Sunday, July 4, 2010

Martha Moore Crawforth 1831- 1866

Martha Moore Crawforth

Martha Moore Crawforth was born September 27, 1831 in Sutton, England. She married Charles Crawforth in 1852. She and her husband joined the LDS Church in 1854 being baptized by Elder Thomas Williams. Along with her husband immigrated to Utah in the same year in William Glover’s Co. Gave birth to Jane Elizabeth Crawforth Brough June 17, 1855 at Mormon Grove Missouri on the plains. They made their home in Provo, Utah.

During those early pioneer days. She passed through many hardships. Many times having scarcely enough to eat. One year they lived on mouldy bran and weeds for nine months. She was a Relief Society worker for many years and helped care for the sick. She also made burial clothes. She was the mother of ten children five boys and five girls. She died February 9, 1866 at Spring City, San Pete Co Utah.

Grandfather made brooms out of rabbits. He always walked, he walked to Nephi 30 miles.

We always celebrated May Day. Old King Cole and dance Zina ale in the honey, the wall nuts, will, Pea cocks, cider cork gone. Zina and Uncle John’s Grandfather married another while in Provo. She came to work for Grandmother when James was born and is 90. Now they had one little girl. When my mother was baptized her cloths froze on her.

He could do all kinds of work, he plastered and white washed the church, built his own home out of rocks.