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Charles Crawforth 1824 - 1910

Charles Crawforth and Martha Moore had come from Sutton England; crossing the ocean with five hundred and seventy three other newly converted Mormon pioneers, in the good ship Juventa and had joined Captain Glovers Co. at Winter Quarters, and were on their way to Utah. The evening of June 17th they made camp at Mormon Grove, Missouri. It was Charles's turn to watch over the cattle that night to keep them from straying and to watch that Indians did not come and drive them away. Time was up for Martha to bare a child; so tiny Jane Elizabeth was born. Some said that she should have been named a Mormon Star on account of her being born at Mormon Grove. That night the wind blew and the rain came down in torrents, blowing the tent over three times.

It rained for three days and nights and everything about the mother and baby remained went. The sun came out and the desert heat was once more upon them. They lost no time in traveling for no matter the hard ships it caused the travelers, the wagon train must keep moving. The mother road in the wagon for two weeks, after that she walked most of the way. As for the baby she loved the rocking moving wagon and sleep soundly while they moved along and cries when the wagon stopped for the night.

They arrived in Salt Lake City in the fall of 1855 and lived there for three months in the home of a friend. Then Charles, Martha and baby made their home in Provo. Their first home was a dugout.

The rattlesnakes were always present, crawling around by day and in their bed at night. President Brigham Young told them if they ever hurt the snakes the snakes would do them not harm. They would take sticks and carry them from the dugout only to find on their return that other snakes had moved in. The first few years in Provo they had very little to eat, their food consisted mainly of greens such as thistles, nettles, segos, and dandelions. The frail mother and tiny baby came near starving. Most of the pioneers shared whatever they had, but there was one neighbor who had been in Provo for two years and had raised some grain.

Children of Charles CRAWFORTH and Martha MOORE are:

28i.Francis Moore CRAWFORTH was born 10 JUL 1853 in Sutton,Yorkshire,England, and died 29 JUL 1853 in 30 oct 1910.
+29ii.Jane Elizabeth CRAWFORTH was born 17 JUN 1855 in Mormon Grove,Missouri, and died 30 DEC 1948.
+30iii.Mary CRAWFORTH was born 25 JUL 1857 in Provo,Utah,Utah, and died 22 AUG 1927 in Spring City,Sanpete,Utah.
+31iv.Sarah Ann CRAWFORTH was born 19 MAY 1859 in Provo,Utah,Utah, and died 12 JAN 1938 in Spring City,Sanpete,Utah.
+32v.Charles Lawson CRAWFORTH was born 20 APR 1861 in Provo,Utah,Utah, and died 13 OCT 1918 in Spring City,Sanpete,Utah.
+33vi.James Moore CRAWFORTH was born 27 APR 1863 in Provo,Utah,Utah, and died 3 OCT 1956.
+34vii.George Francis CRAWFORTH was born 28 JAN 1865 in Provo,Utah,Utah, and died 3 NOV 1948 in Rupert,Minoka,Idaho.

35viii.Martha Moore CRAWFORTH was born 4 AUG 1867 in Provo,Utah,Utah, and died 31 AUG 1943. She married Thomas Goble CARTER 17 MAR 1885.

36ix.Fanny Susanna Moore CRAWFORTH was born 13 JUL 1869 in Provo,Utah,Utah, and died 1 OCT 1932. She married Christen Albert LARSEN 26 MAR 1890.

37x.John William CRAWFORTH was born 30 APR 1872 in Provo,Utah,Utah, and died 5 JUN 1957. He married Tora Ingeborg Wilhelmina OMANSON 5 OCT 1898.
Child of Charles CRAWFORTH and Margaret PURVES is:

38i.Margaret Martha CRAWFORTH was born 31 MAR 1871 in Provo,Utah,Utah, and died 18 SEP 1874.
20.Sarah CRAWFORTH (Jane LONGHORN4, Samuel LONGHORN3, William LONGHORN2, MRS.1) was born 14 OCT 1828 in Drypool,Hull,Yorkshire,England, and died 1865. She married John BURN.

Child of Sarah CRAWFORTH and John BURN is:
+39i.Charles Crawforth BURN was born 2 OCT 1856 in Patrington,Yorkshire,England.