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Jakob Becker 1782-1838

Jakob Becker was born to Mayor Georg Jacob Becker 1756 and Margaretha Scholl 1759-1825 on the 5th Mar 1782-18 Apr 1838 married Catharina Roesch 13 Jun 1805 and had 12 children form 1806 to 1825.

Margaretha Scholl's parents are none other than Johann Georg Scholl b 1720 and Anna Maria Kammerer b 1723.

What happened to Jakob and Margaretha's children?
1. Katharina Becker 1806-1807
2. Christine Becker 1808-1889 married Wilhelm Friedrich Herbster 1829 and had four children
3. Katharina Becker 1809-1879 married Jakob Friedrich Roth 5 Dec 1833 and had 11 children
4. Margaretha Becker 1811-dec
5. Jakob Becker Jr. 1812-1890 married Elisabeth Kammerer 19 Oct 1837 and had 9 children
6. Elisabetha Becker 1814-1815
7. Elisabetha 1816-1860 married Johann Philipp Köhler 28 April 1840 and had 3 children
8. Christoph Becker 1818-1818
9. Wilhelm Becker 1818-1818
10. Hermann Wilhelm Becker 1819-1892 married Maria Elisabetha Roedel 4 May 1848  who lived from 1821to 1895.and had 9 children. Maria's headstone is on FS.
11. Simon Becker 1821-1826
12. Magdalena Becker 1825-1906

Documents related to Jakob Becker:

Jakob Becker birth 7 Mar 1782 film 102078298 page 692

Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 5th of March [1782] at night at 9:00 pm born and on the 7th of the same month baptized: Jacob [Becker].
Father: Georg Jacob Becker, the local citizen. [later mayor]
Mother: Margaretha, née Schollin.
Baptismal witnesses: (1) young Martin Wenz, the local citizen and master mason, and (2) his wife Maria Sidonia, née Bicklin. (3) Jacob Sewer/Sever, the local citizen and master shoemaker, and (4) his wife Margaretha Magdalena, née Schüzin.
Right column: died 18 April 1838.

Margaretha Scholl sponsor 2 bot rt8 March film 102078348 page 641
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 18th of March [1788] in the morning at [blank] o'clock born and on the 20th of the same month baptized: Jacob Friderich [Sewer].
Father: Jacob Sewer, the local citizen and master shoemaker.
Mother: Margaretha Magdalena, née Schüzin.
Baptismal witnesses: (1) Georg Jacob Becker, the local citizen, and (2) his wife Margaretha, née Schollin. (3) Georg Michael Huber, the local non-citizen resident and master carpenter, and (4) his wife Eva Catharina, née Spieglin.
Right column:
+ [died].

Jacob Becker age 24 marriage 13 Jun 1805 to Catharina Roeschin film 102078348 page 1057
Translation by Robert Seal:
[Married] on the 13th of June [1805]: Jacob Becker, legitimately-conceived unmarried son of Georg Jacob Becker, currently mayor, with Margaretha, née Schollin, age 24 years, and Catharina Roeschin, legitimately-conceived unmarried daughter of the late Andreas Rösch, the former citizen, with Margaretha, née Pfeilin, age 25 years.

Jakob Becker death 18 Apr 1838 film 102118620 page 265
Translation by Robert Seal:
No. 14.
In the year of Christ 1838, on the 18th of April in the morning at 7:00 am died here, and on the 20th of the same month early at 9:00 am was buried: the local citizen and farmer Jakob Becker, a married man, 56 years, 1 month, 13 days old.
His parents were: the local citizen and old bailiff Georg Jakob Becker and his wife the late Margarethe, née Scholl.
Witnesses were: Jakob Meÿer and Philipp Herbster, local citizens.
Graben, on the 20th of April 1838. Pastor Käß.
Right margin: "Ehemann" = Husband/married man.
Comments: The surname is spelled "Beker" in this record rather than "Becker". The decedent's wife is not named in the record.
Note: Philipp Herbster was a citizen and master turner.

Katharina Becker death 21 Jun 1850 film 102118620 page 339
Translation by Robert Seal.
No. 25.
In the year of Christ 1850, on the 21st of June in the morning at 8:00 am died here, and was on the 23rd of the same month in the morning at 9:00 am buried here: Katharina Becker, surviving widow of the deceased Jakob Becker, former citizen and farmer here, age: 69 years, 6 months, and 27 days.
Her long-deceased parents were: Andreas Rösch, former citizen here, and Margaretha Pfeil.
Witnesses are: (1) Friedrich Süß, citizen and farmer here. (2) Philipp Zimmermann, citizen and farmer here.
Graben, on the 21st of June 1850. T. Crecelius, pastor.
Right margin: Becker, née Rösch. Widow.
Christoph  Becker  b 1 Jun 1792 family book left film 102118620 page 902
Wife Margaretha Magdalena Roesch b 1798 KZWZ-QKL

Becker 1808 familybook page 45 film 102118620 page 1098
August Bernhard Krauss ID: KCFS-MRY, married Karoline Weber b 1812 and Christina Braun b 1824
Translation by Robert Seal:
Answers to your questions:
(1) Names of father and mother, Augustus Krauss? profession? Carolina Weber?
Krauß, August Bernhard, butcher. Weber, Caroline.
(2) Three lines under their names, probably Carolina's parents, deceased father Johannes Weber?
Parenthetical statement: (The wife's parents = the deceased Johannes Weber, "B__ Bäker"? in Mühlburg, and his wife Magdalena, née Werner.)
(3) Words after II, second wife Luisa Weber? is she Carolina Weber's sister?
II. marriage with: Kath. Luise Weber, widow. [vol.] I, p. 124. The marriage remained childless. [There is no indication how Caroline Weber and Kath. Luise Weber are related. Further reseach is required.]
(4) Words after III, third wife Christina Braunin? and names of her two children, Christina?
III. marriage with: Christine Braun -- the second marriage. Confer [vol.] II, [p.] 284.
Children: (11) Emilie Christine. (12) Albertine.
(5) Parent and two children's names after child 12, Karolina Magdalena ___ and Maria Magdalena
Karoline Magdalena [child no. 1 above] had illegitimately: Marie Magdalena, born 25 September 1852.
(6) Parent and two children's names after V, parent is Wilhelmina? Wilhelm Friedrich b 13 Jun 1860?
Wilhelmine [child no. 6 above] had illegitimately: Wilhelm Friedrich, born 13 June 1860, at 9:30 am. Philipp Wilhelm Zimmermann admitted he was the father. [vol.] II, [p.] 308.

Margaretha Magdalena Becker b 1822 family book II page 192 left film 102118620 page 1174

Husband Philipp Martin Suss b 1817 ID: 9JK7-NXD

Wilhelm Becker b 1826 familybook rt side film 102118620 page 1199 

Spouse Karoline Magdalene Krauss b 1831 ID: KJJZ-6T3

Maria Becker b 1852 familybook page 134 film 102118620 page 1346

Spouse Otto Huettner b 1847 ID: KZ1V-9GZ

Caroline b 1855 Becker familybook page 198 film 102118620 page 1378

Karoline Becker b 11 Dec 1855, married Ludwig Suess 28 Dec 1876 ID: K4FS-X96