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Cleone Floyd Brown 1930 - 1989

Cleone Floyd Brown liked his middle name more than his given name so later in life he had it changed his name to Floyd Cleone Brown.  However most people called him Tony.

"He was a very serious alcoholic like his father.  His sister Louise was very sympathetic to him when speaking about him.  I don't think he ever came to Louise's house.  Since he was the baby, Louise took care of him as his mother, Mary Brown was never at home.  She was always at church."  Family member

He served in the United States Navy during WW II. He was married three times to the following women:

1.  Betty Mallet
2.  Betty Phylis Prince (had two boys from a previous
      marriage with Kenneth Ronnal) ( She and her sons were LDS.)
3.  Louise Ann Bremmer who had lots of hair

Cleone was a truck driver, smoked, struggled with alcohol, was slender and died from a heart attack at 59 on the I-40 at the near Bullhead City.  His sister remembers that he died under his truck indicating that perhaps it had broken down and he was working on it at the time he died. . The Mojave Sheriff's office sent his personal effects to his brother James Brown.  They are listed at the bottom of this page. 

"Foyd was single at the time of his death.  He and his third wife had a child together, a girl.  I believe her name was Jennifer--she wasn't very old when her parents separated.  When I was a small child our family called him Uncle Cleone, later we referred to him as Uncle Floyd.  Tony was a nickname Floyd had for a long time, but I don't know how he got it or where it came from." Niece

He died  intestate:

Intestacy is the condition of the estate of a person who dies owning property greater than the sum of their enforceable debts and funeral expenses without having made a valid will or other binding declaration; alternatively where such a will or declaration has been made, but only applies to part of the estate, the remaining estate forms the "Intestate Estate."

Note:  Kent, I do remember that Mom said he died under his truck indicating that perhaps it had broken down and he was working on it at the time he died.  It all looks right as far as I know.  I remember my mom said she used to carry Tony around because he was the baby and she was older.  Now that you have jogged my memory, memories are coming back to me. Maybe I'll have an enlightening dream tonight.  I dream a lot every night with a cast of thousands and sometimes musical numbers. J

Cleone is bottom right in this family photo of the Harold and Mary Brown familiy.

1969 Teamster Card

Betty Brown identity card

1938 or 39 Family Portriat, Cleone is bottom right

back of card

Cleone is top left

1948 Navy Discharge

1989 Death Certificate

Ann Louise and her two boys, Thomas and Jason,  from a previous marriage.

Relative: I have a postcard my Grandmother Brown sent me in 1973.  I'd asked her for info on Uncle Floyd's new wife.  This is what Mary Brown wrote:

"Dear Christie   Floyd's wife (not sure of maiden name) Ann Louise Brown born 12 Nov 1948 ? in Seattle Washington married 24 Nov 1972 ?  Where?
Children Thomas John born 27 Nov 1970 Phoenix   Jason Daniel 23 Aug 1972 Bellingham Washington
I sent your letter to her Grandmother"

Apparently the two little boys in the picture were Floyd's stepsons, Thomas and Jason.

Letter from Ann Bremmer:

1976 Letter to James Brown from Ann Brown, Cleone's wife.

He is buried at: 

7900 East Main Street
Mesa, AZ 85207-8948