Irene's two children, Elva and Herbert, are still alive. S.

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Yes “Eddie“ is fine. That’s how he was known.   Eddie was a Machinist for the California Packing Corp. (Del Monte foods).

I’m not aware of any special issues that could have effected Jorgen to end his life.  As I was very young I don’t remember any conversations that may have gone on at that time.

As for who raised Eddie.  As far as I know my dad only talked about living with Soren in Huntsville.  I know that went on for quite a spell because he talked at different times things that happened during winter time and at other times things during the summer.  He used to use the Bamberger transit system (rails like trains use) to commute back and forth from Ogden to Huntsville when he did that paper route Diann talked about.  I remember more talking about Aunt Hazel Boyle through the years than any other person in his life.  There seemed to be a long lasting loving relationship there.  The only other family people I remember is your grandpa Harold.  In fact they gave me a rocking chair when I was very small that I think Diann still has today.  But your grandpa and Aunt Hazel are the only people I remember visiting when I was very young.  By the time I reached the age that I would remember facts and events we didn’t go there anymore.  I have no Idea why.   I didn’t know but I always assumed that Aunt Hazel Boyle took care of Daddy after his motorcycle accident.  But I would go with Elva’s recall more than mine. 

Arnold lived down on W 21st somewhere as a small boy.  We used to visit them often but I don’t recall any one else from there.

I have no idea why Clearance was picked over my dad.  If I had to guess it was because daddy never talked very highly about any of grandpa’s (Jorgen) wives after his mother.  So I would guess my dad had something to do with the decision.  But that is purely speculation.

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May 26, 1890
Weber County
Utah, USA

Jan. 21, 1916
Weber County
Utah, USA


1.  Edward
2.  Clarence

PETERSON- Mrs. Edna May Peterson, wife of Jorgen Peterson, died this morning at 8:30 at the family home, 624 West Twenty-fourth street. She had been suffering of tuberculosis the past three years. Mrs. Peterson was born in Ogden, May 26, 1890, the daughter of Henry A. and Fanny Bouthman Hill and was married to Jorgen Peterson in 1909.

Mr. Peterson is an employee of the Pingree National Bank. Besides Mr. Peterson, two children, Edward and Clarence, survive; also the following brothers and sisters: Horace W., Harry A., Fred M., Jesse R., Lawrence B., Harold E. Hill, Mrs. John S. Peterson and Mrs. Clair Boyle. Remains were taken to the Lindquist chapel pending funeral arrangements.

Ogden Standard Examiner January 21, 1916

1909 June 25 SL Herald:

1912 Ogd Stand Aug 24 Edna Peterson shower for Hazel Hill 

1913 January 16 Dead Letter Edna Peterson

1916 January 21 Ogd Stand Jordan Edna May Peterson

1916 January 22, Ogden Standard:

1916 January 26, Ogden Standard: 

Edna had TB for two years: She had not seen a doctor for 6 months previous to her death

Pulmonary TB

If a tuberculosis infection does become active, it most commonly involves the lungs (in about 90% of cases). Symptoms may include chest pain and a prolonged cough producing sputum. About 25% of people may not have any symptoms (i.e. they remain "asymptomatic"). Occasionally, people may cough up blood in small amounts, and in very rare cases, the infection may erode into the pulmonary artery, resulting in massive bleeding ). Tuberculosis may become a chronic illness and cause extensive scarring in the upper lobes of the lungs. The upper lung lobes are more frequently affected by tuberculosis than the lower ones] The reason for this difference is not entirely clear. It may be due either to better air flow, or to poor lymph drainage within the upper lungs.