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Albert Knapp 1798 - 1864

Albert Knapp (25 July 1798, Tübingen - 18 June 1864, Stuttgart) was a German poet and animal welfare activist. He studied theology at Tübingen, became vicar in Feuerbach (1820) and filled other positions until he made a reputation in the Hospitalkirche at Stuttgart (1836). After becoming pastor at Stuttgart, he had applied himself to poetry, especially to the composition of hymns and other poetry of a religious character. Rev. Knapp is also distinguished as an important figure in the history of the animal welfare movement in Germany. In 1837, he established the Stuttgart Society, the first German animal protection organization in Stuttgart.[1][2] (Wikipedia)

Albert Knapp is the father of Sophia Knapp. She is the second wife of Heinrich Johann Conrad Zimmern 1825 - 1896. 


Documents related to Albert Knapp:

Albert Knapp bap 28 July 1798 Tübingen father Herr Gottfried mother Ludovike Heinrike film 101897318 289 Born the 25th of July.

Translation by Ulrich Neitzel:

born: 25th [Jul 1798]

baptized: 28th [Jul 1798]

Child: Albert

Parents: Mr. Gottfried Knapp, Court Advocate and Mrs. Ludovike Heinrike Regine Friderike, née Fink(in) from Stuttgart

Baptismal sponsors:

Mr. Georg Jacob Fink, Court Chamber Counselor and "Chamber Fourier" in Stuttgart and his wife (Eheliebstin = marital dearest) Mrs. Christiane Caroline, grandparents, absent, and in their place

Mr. Government Counselor and Monastery Official Harpprecht in Lustnau

Mrs. Monastery Procurator Heller(in) 

Mrs. Elisabetha Tabila Knapp(in), widowed Hofmeister(in) from Einsiedel, grandmother

Mrs. Doctor und Professor Dietz(in), absent 

Comment: Lustnau and Einsiedel are places close to Tübingen. Lustnau was a state-owned monastery farm in those days; Einsiedel was a state-owned dominium. The titles given for the ladies are the titles of their (deceased) husbands. Dominium: in civil law, the ownership of a thing, as opposed to a mere life interest, to an equitable right, to a merely possessory right, or to a right against a particular person.


Albert Knapp marriage 17 April 1828 Stuttgart Würtemberg film 102750507 page 294


Translation by Robert Seal:

Record on the right-hand page:

What you have marked with the red square is the April 1828 marriage record of Albert Knapp and Christiane Auguste Caroline von Beulwiz.


[The record is from 1828.]

[Section heading]: (c) Hospitalkirche [= Hospital Church].

Number: 5.

Month and day: April 17 [1828].

Bridegroom: Mr. Magister Albert Knapp, deacon at Sulz am Neckar.

Bride: Miss Christiane Auguste Caroline von Beulwiz, Major General's daughter.

Translation of page on the left:

Born from the Royal House: in the lordly Castle Taxis, on the 4th of September 1828: Wilhelm Ferdinand Max Carl.

Father: His Highness, Duke Friedrich Paul von Württemberg.

Mother: Her Highness, Marie Sophie Dorothee Caroline, born Princess von Thurn and Taxis.

Comment: This page is unrelated to the marriages recorded on the right-hand page. However if you are interested in the House of Thurn and Taxis, here is a link which will provide additional information:


Albert Knapp marr 17 Apr 1828 Stuttgart,Württembert to Christiane Auguste Carolione von Beulwiz b 19 mar 1806 film 101901850 page 237  2

Ulrich Neitzel translation:


Number of weddings: 5.

Names of the groom and the bride: Mr M[agister] Albert Knapp and Miss Christiane Auguste Caroline von Beulwiz

Status, character, profession, residence, religion: Deacon in Sulz / Neckar


Mr. Gottfried Knapp, Superior Justice Councillor in Tübingen (father of the groom)

the late Mrs. Henriette Ludwika Friderike née Finckh (mother of the groom)

the late Baron Franz von Beulwiz, Royal Mayor General (father of the bride)

the late Mrs. Carolina, Baroness von Palm (mother of the bride)

Single, divorced or widowed (in both cases also the name of the divorced or deceased spouse):  -

Born when and where: 25 July 1798 in Tübingen (groom), 19 March 1806, Sulz (bride)

Date of the royal permit for marriage: Marriage permit of the royal ministry, 30 January of this year

Place and date of proclamation: Sulz and hospital church?, Estomihi (17 Feb), Easter (6 Apr), Quasimodogeniti (13 Apr) [1828]

Place and date of marriage: Thursday, 17 April [1828]

Clergyman who officiated at the wedding: Town Pastor M[agister] Dann?

Dispenses:  -

Comment: The bride was an offspring of two noble families, the von Beulwi(t)z ( and the von Palm ( This is also the reason why there were so many sponsors listed at the baptism of their daughter Sophie.

Sophia Theodore Knapp bap 28 July 1829 Holzhausen,Sulz am Neckar, Württemberg, Mother Christiane Caroline Auguste von Beulwiz film 101856508 page 460

Translation by Marion Wolfert:

Birth information on the left side of document:

Born here on the 18th July at 2:45 am and baptized here on the 28 July at 11 am was

Sophie Theodore, daughter of M. Albert Knapp, Diaconus (Deacon), and wife Misses Christiane Caroline Auguste nee von BEULWIZ

both are of the Evangelical Religion

These remarks are about the witnesses on the right side of document:

Mister D. Johann Friedrich Christian Steudel, Proffessor of Theology in Tuebingen

Miss Friederike Eleonore Christiana, single, daughter of the deceased Royal chamber lord, Carl August, Baron von Palm in Stuttgart, is the great aunt of the child


Eberhard Joseph Christian, Baron von Palm who is married to Mirs. Amalie nee Roeder in Stuttgart, they are great uncle and great aunt of the child

Ludwig, Baron von Beulwiz, Royal officer and commander of the Royal Honor Invalid Corps in Combug, who is married to Mrs. Crecence nee Stotzingen, great aunt and great uncle of the child

Mister Immanuel, Baron von Rieger, goverment council man in Stuttgart

Mister M. Christian Friedrich Klaiber, Assessor, and Professor in Stuttgart

Mister Christian Gotthold von Knapp, goverment council man in Stuttgard and his wife Friederike nee Mohl, great uncle and great aunt of the child

Mister Hermann Knapp, District official in Langenburg and wife Emilia nee Pott of Goettingen, great uncle and great aunt of the child

Mister Eduard Knapp, minister in Parouse and wife Carolina nee Lanz of Tuebingen, uncle, and aunt of the child

Mister Johann Georg Veihinger, V.D.M. Teacher at the Mission Institut in Basel

Misses Charlotte, Baroness von Palm, widow of the Baron Friedrich von Palm in Muehlhausen am Neckar, great great aunt of the child

Misses Charlotta, nee von Beulwiz, wife of Baron Carl von Roeder? in Stuttgart

Miss Franziska Friederike Caroline Mathilde, daughter of Baron Franz von Beulwiz from Stuttgart

the maiden Maria (Marike?) daughter of the high court council Gottfried Knapp of Tuebingen, presently in Parouse

the maiden Wilhelmine, residing in Tuebingen great aunt of the child, daughter of the deceased Ernst Bernhard Knappe, administer of the manorial estate in Einsiedel by Tuebingen

Heinrich Zimmern m 21 Jan 1868  in Stuttgart 'Württembert to Sophie Theodor b 18 July 1829 film 101901850 page 880 They also married in Graben.

Ulrich Neitzel:


Number of weddings: 7.

Names of the groom and the bride: Heinrich Zimmern and Sophia Theodora, née Knapp

Status, character, profession, residence, religion: pastor in Graben, Grand Duchy of Baden, [both] Lutheran

Parents: + Dr. Sigmund W. Zimmerer, professor and Superior Appeal Court Councilor in Jena, Grand Duchy of Weimar;

Karoline, née Walther

+ M, Albert Knapp, town pastor at St. Leonhard here

+ Christiane Karoline, née von Beulwiz, VIII,99.

Single, divorced or widowed (in both cases also the name of the divorced or deceased spouse): [both] single

Born when and where: <groom:> 7 August 1825, <bride:> 18 Juli 1829, Sulz

Date of the royal permit for marriage: -"-

Place and date of proclamation: Graben, 5 and 12 January 1868; Collegiate Church (Stiftskirche) here, Sunday after New Year, 1. and 2. [after] Epiphany

Place and date of marriage: Hospital church (Hosp[ital] K[irche]) here, 21 January 1868

Clergyman who officiated at the wedding: Pastor Reichard from Straßburg

Dispenses: Banns (Ausrufschein) of Baden district office Karlsruhe, 21 December 1867

My comments:

Both spouses are entered as "single", although we know that Heinrich Zimmern was a widower at that time.

The father of the groom and both parents of the bride were deceased as indicated by the crosses before their names.

The bride's father Albert Knapp was a certain celebrity. He was not only a pastor but also a poet and the founder of the first animal protection organization in Germany (see Wikipedia in English:, or in more detail (including a picture of him) in German: and

The bride's mother came from a Thuringian noble family (


Albert Knapp family register VIII page 99 Stuttgart film 008177443 page 279


 Questions regarding this family register:

  1. marriage dates for each wife
  2. children's names per wife
  3. an understanding of how many generations are represented.


 Answers by Robert Seal:

(1) Marriages dates for each wife:

Albert Knapp marries first Christiane Caroline Auguste Beulwiz on: 17 April 1828. Christiane dies on 11 April 1835.

Albert Knapp marries second Emilie Hoffmann (who is the widow of Carl August Osiander) on: 28 June 1836. Emilie dies on 20 September 1849 (which is the date she delivers a stillborn son).

Albert Knapp married third Friederike Sophie Minette Lerch on: 14 November 1850.

(2) Children's names per wife:

Albert Knapp has a total of 13 children with his three wives as follows:

With first wife Christiane: Sophie Theodora (1829).

With second wife Emilie:

(1) Emil Paul Gottfried (1837).

(2) Paul Stephan (1838).

(3) Joseph Nathanael (1839).

(4) Marie Henriette (1840).

(5) Wilhelm Benjamin (1841).

(6) stillborn boy (1842).

(7) Immanuel August (1843).

(8) Amalie Charlotte Luise (1844).

(9) Lydia Pauline (1846).

(10) Gotthold Felician (1848).

(11) stillborn boy (1849).

With his third wife Friederike Sophie Minette:

(12) stillborn boy (1856).

Comment: Notice that in most of the children's names, one of the names is underlined. The underlined name is what that person went by in everyday life.

N.B. The first two children at the top of the right page have the surname "Ostiander" and are the children of Carl August Ostiander and Emilie Hoffmann. These two children are the half-siblings through their mother to the 11 children born to Albert Knapp and Emilie Hoffmann. In case you need these children's names they are: Paul Friedrich Adam Joseph Ostiander (born 1834) and Emilie Augusta (born posthumously in 1835.

(3) How many generations are represented: three: grandparents, parents, children.

P.S. As written in this record, Albert Knapp's parents are:

Gottfried Gabriel Knapp.

Heinrike Ludowike Friederike Regine, née Finkh.


Death Register for St. Leonhard, Oberamts, Stuttgart

Albert Knapp burial 21 June 1864 Stuttgart, Württemberg age 65 father Gottfried Gabriel Knapp mother Henriette Ludovike Regine Fink film 101901879 page 613

Translation by Robert Seal:

Number of the death record: 224.

Decedent: Albert Knapp, born 25 July 1798, Tübingen.

Status, character, previous residence, religion: citizen in Alpirsbach, govenrment district Oberndorf, Evangelical city pastor at Saint Leonhard.

Parents: the deceased Gottfried Gabriel Knapp, Superior Justice Councillor in Tübingen; the deceased Henriette Ludovike Regine, née Fink.

Spouses: (1) the deceased Christiane Caroline Auguste, née Beulwiz. (2) the deceased Emilie, née Hofmann. (3) Minette Frederike Sophie, née Lerche.

Age: 65 years, 10 months, 24 days.

Illness or accidental cause of death: heart disease.

Day and time of death: [here], 18 June [1864], 1:45 pm, Christophstraße 4.

Day and time of burial: [here], 21 June [1864], 2:00 pm, __?

Volume and page in Family Register: VIII, 99.


Stadt=town, pfarrer=pastor, zu=from, St Leonhard = area he served in

Kent, if you want dive deeper: the full archive of the Knapp family is available at the LANDESKIRCHLICHES ARCHIV STUTTGART (but unfortunately not online). The list of contents can be found here. Ulrich Neitzel