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Anna Elisabetha Jenta 1769-1830

When Anna Elisabetha Jenta von Ettenhausen was born on October 8, 1769, in Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland, her father, Hans, was 28, and her mother, Anna, was 24. She married Caspar or Kaspar Bietenholz von Ettenhausen on February 9, 1796. She died on October 1, 1830, at the age of 60 years, 11 months, 24 days.

Anna Elisabetha Jenta birth 8 October 1769, Zurich Archives records

Wolf translation:
Anna Elisabetha's baptismal sponsors:
Hs. Jacob Wäber, Lieutnant von Wezikon [compare with second sponsor]
Fr(au) Elsbeth Hirzel, Hs. Jacob Büelers von Wezikon ehl. Hsfr (Hausfrau) (housewife) See her brother Rudolf's baptismal sponsors.

1770 March 11 Kaspar Bietenholz birth Wetzikon
Translation by Wolf: 
Caspar, den 11. Martii (1770)
Parents: Jacob Bietenholz von Ettenhausen / Anna Flachsman(n)
Godparents: Caspar Walder von Kempten / Esther Wolfensperger von Ettenhausen
Ettenhausen was not and independent place of citizenship - so Jacob Bietenholz will have been a citizen of Wetzikon.
Flachsmann have also been citizens of Wetzikon since before 1800.

1796 Feb 9 Anna Elisabetha Jenta marriage, Wetzikon 

Translation by Wolf: 
1796 Febr. 9. copuliert bei Seegreben
Kaspar Bietenholz den 1. Mart. 1770 / Anna Elisabeth Jenta 8. Oct. 1769 [both] von Etenhausen
Seegreben will possibly be todays neighbouring Aathal-Seegäben. However, there is another Seegräben, part of Hinwil.
Bietenholz have been citizens of Wetzikon since before 1800, but also of Pfäffikon, which is not far away either: all these places are around the small Pfäffikersee. Check baptisms Wetzikon for 1 Mar 1770 to clarify.

1830, Anna Elisabetha Jenta's death record, Wezikon, Switzerland:

1830 Anna Elisabetha Jenta burial, age 60, 11 mo 24 days
Wolf translation:
A. Elisabetha Jenta is Caspar Bietenholz "ehl(ich) gel(iebte) Hausfrau" - so the husband has (almost for sure) survived her. Otherwise I would expect something like "Caspar Bietenholz sel(ig) hinterlassne Witwe".
Cause of death: Auszehrung = consumption. This disease was not really well defined - could also be tuberculosis or (less so for her) old age

Index of death record: