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1808 Identifying Early Gardiner Photos

Analysis of the photographs of James and Ann Gall Gardiner and other early Gardiner photographs: by Kent, Sandy and M...

Ann "Indian" photograph 1850

Classic photo of Ann. This is her fanciest dress. She likes head coverings. The background and chair may denote a photo studio. At the very least this is a staged photograph. This is a very early photo as far as photography goes. Her skin looks taught and free of wrinkles. Her face and nose and body look sharp and thin.  If 1850 is correct Ann is 32 years old she has had 6 children, one deceased.  The cloth on the table reminds Sandy of the cloth on George Scholl's photo at one year old.

The earliest known photography studio anywhere opened in New York City in March 1840, when Alexander Wolcott opened a “Daguerrean Parlor” for tiny portraits, using a camera with a mirror substituted for the lens.

Gloria has the original and has duplicated many copies of this photo in B&W.

Ann "Indian" 1850

Ann with James and James Jr. 1850 (not Arthur)

Ann and James are thinner in the face and body than in the 1863 photo. The young man and Ann have the same mouth. Ann's clothing is fancier than in 1863 but not as fancy as the Indian photo. The boy could well be James Jr b 1840. In 1850 Ann has five living children, and one deceased. We think 1850 is the best choice.  

James Jr and James Sr have interesting clothing. The hats seem more cultural than useful for keeping the rain off your head. Both are vested with under shirts. They appear well dressed and all have buttons. The vest buttons are on our left, their right for both the males and Ann. James Jr has almost outgrown the coat.  James Sr looks about five foot and 3 to 5 inches tall.  

Ann towers over James when seated and most likely towers over him when standing. They are all wearing winter clothing. What is that stick about? It must mean something to be include in the photo. Ann has a tie for her bonnet hanging in front of her. All the coats appear to be sturdy and warm. Ann has an apron or a lap blanket on her lap. 


Full size of the 1863 photo owned by Don Gardiner, son of Alfred Gardiner. Photo copied, enhances and colorized by Kent Gardiner. Ann's face doesn't look as round in this colorized photo. James has a white beard and hair. 






Betty Harris from Australia: Taken in 1863 in Dundee LtR back: James 55 year, Frederick11 years, Matilda 13 years, front:  Arthur 2 years old, Alfred 5 years old, Ann 45 and Ralph 9 years old. Betty sent me a copy of this photo and sent the original to the University of Dundee. Betty: "I find "Wee Jimmy" eyes, just fascinating. they are so alive I expect them to blink. That this photo was taken 115 years ago I find hard to believe where it has been and what adventures it has had in the100 years before I saved it from the flames, no one will every know. received in 1978." 

Ann's shoulders slope more than James. Ann's shawl has a tassel. They look well dressed. The 1850 beard goes up to his mouth. This photo his beard is below his mouth. Big skirts were in vogue in the 1860s

Ann Oval portrait: 1860 's. The family lives at:  29 Rosebank Road, Dundee

Sadness in Ann's eyes, sloping shoulders, head covering she liked to wear. People usually combed hair down the middle. Ann is 45. There is a knit cap with white under the hat to keep her head warm.  We think this photo is similar to the 1863 photo of the family above.

The fact we have these few photos is amazing. What a blessing.

Ann and Matilda: 1865

Ann and Matilda. Matilda appears to be in her mid to late teens. She was born in 1850 which makes this photo 1865 when she was 15. If 1865 Ann is 47. Ann has a white head covering, a scarf and a white apron. Full skirts were worn 1860-1865 in Scotland. Ann and Matilda are wearing full skirts. This could be taken in a home or studio. The lighting is good. The table on Ann's right suggests a studio.

Matilda has a small waist and a little bow at the top of her bodice. Ann looks tired or resolute. In earlier photos she looks more energetic. We imagine Ann made her own clothing including these dresses. Matilda is wearing ear rings, puffy sleeves and a tight waist-ed dress. This photo was certainly taken in the 1860s. 


Ann Gall in mourning

Photo is from Betty Harris in Australia. Betty Harris said Arthur told her Ann had cataracts at the end of her life but no operation could be performed.  She believed it was taken in 1868 and is LtR Matilda, Ann and Jane. 

However Jane was in India from 1862 until she died in 1869. If Jane came home it could be her in this photo. There is no record of this. The girl on the left could be Matilda who married in 1870. Matilda would be 28. The skirts have petticoats underneath. Ann is wearing black. What is the reason for this? This could be taken at the death of James in 1878. If so it was taken in St. Catherines, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada. The woman on the left might be Matilda who came to America but the woman on the right is unknown. 

1880s SLC, Robert and Margaret Gardiner

Four Brothers 1900 which is a guess

We do not know for sure who these four men are. Louise Chamberlain, granddaughter of Ralph says the following: top LtR: James (called brass James) 1840- ? 60 years old, Ralph 1855-1949 or 45 years old, front: Frederick immigrated to Vancouver, BC.  or 45 years old (1852-1926), Alfred (candy maker in SLC) 1858-1932 is 42 years old

When James Gardiner Jr. was born on 16 April 1840, in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom, his father, James Gardiner, was 30 and his mother, Ann Gall, was 22. He married Margaret Frazer on 22 November 1867, in Dundee, Angus, Scotland, United Kingdom. They were the parents of at least 5 sons and 5 daughters. He lived in Milton, Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom in 1881 and Canongate, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, United Kingdom in 1891.

Betty Harris: Four brothers

1911 Vancouver, BC

LtR Frederick Gardiner b 1852, Margaret his wife Eliza Jane Fisher b 1854, Alfred Gardiner b 1858, Donald, Alfred's son b 1903, Susannah, Alfred's wife b 1862, young Fred b 1879 and his wife Ida May Keller b 1887.  Fred is Frederick's son.

1911 Vancouver BC LtR Frederick, Claribell, Alfred's daughter b 1890 Bessie.

LtR Frederick, Claribell (Alfred's daughter and Bessie, daughter of Frederic. Frederick was a seaman according to Dawn. 

When Frederick Gardiner was born on 11 November 1852, in Dundee, Angus, Scotland, United Kingdom, his father, James Gardiner, was 42 and his mother, Ann Gall, was 34. He married Eliza Jane Fisher on 12 November 1878, in Dundee, Angus, Scotland, United Kingdom. They were the parents of at least 3 sons and 4 daughters. He lived in York, Ontario, Canada in 1901 and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1911. He died on 6 February 1926, in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, at the age of 73, and was buried in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The following three photos are unidentified:  

Donald Gardiner said Frederick Gardiner wore military garb. Could one of these be Frederick Gardiner?