Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Robert Lewis Brown 1923 - 2003

Robert Lewis Brown was a mechanic in Missouri for many years and later moved to San Marino, CA  Robert served in the Navy like his younger brother during WWII. He married Rose Ann, a very nice lady who eventually contracted rheumatoid arthritis and died.  Then Bob became active in the LDS church. He had a great sense of humor and is remembered with fondness for his wit and charm. 

Uncle Bob and Aunt Ann lived in Moreno Valley--not far from Riverside-- for a number of years.  I know my dad ( James Brown) really appreciated how the ward there helped Bob after Ann's death.  As soon as my father heard of his sister-in-law's passing, he notified their Bishop.  The Priesthood brethren and Relief Society sisters  not only assisted with with the funeral arrangements, they welcomed Bob back into full fellowship in the Church.  With their encouragement, Bob set (and achieved) a goal to go to the Temple and be sealed to his wife.  Uncle Bob remained in the area until his health deteriorated, then he moved to Texas to stay with his daughter.  I assume that Ann is buried in the Riverside Cemetery--they probably have a double plot.

Two child: 
Robert Jr  
Beverly Smith

Robert as a toddler with his older brother James Brown about 1924.

Riverside National Cemetery
Riverside County