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George Brough 1823 - 1852

George Brough
The Genealogy of George Brough.

I was born in New Malton at Parliamentary town in Yorkshire, England in the Northern Briding, and is situated on an eminence on the right bank of the River Derwent, twenty two miles north East of the City of York. On the first day of July A.D. 1823 my Father William Brough the eldest son of William Brough was born March 28th A.D. 1791. Also at new Malton. My Grandfathers birthplace I could never ascertain.

My Grandmother Elizabeth Vessy was born in New Malton A.D. 1765 She died march 8th 1840. Grandfather in 1837. My mother Alice Lokill born at Thirsk on the 28 March 1788 and died Oct 26, 1864 Spring City Utah. My Grandfather, Robert Sokill was born at thirst York A.D. 1757. My Grandmother was born A.D. 1758 and died 1835 at York.

I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints in 1848 December. I was married to Herret Humble Mace in 1850 Feb 22. She died July 2, 1851 and in Feb 1852 I sailed in the elen Mared on the 7th of Feb 1852. And was married to Elizabeth Hudson on the 7th of March 1852. We arrived in Council Bluffs in June and joined Captain Joseph Outhouse of Lelanon Ill. Compay and crossed the great American Dessert arrived in Great Sale Lake City Sept 22nd 1852 and in 1853 moved to Lehi November 3rd. And remained in Lehi until April and arrived in Spring City on the 15 of the same month 1860.

Second history written by Eva Brough Hansen:

History of George Brough
He was born in New Molton in Yorkshire, England, 22 miles northeast of the city of York. He was born on July 1, 1823. His father was William Brough Sr., born March 28, 1791 at New Molton. His grandmother, Elizabeth Vessley was born at New Molton, 1765, and died March 8, 1842. His grandfather died 1837. His mother, Alice Sokill, was born at Thurk on March 28, 1788 and died October 26, 1864 at Spring City, Sanpete County, Utah.

Grandfather joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on December 1864. He married Harriet Humble Mace February 22, 1850. She died July 2, 1951. She had one child that also died.
In February 1852, my grandfather sailed in the ship “Elen Mared”, leaving February 7, 1852. He met my grandmother, Elizabeth Hudson, on the ship. She had one daughter, Louise Bacon. After the death of Mr. Bacon, Louise sailed with my grandmother for America. My grandfather and grandmother met on the ship and were married March 17, 1852.

They arrived in Council bluffs in June and joined Captain Joseph Outhouse of Lelamon, Illinois, and thus, crossed the great American desert arriving in the great Salt Lake Valley September 22, 1953. They moved onto Lehi, Utah. They remained there until April 15, 1860.

His children were George William Brough, my father, who was born in a government wagon February 8, 1854. Moroni was born March 12, 1856. Robert Albert was born July 24, 1859, and a daughter Elizabeth Ann, was born July 18, 1861.

As a young man my grandfather was a sailor. He was a missionary to England nineteen years after he came to Utah. He was a tithing clerk from 1861 to 1881, and a postmaster for 18 years.

My grandmother died May 21, 1882 while grandfather was on his mission to England. My grandfather married Elizabeth Mace September 12, 1888 at Manti, Utah. She was a daughter of George Mace and Elizabeth Mace Frost. She was a sister to Harriet Mace, the first wife of grandfather’s, which he married in England.

Grandfather lived two miles from town, but he came to town every day. He had a horse and buggy. He would call to see all his family and get the mail. He never would tie his horse up to a hitching post. The horse would wait and feed along the ditch bank. Every time the door would open, the horse would look to see if I was grandfather coming. The horse would go on eating but as soon as grandfather stepped on the step of the buggy, the horse would start going. Grandfather would get in the buggy on the way.
He and my grandmother would always come to read the papers and would stay for dinner, after they’d picked up the mail. We had an old fashioned stove with an oven door on either side. They would set one on either side with the oven door open and read. This grandmother was English and we did love to hear her talk. She always wore a full skirt with large pockets on either side and always had peppermint candy or lozenges to give the children. The last years of Grandfather’s life he lived on hard tack candy and buttermilk. He bought candy in a large wooden bucket.

After the death of grandmother, he went to live with his daughter Elizabeth Allred. One morning she left him sitting on the porch in his big chair. He was well and happy. When she came back he was crying and said his mother had come for him. In a half hour he passed away. He died December 23, 1914. He was 91 years old.

My grandmother, Elizabeth Hudson, accepted the teaching of the Mormon missionaries in her native land. After the death of Mr. Bacon, her first husband, she and her daughter Louise sailed for America in the year 1852. with other converts to make their home in the valley of the great Salt Lake. On the ship my grandmother Elizabeth Hudson (Bacon) met my grandfather, George Brough, whom she married. They settled in Spring City and my grandmother became a well-known midwife. She passed away May 21 at Spring City, Sanpete County, Utah. They were both buried in Spring City.

My grandfather said he would live to see the time that buggies would go without horses. He was an engineer. He kept the Post Office, and was a tithing clerk. He was always a businessman.
The day before he died at the age of 91 he stood in front of the post Office and read the paper to those without glasses that gathered there each morning to hear him. This had been a custom and an interest of the town’s people for some years.

Grandfather was a beautiful pensman and he wrote his Genealogy of his father’s family, which we value because it is a part of his work and his beautiful writing, as well as his Genealogy.