Sunday, January 1, 2023

Making and Preserving Memories on FamilySearch Handout

Alexander Hedquist Family KWVC-9DM

Adelia Winsor 1898-1996 KWCR-6NN

Memories on FamilySearch and Memories App

  1. What parts of FamilySearch are permanent?   
  1. How large a file can I upload?  
  1. How many memories can I upload? 
  1. What is the Gallery? 
  1. Should I upload to a person’s page or to the Gallery? 
  1. Can you see memories of living people? 
  1. How do I share Memories? 

  1. What parts of FamilySearch are permanent?  Memories 
  1. How large a file can I upload? 15mb per photo or document
  1. How many memories can I upload? Unlimited but after 5,000 images it may be slightly slow opening your Gallery. 10 seconds for 8k memories
  1. What is the Gallery? Where all documents, stories, photos, and audio recordings are stored (found under the Memories tab). 
  1. Should I upload to a person’s page or to the Gallery? A person’s page eliminates an extra step. All your uploads to a person’s page automatically go to your Gallery.
  1. Can you see memories of living people? Yes, if there is a title or topic tag with their name it becomes searchable. Remember all living person pages stay private until after their death. Once deceased, there will be a small window of time before you can see their Memories again. 
  1. How do I share Memories? You can share by tagging deceased ancestors, or by creating albums, or slideshows, or bookmarks.
  1. Memory Ideas: Ancestors, Animals, Births, Cars, Childhood, Deaths, Events, Family, Favorites, Firsts, Friends, Graduation, Hobbies, Homes, Miracles, Missions, Pets, Reunions, Schools, Skills, Sports, Stories, Talents, Testimonies, Trials, Travel, Vacations, Weddings, Work
  1. Enhancing and colorizing of old photos: 

Programs and websites helpful in removing scratches, spots, and blemishes: Photoshop,, or 

Sharpening faces and coloring using AI: Topaz Photo AI


Photoshop free or paid

Hugging Face CodeFormer

Increase the resolution of an image to print or to upload a larger sized photo: Topaz Gigapixel AI Topaz Photo AI

Leonardo on CodeFormer:

Anson Perry Winsor II 1854-1915 KWZ9-S1Y

Ethel Simkins and her daughter Lela, 1899-1986 KWZK-RLG

Anna Louise Hedquist 1877-1900 KWVC-9DM

1907 Emma Bachman at Warren Scholl, Utah

1938 Weinert Reunion, Lake Labish, OR

1948 Weinert Reunion. Falls City, NE