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Anna Lisabeth Jenta 1811-1874

When Anna Lisabeth Jenta was born on 27 January 1811, in Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland, her father, Rudolf Jenta, was 39 and her mother, Lisabeth Freÿ, was 36. She married Hans Rudolf Salzmann on 16 November 1829, in Maschwanden, Zürich, Switzerland. There was quite a difference in their ages, about 16 years. They were the parents of Heinrich Salzmann b 1882. Anna Lisabeth died on 20 November 1882, at the age of 71.

Hans Rudolf Salzmann, ≈ Maschwanden 18.10.1795 als Sohn des Heinrich (1762-1843) und der Anna Frick (1764-1847), Enkel des Heinrich (1729-1800), Schneider, † Maschwanden 08.12.1871
oo Zürich-St.Peter 16.11.1829 (Verkündung Maschwanden)
Anna Lisabeth Jenta, ≈ Wetzikon 03.02.1811 (* 27.01.) als Tochter des Rudolf (1771-1822) und der Lisabeth Frey (1774-1816), † 20.11.1882

Documents related to Anna Lisabeth Jenta:

Note: The following entry is Anna Lisabeth Jenta's grandfather-in-law: FS LH6R-KK2

1773 Heinrich Salzmann baptism 17 October
Maschwanden film 008125639 page 17 

(Sunday) die 17 dito (i.e. October) 1773: Heinrich

Heinrich Salzmann, Frater (LH68-9DJ) / Anna Frick (KZNK-XMR)
Note: Heinrich, married to Elisabeth Hug, who had a daughter Verana baptised a week earlier (the one marked on your copy of the page) Their marriage entry states that the groom was a widower, and the bride was born 30.03.1732 as daughter of Heinrich Hug, linen weaver in Ottenbach, and Verena Gut

1811 Anna Lisabetha Jenta baptism 3 Feb Wetzikon,
film 008480741 page 107 
1811 d(en) 3. Febr.: Anna Lisabeth
H(an)s Rudolf Jenta v(on) Etenhausen / Lisabeth Freÿ v(on) Bir(r) Kantons Aargäu
Johannes Bebi(e) v(on) Wez(i)k(on) / Anna Sto(c)ker v(on) Wädensweil
According to Familiennamenbuch the first Stocker received citizenship of Wädenswil in 1813, immigrants from Germany: they must have lived there before, so this is likely the godmother's family.
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Hans Rudolf Salzmann (1795-1874) oo Jenta

Unread post by Wolf » Sun 14. Jul 2024, 07:31

Hans Rudolf Salzmann, ≈ Maschwanden 18.10.1795 als Sohn des Heinrich (1762-1843) und der Anna Frick (1764-1847), Enkel des Heinrich (1729-1800), † Maschwanden 08.12.1871
oo Maschwanden 16.11.1829
Anna Lisabeth Jenta≈ Wetzikon 03.02.1811 (* 27.01.) als Tochter des Rudolf (1771-1822) und der Lisabeth Frey (1774-1816), † 20.11.1882
Kinder (nicht komplett):
21.05.1832 Heinrich

1829 Anna Lisabeth Jenta marriage announcement Rudolf Salzmann 16
November Maschwanden, film 008125639 page 151
Marriage: 1829 announced: 8 November / married: 16 Nov b(ey) St.Peter in Zürich
Couple:  H(an)s Rudolf Salzmann, Schneider (Tailor) (Par. Heinrich Salzmann, Alt-Wächter, u(nd) Anna Frick) / 
Elisabetha Jenta von Wetzikon (Par. Rudolf Jenta sel(ig) u(nd) Elisabetha Freÿ sel(ig) von Ettenhausen der Pf(ar)r (Parish) Wetzikon)
Couple: H(an)s Rudolf Salzmann born/baptised 18. Oct.1795 / Elisabetha Jenta born/baptised 27. Jan. 1811
This is an announcement, so no sponsors mentioned. This marriage is actually recorded in St.Peter (unlike the other one 1829).
Notes: Alt-Wächter = retired guardian (e.g. fire) of some kind.
sel(ig) = late.
Note: I had another look at the entry in St.Peter - see Geneal-Foum. I am not sure any longer the ceremony actually took place on 16.11.: looks like someone just recorded on this Monday the ceremonies which had taken place the previous week - and Rudolf and Elisbetha actually got married on 13.11.! If you haven't done so already, I recommend you subscribe to the topic - to get informed about any responses.

1828 Barbara Jenta Marriage to Heinrich Salzmann November 16, St. Pauls in Zürich
Wolf question: On Monday, November 16, 1829 the following were blessed by Catech. Klauser ehl. blessed: ...
There follow two entries without further comment ... then
3. Caspar Boßhard & A. Barbara Kägi - with the note "Ja. Häfelin, Pfr. 12.XI.29"
[... on the next page ...]
12. Rudolf Salzmann of Maschwanden & Elisabetha Jenta of Wetzikon - with the note "ditto" (= Rev. Schneider 13.XI.29).

Does this mean that Catech. Klauser blessed two couples on Monday - and then added the blessings of the previous week? In the Maschwanden marriage register we find the announcement on (Sunday the) 08.11. with the indication that the marriage took place (or was to take place?) on 16.11. at St. Peter's in Zurich.

Gruss: answer: Hello Wolf,
The pastor of Maschwanden at that time was Felix Schneider. (Elected in 1813, in Maschwanden until 1830, then in Lucerne from 1831).
I believe that the bride and groom had to present a certificate from their pastor. This was dated November 13. As reported, the wedding took place on the 16th...... Gruss

1832 Heinrich Salzmann birth 21 May Maschwanden film
008125639 page 71 

21./31.05.1832 Heinrich

Death records not available on FS. Death date from:

Rudolf Jenta Family from Jenta Temple Record by Julius Billeter pages 1 and 2