Saturday, December 8, 2012

Glen Leslie Bachman 1935 - 1938

Birth:     Jan. 19, 1935
Montana, USA
Death:     May 12, 1938
Weber County
Utah, USA

Family links:

 Blaine Bachman (1902 - 1969)
 Margaret Dye Bachman (1909 - 1989)

Ogden City Cemetery
Weber County
Utah, USA
Plot: J-12-10-5E

Grave marker location help:

You asked for photographs of the surrounding area so you could more easily find the headstones when you come to Utah.   The last time I may have sent too much information, so this time I’ll try to be more concise.

The main entrance off 20th street into the Ogden City Cemetery is Madison Avenue, but it’s called Gold Star Drive in the cemetery.   Turn into the cemetery on Gold Star Drive and head north until you come to Center Street.   It’s only a short block.   Turn right onto Center St. and you’ll have to circle around a monument.   The first attached picture shows the monument.

Halfway between that monument and the next one (directly behind it), pull over to the right side of Center St. and park.   All of the Bachman family graves are about 30 feet south of Center St and about halfway between the two monuments.   The second attached picture was taken from the Bachman graves looking back toward the monument you passed.   The road you can see beyond the monument is Gold Star Drive (Madison Ave.).

The next picture shows where I parked while taking the pictures.   As you can see, the graves aren’t very far from the road (Center St.).

The last picture is looking from the graves toward the second monument.   It just gives you a little more perspective.

Good luck.