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Anna Maria Kammerer 1723-1781

Anna Maria Kammerer was born 31 December 1723 to Wendel Kammerer and Anna Maria Magdalena Kinger according to Anna Maria's birth record. However FamilySearch has her mother as Magdalena. Kammerer can be spelled with a C or a K, the sound is the same in German. However today the headstones in the Graben Cemetery all spell it with a K.  Johann Georg Scholl 1720-1764 married Anna Maria Kammerer 4 Jan 1744 when he was 24 years old. They had twelve children. Johann was a Bürger (citizen) in Graben.  Johann Georg Scholl died 16 December 1764. He lived 35 years 9 months 27 days. His wife Anna Maria died 21 Oct 1781 which means she lived a total of 57 years 9 months 21 days. Anna Maria lived 16 years 10 months 5 days on her own after Georg's death.

What happened to their children?

Definition of Kammerer
The surname Kammerer is an occupational surname. Further research revealed that the name is derived from the Old German word "kämmerer," which means "chamberlain." A chamberlain was the person in charge of the noble's household; to him would fall the duty of ensuring that the castle and court of the noble ran smoothly. This is a surname of office, a subset of the larger set of occupational names. (House of Names website)

Documents related to Anna Maria Kammerer:

The main street of Graben around the middle of the 18th century with the old church, which was demolished in 1873 and in its place the new church was built.
Anna Maria Kammerer birth 31 Dec 1723 film 4137289 page 337
Translation of birth record
The 31st of Xbris (December, in Latin the 10th month is December) born to Wendel Kammerer and his wife Anna Maria Magdalena Kinger legitimate daughter and baptized and was called Anna Maria witnesses one of the witnesses was a wagon maker. (Notes: The Pastor at Anna Maria Kammerer’s birth was Andreas Weber.)

Johann Georg Scholl marriage to Anna Maria Kammerer 7 Jan 1744 Graben film 4137289 page 563
Translation of marriage record:
1744, 7 January  George Scholl and Anna Maria Kammerer, after the sermon was married, all here in the same place and he was a single son, unmarried, to Anna Maria Kammerer, she is also a single daughter, (not married before) Witnesses: Wendel Kammerer Bürger (citizen of Graben)

The bridge over the River Pfinz was completed during Anna Maria's lifetime. This made it possible to have easy access to Neudorf, Graben's next door neighbor. It is a major transit road today and the bridge is still very much in use.

Anna Maria Kammerer death 21 Oct 1781 film 4137289 page 862
Translation of death record:
Anna Maria Kammerer, wife of deceased citizen  from here she was a widow of Johann Georg (husband already dead). She died the 21 of October at 2:00 in the afternoon and was buried the 23rd of October, she was 57 years old (no cause of death given) Kammerer/ Scholl