Thursday, November 4, 2021

Robert and Margaret Gardiner Reunion 2011

Accident on the Highway at Sunset

 Reunion ideas:

1. Hold a dance
2. Talent night
3. Human Hungry Hippo, see youtube
4. T-shirts
5. Card game
6. Skit night
7. Relative bingo
8. Name each room for an ancestor and the family that stays there researches and presents on that ancestor.
 Who was invited?


 Who has family history that we can share?
Where was the reunion held?
Time: August 12 and 13 - 2011
Location: Ward Building at  680 East 2nd Avenue, Salt Lake City

How did we advertise?

When people arrived Friday night at the chapel they saw large posters.


Friday night we greeted, ate, heard two testimonies, and saw the following video:

Some enjoyed a Robert and Margaret Gardiner Coloring/Activity book:

Others learned about their ancestors by playing "Robert and Margaret Gardiner Guess Who?" using cards like these:

 Cards used for the Guess Who Game:


Saturday morning some walked to Robert and Margaret's gravesite:


We did lots of neat Pioneer Activities:

We saw a video on the lives of Margaret's parents:

We ate chicken just like Robert and Margaret:

Then we saw Robert's actual candy molds and were shown how they work.




We met relatives, played, ate, watched and for a few minutes we thought about the rich heritage that is ours by being descendants of Robert and Margaret Gardiner.

At the end of the day some were still energetic enough to hold a family history meeting and share next steps and photos.

Deseret News adverts for Robert's bakery and restaurant.

With money left over from the reunion we helped purchase grave markers for three of Robert and Margaret's children in SLC Cemetery.