Saturday, December 8, 2012

Velva Bachman

1928 Salt Lake Telegram June 20

1929 Davis County Clipper September 13:

 1932 SL Telegram April 25,1932

1932 April 26 Ogden Standard:

1932 Salt Lake Tribune, April 26

1932 Standard Examiner, May 4

Velva's mother Margaret McBride Bachman writes the following: 

I am the mother of 11 children, 3 passed away in infancy and 8 lived to maturity. Then Halvy passed away very suddenly at the age of 28. We were just getting over that shock when Velva Ann, 26 was killed in an auto accident. That broke us in health and spirit until we can’t get over it. We aren’t able to do much but we try to do our church work. 

We have 3 sons and a daughter married. Have sent 4 sons on missions, 6 through college, and raised 3 orphan boys to manhood. They are both married and live in Idaho. We have 8 grandchildren and one great grandchild.