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Adam Rausch 1610 - 1667

Adam Rausch MMHH-211 was born about 1610 in Graben. He married Madle. or Magdalen Schmidt and they had a daughter named Anna Margreta. Anna Margreta was born 10 Oct 1647 and is one of the earliest records we have in Graben. Anna Margreta LZ57-3X3 was the sponsor to two of Hans Andreas Endris Scholl's children:

Hans Martin Scholl 1669 Baptismal sponsors: Martin Keller together with wife. Hanß Conrad Heil together with wife. Anna Margret Rauschin, A(n)dam? Rauschin's daughter.

Note: Hanß is spelled with the following single letter from the German alphabet: "ß" (called an Eszett) making the name: Hanss. The Eszett represents a double s. 

Johann Adam Scholl 1670 Baptismal sponsors: Adam König together with wife. Anna Margreta, Adam Rausch's daughter. Antoni Weick, Hanß Weick's son. Note: Anna maried Lorenz Heylmeyer. Anna died 28 May 1701 in Graben. 
Documents related to Adam Rausch:
Anna Margreta Rausch birth 10 Oct 1647 film 004137289 page 207
Translation by Robert Seal:
In left margin: Adam Rauschen and Madlen___, his wife.
On the 10th of October [1647], a little daughter, so named Margreta, has been baptized. Baptismal sponsors: Hanß Endr[es] Maintzer and Margreta his wife; Hanß Metzger, the carpenter, and Margretha his wife.
Comment: Mother's name is probably "Madlena", a variant of "Magdalena"
Adam Rausch death Dec 1667 age 57 Graben film 004137289 page 256 
Translation by Robert Seal:
? December [1667]: Adam Rausch, 57 years his age, citizen in Graben.
Magdalena Rausch death at 54  in 1668 film 004137289 page 257 
Translation by Robert Seal:
17 August [1668]: Magdalen(a), Adam Rausch's widow, her age 54 years.
Anna Margreta Heÿlenmaÿer death 28 May 1701 film 102078348 page 308
Translation by Robert Seal:
Sunday, on the 29th of May [1701], early during worship service Anna Margaretha, Lorentz Heÿlenmajer's widow, died from edema, and on Tuesday in the afternoon of this month was buried, at the age of 73 years approximately.
Anna Catharina Heilmann age 13 death 12 Jan 1695 film 102078348 page 208 
 Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 12th of June [1695], Anna Catharina, surviving little daughter in "Rußheimb" [Russheim], of the late Lorentz Heÿlenmaÿer, former citizen and member of the [judicial] court at Graben, died, and on the following day thereafter in the aforementioned Rußh[eimb] was honestly buried. Her age was 13 years less 9 days.
Comment: Here is the link for Russheim from Meyers Gazetteer:
Russheim is approximately 3 miles northwest of Graben. It has 1 protestant church
FYI: The surname in this record is: Heÿlenmaÿer