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Anna Barbara Jenta 1806-1875

When Anna Barbara Jenta was born on 9 June 1806, in Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland, her father, Rudolf Jenta, was 35 and her mother, Lisabeth Freÿ, was 31. Anna Barbara married Heinrich Salzmann on 13 December 1828, in St. Peters in Zürich, Switzerland. They were the parents of  two girls: Elisabeth Salzmann born 3 Oct 1829 and Anna Salzmann born 10th November 1839. Heinrich's death is unknown. Anna Barbara died in 1875 in Maschwanden. She lived 69 years 10 months and 7 days. The town of Maschwanden is located south of Ottenbach on the Reuss river. 

Documents related to Anna Barbara Jenta:

1806 Anna Barbara Jenta baptism 15 Jun Wetzikon
 film 008480741 page 99
Kinder: A(nna) Barbara, d(en) 15. Jun. [1806]
Parents: Rudolf Jenta, Gemeindrath [municipal councilman] v(on) Et(enhausen) / Lisabeth Freÿ v(on) Bir, K(anton) Aargau.
Witnesses: H(an)s Jakob Häßler(?) Priester(?) von & in Wezikon(?) / A(nna) Barbara Homberger v(on) Unter)-Wezikon.
Notes: Hasler would be a now extinct family of Wetzikon … but I unsure about his entire entry.
There is a Zürcher Pfarrerbuch - but I don't find it in the familysearch catalogue
Kent: I may have found Anna Barbara Hamburger von Unter-
Wezikon. FS number KHQY-T14. FS names her parents and I 
attached her birth in 1786, not much else. She would be 
20 years old, which I think is possible.
1828 Anna Barbara Jenta marriage announcement 15 December Heinrich Salzmann St. Peter, Zurich, film 008480741 page 518 
1828, 7 Dec
Couple: Heinrich Salzmann von Maschwanden and Anna Barbara Jenta von Ettenhausen
Marriage: 7 Dec, announcement, cop 15 Dec
(married in St. Peter's, Zürich - Ancestry)

1828 Barbara Jenta Marriage to Heinrich Salzmann Dec 13, St. Pauls in Zürich

Kent: Did Anna Barbara marry in St. Paul's Zürich? 

1829 Elisabeth Salzmann birth 3 Oct bap 11 Oct
Maschwanden film 008125639 page 69
Married:Rudolf von Tobel 

Heinrich von Tobel birth 14 Dec 1852 bap 25 Dec Mother
Elisabetha Salzmann Maschwanden film 008125639 page 88 

1874 Elisabeth Salzmann burial 44 years 27 Sep film 00814294 page 81
Mettmenstetten, Zürich, Schweiz 

Married:Rudolf von Tobel 

1839 Anna Salzmann birth 10 Nov, bap 24 Nov Maschwanden
film 008125639 page 77 Anna's second child

1875 Anna Barbara Jenta death 16th Nov, burial 21st November Maschwanden, November film 008125639 page 264
Mrs. Anna Barbara Salzmann, née Jenta, ...., dies on 16.11.1875 and is buried on 21.11.1875 in Maschwanden ZH.


Question: Please help me to read the word after "Jenta": this position usually refers to the place of residence or citizenship - not to the cause of death. Nevertheless, I don't want to rule that out either. To compare the script: here is the complete page.
Who has an idea?
Note: The date of birth given (09.01.1806) is also surprising, as she was baptized on 15.06.1806 in Wetzikon ZH.
Answer, Griffy: Frdnsrichter = old justice of the peace
Griffy: Wahrscheinlich der Ehemann. Laut Volkskalendar auf das Jahr 1855:

Maschwanden population:

1470c. 120
Rudolf Jenta Family from Jenta Temple Record by Julius Billeter pages 1 and 2