Saturday, December 8, 2012

Joseph Rexel Bachman II 1930 - 1978

Joseph Rexel (Rex) Bachman II was 6'2', gregarious and during much of his early life liked to party and smoke.  Rex studied industrial design in Illinois and became an electrician. Joseph worked on some very large projects in Canada.  In his lifetime he had two wives and while living in Toronto, Canada, (after his divorce) he began asking about the church and started writing in a journal.  It was there he fell in love and married his second wife.  He was playing basketball at the church, getting ready for the temple when he had a heart attack at 41 and died in front of his two children.  An autopsy was needed to return the body to Idaho and arteriosclerosis was discovered.  Before he died he baptized his second wife who was named Marilyn Arnold and after his death she purchased a gravestone and placed it on his grave.  The headstone included her name.  

Joseph II had two children Joseph and Rene. The family has lost contact with Marilyn.

1946: Rex and his brother Dan.  Photo was at 142 6th Ave. North, Twin Falls, Idaho.

1978  April 14 last photo of Rex and Dan together:


Sep. 11, 1936
Twin Falls
Twin Falls County
Idaho, USA
Death: Jun. 6, 1978
Ontario, Canada
 Married Marilyn Ross

  Wayne Goddard Bachman (1914 - 1966)
  Anita Evelyn Cottle (1915 - 2000)
Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery
Twin Falls
Twin Falls County
Idaho, USA