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Johann Adam Kemm 1701-1701

Johann Adam was born 13 Jun 1701 and died 3 July 1701. So many children died in childbirth or shortly after that it is hard to relate to today with modern medicine. The people of Graben took these things in stride because it happened so often. However there must have been some tears shed over this little boy. His parents are Hanß Adam Kamm, from here, and his wife Jacobea nèe Scholl.
Name: Johann Adam.

Documents related to Johann Adam Kemm:

Adam Kemm birth 13 Jun 1701 film 004137289 page 244
Translation by Robert Seal:
Monday, the 13th of June [1701], a little boy was born and on the 14th [of June 1701] was baptized.
Parents: Hanß Adam Kamm, from here, and Jacobea, wife.
Name: Johann Adam.
Baptismal sponsors: Peter Keller, the mayor, with his wife.

Adam Kemm death 3 July 1701 film  004137289 page 401 
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 3rd of July [1701] the 14-day old young [son?] of Adam Kamm died and was on the following day of this month buried.
Comments: Both father and son are named Johann Adam Kamm. For the father see ID KZCC-ZJT. For the son see ID KC97-552.
Given the child's birth on 13 June 1701, his age at death is actually 20 days old.