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Eva Katharina Krauss 1835

Eva Catharina Krauss  was born 10 Feb 183 to Philipp Krauss and Margaretha Scholl.  





Documents related to Eva Catharina Krauss:

Eva Katharina Krauss  baptism 15 Feb 1835 film 102550955 page 714 
Translation by Robert Seal:
In the year of Christ 1835, on the 10th of February at night at 12:00 midnight was born and on the 15th of the same month in the afternoon at 2:30 pm was baptized: Eva Katharina. The parents are: the local citizen Philipp Krauß and his wife Margaretha, née Scholl.
As baptismal sponsors were present: Philipp Wentz, citizen, and his wife Magdalena, née Lind. (2) Wilhelm Scholl, citizen, and (4) Magdalena, née Wentz, the surviving widow of the deceased local citizen Christoph Lind.
Graben, on the 15th of February 1835. Pastor Käß.
Comment: The numbering of the baptismal sponsors is odd; I copied it exactly as it appeared in the record.
Margaretha Scholl Krauss Familienbuch (Family Book) film 102118620 page 965
For reference in deciphering the familybuch above:
1. Christine Krauss 24 Jan 1817- 2 Dec 1819
2. Philipp Krauss 20 Apr 1819- 5 July 1823
3. Margaretha Magdalena Krauss 9 Oct 1821 Dec
4. Georg Friedrich Krauss 23 Apr 1824 Dec America
5. Christina Krauss 17 Oct 1826 - 13 Jan 1886 in Liedolsheim, Baden, Germany
6. Philipp Krauss 5 Jun 1829 Dec America 1856
7. Wilhelm Krauss 16 June 1832-1834
8. Eva Katharina Krauss 10 Feb 1835
9. Fredericke Krauss 22 Nov 1837 Dec
Translation help by Robert Seal
The two notes after the list of the nine children refer to the illegitimate children of daughters 8 and 9 above:
First note (daughter 8): NB. Eva Katharina had illegitimately: Wilhelmine, born 13 Jan 1852, died 26 Jan 1852.
Second note (daughter 9): Friederike had illegitimately: Friederike, born 6 Aug 1860, 5:00 pm. Recognized/acknowledged v. Martin, volume II, page 340. [You'll want to find this entry on page 340 in volume 2 to see if this child's paternity is acknowledged by the father.]
Note: I am unable to decipher the word in the baptismal column for child no. 5.
Familybook II page 340 Friederike film 102118620 page 1248

Translation by Robert Seal:
1. (before the marriage) Friederike (recognized [by the father])
2. Philipp Martin
3. Catharina Christina, emigrated to America
4. Karolina
5. Todtgeborens Knäblein [= stillborn little boy]
6. Luisa died before baptism
7. Carl
8. Heinrich
9. Hermann
10. Albert
Question: What happened in 1880 at the bottom of the page? emigrated? Is this why Philipp and Friederike's death dates are not entered?
Answer: Yes, the family emigrated ("Ausgewandert") in 1880, which explains why there are no death dates for the parents. Given that "America" is written for at least child 3 (and one might argue that "America" is written in such a way that it applies to the entire family on this page), they probably emigrated to America in 1880.

Philipp M Werner death 24 Aug 1903 in Forest Park, Cook County Ill Find a Grave

Robert Seal: Note that in this death certificate his age of 58 is about 10 years too young. Born in October 1834, Philipp would have been two months shy of turning 69 years old in October 1903.

Katharina Christina Werner

Katharina Christina Werner
Birth 6 NOV 1863 • Graben, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Death 24 JUL 1943 • Oak Park, Cook, Illinois