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Second Coming Questions

 The following questions are answered in this 900 page book:

The Revelation of John the Apostle by Richard D. Draper and Michael D. Rhodes, published - 2016

 "Now in the last days, the beast is once again gaining power. Its emanations include drug cartels, organized crime, and secret combinations, but its greatest manifestations is the secular state in all its various forms and radical religious systems." p 501 

"The first beast speaks blasphemy. It makes bold statements and ascribes to itself characteristics and attributes of Deity and demands the reverence due them. These acts are the very essence of blasphemy. The task of the second beast is to make the claims of the first beast persuasive and plausible." p 522

Q: Who is the second beast and why is he also called the Lamb?

From: The Revelation of John the Apostle by Richard Draper and Michael D. Rhodes

1. What does the word "apocalypse" mean? p 18 

2. Are we expected to understand the book of Revelation? p 23 top

3. Is it possible to read too much "into" the book of Revelation? p 29

4. To what degree is the book of Revelation symbolic? p 16

5. If God knows the future, is life predetermined? p 20

6. Are the beasts figurative? p 27

7. How connected are the Old Testament and the book of Revelation? p 36

8. What do horns represent? p 37 2nd paragraph

9. What is the fullness of the priesthood? p 51-52

10. What should our attitude be when the trials/plagues come? p 76 last paragraph

11. What are the "keys" to understanding the book of Revelation? p 88, McConkie

12. What specific powers does Christ have? p 115 bottom

13.  What does a "new name" signify? p 153-154

14. What is God's throne like? Why is it important?  p 212

15. What power does Heavenly Father exercise? p 241

16. Why does the great and abominable church hate the saints? p 283

17. What does "set a mark on their foreheads" mean?  p 286-289

18. Who are the sealed 144,000? Are they past or future? p 291

19. What is the "Church of the Firstborn?" p 293

16. Who will be quickened or translated? p 294

17. Who will be saved? p 295, p 302-303

18. What is de-creation? p 305 and p 328 last paragraph

19. What is the "silence in heaven? Why is it important?  p 307

20. What ends the "silence in heaven?" p 317 last paragraph

21. What happens just before the plagues? p 312-313 and  p 316 As the destruction...

22. How are the saints able to handle the plagues? p 316 2 paragraph, p 316

23. Why will saints be pleading with God in the last days? p 316-317 last paragraph

24. Are the chapters in Revelation in historical order? p 318-319 

25. What was the intent of Moses's plagues and the ones to come? p 319,  327, 329 

26. What is the effect of the prayers of the saints? p 321 As the plagues....

27. What are the first 4 plagues? p 328-329

28. Why is Satan called the "light bearer?" p 335 Analysis...

29. Who directs the plagues and woes? p 336 1st paragraph

30. Why are the first 4 plagues sent? p 347

31. *What do the locusts represent? p 346 - 347 second to last paragraph

32. Do the  locust and scorpions (1st woe) kill?  p 344 last paragraph

33. Why is there so much war now and in the future? p 348

34. What is the "2nd woe?" How many die? p 354

35. What does Armageddon look like? p 354-356

36. Does John speak about sorcery or drugs? p 359 4th sentence down

37. What is the biggest issue today? p 360

38. What ushers in the Second Coming? p 361 first paragraph

39. Will the church be surprised when Jesus returns? p 361 footnote 77

40. *When does the millennium begin?  p 361 footnotes

41. What happens to those saints who are unprepared? p 362 Spiritual....

42. What does John teach about death? p 363

43. Will the Lord let thousands die to protect his people? p 363

44. What motivates evil people? p 364, p 283 These verses...

45. How do the saints get protection? p 284 It is the armor...,  p 393

46. What do the 2 witnesses/prophets do in Jerusalem? p 406-407

47. Why are people born into non believing families, yet are strong members? p 446

48. What is Adam's role in the last days? p 452, p 317 footnote

49. Why are so many harsh, mean and cruel today? p 459

50. What is Satan's work? p 456 and p 465 and p 469

51. What is the war in heaven about? p 462

52. Why is Satan full of unrestrained rage? p 462

53. How does Satan accomplish his work? p 467 all

54. Does sin set up a disposition in the sinner? p 467 3rd paragraph 1/2 way down

56. Who does Satan's work for him? p 467 last paragraph and p 336 last paragraph

57.  Who are the "inhabitants of the earth?" p 485 par 3, p 492 2 paragraph

58. What does "blasphemy" mean? p 487 2 par, footnote 19

59. How is the beast mortally wounded? p 488 2 paragraph

60. Why does the world marvel at the beast? p 489 

61. Whose words does the beast speak? p 490 And there was....

62. How long does the "beast" war against the saints? p 490

63. What is the "book of life?" p 492 end and 172 1/2 way down

64. What happens if the government becomes quasi-religions institution? p 495 end

65. Who is the "beast?" p 496 last paragraph

66. Where does the "beast" get its power? p 498  It is important....

67. What does the "beast" want? p 498 It is important...

68. What does Joseph Smith say about the "beast?" p 497 footnote

69. *Who is the 1st beast today? p 501 last paragraph

70. Does the book of Revelation mention an Anti-Christ? p 504-505

71. *Who is the 2nd beast today? How does he work? p 514, p 518 through 523

72. What is the role of the second beast? p 508 2 paragraph

73. What type of sufferings will the saints experience? p 515

74.  What is the "image" of the 2nd beast? p 521 half way down

75. What is the "mark of the beast?" is it symbolic or real? p 525

76. Why is 666 controversial? What is the significance of 666? p 530 

77. What causes the world to go "mad?" p 531 last paragraph

78. How many visions did John have? p 533

79. Why can't people resist the whore? p 551 second to last paragraph

80. What is "Babylon's seduction?" p 550 Babylon.... and p 551

81. What do the scriptures say about the use of wine? p 553 footnote and 560

82. What are the judgments of God? p 556 last paragraph to p 560

83. Who is the "destroyer of the world?" p 558 second to last paragraph

84. How deep will the "blood of the wicked" be? p 568 

85. *What are the 2 conditions that signal the earth is ripe for destruction? p 574 all

86. What are seals? trumpets ? p 589 last para, footnote 37, p 320 last paragraph

87. Are plagues and bowls the same or two different judgments? p 600 top, p 16

88. Why does John call judgments "bowls" ?  p 602 top 

89. What is the first plague to come only on the wicked? p 607

90. Will "foul and angry sores" come on those with the mark of the beast? p 607

91. Is the book of Revelation "a veritable orgy of hatred, wrath, vindictiveness and           blind destructive fury? p 597  The gods of...

92. *What does the term "wrath of God" mean? p 592- to 598 

93. Why does John depict the final judgments 3 times? p 599

94. What does the phrase "I am a jealous God?" mean? p 593 first full paragraph

95. What makes modern society a "stench?" p 608 top

96. What does society look like before the plagues? p 608 3rd line

97. How do non-saints react to the plagues? p 612 They gnawed..,p 613 And rep...

98. *Why is pride an addictive drug? p 615  middle of page

99. Is Jesus Christ "tolerant and nonjudgmental?" p 624  bottom

100. Why are so many people led astray? p 634 last para and 635

101. How can people prepare for the second coming? p 636 last paragraph

102. Why is modern society called "the great whore?" p 651  

103. Does the whore provide the theory; and government the muscle? p 636

104. How will saints resist the beast? p 668 last paragraph and p 669

105. What will the USA be doing during Armageddon? p 677

106. What was the Levitical punishment for adultery? p 694 Her death...

107. How is the whore destroyed? p 678-681 and p 693-696

108. Will famine happen early or later according to John? p 694 bottom

109. Why is Babylon destroyed? p 694 The first two....

110. What happens after Babylon is destroyed? p 694 John's writ, p 695, p 700 

111. How long does it take to destroy Babylon? p 700, 766 last line, p 706 top 

112. What is left of modern society after the whore's destruction? p 701 - p 707

113. How will saints react to the whore's fall? p 713 Analysis..., p 709 bottom 

114. What does "flee Babylon" mean? p 716 God...

115. After destruction what will the saints rejoice in? p 725

116. Can man work out his own salvation? p 730 last paragraph

117. Who is the bride? and the guests at Christ's wedding? p 731 It is of...

118. How does a testimony of Christ come? p 734 first 2 paragraphs

119. Who is the rider on the the white horse? p 741 And out..., p 745 last paragraph

120. Does Christ have a new name? p 745 The rider....

121. What is "the supper of the great God?" p 747 Come and...- 748, p 452 all 

122. How does the Lord destroy the wicked?  p 742 The JST... and 749 last para 

123. What is the "final judgment" of the beast? p 750 top

124. How is Satan bound in the millennium? p 758 last para - 759

125. What does John teach about the resurrection? p 764-767

126. Who is resurrected first? second? p 765 last para - 766

127. What is Gehenna? p 782 footnote

128. Who qualifies for membership in the Church of the Firstborn? p 783 footnote

129. Where is the home of "Satan's horde?" p 786 There was no...

130. Will the Celestial Orb have an ocean? p 786 There was, p 791 What strikes...

131. When does Elohim speak in the book of Revelation p 795 21:5...

132. Why does God the Father speak? p 798 Analysis...

133. How does God transform us? p 799 all

134. Can you describe the second death? p 801 all, 802 Analysis...

135. How big is the Celestial City? p 813 Twelve...

136. What colors are in the Celestial City? p 815 the city, and 816 The street...

137. Will there be a temple in the Celestial City? p 816 last paragraph - 817

138. How will the Celestial City get light? p 838 John sees..., P 833 The Lord

139. Is there a tree of life in the Celestial City? p 836 last paragraph

140. Why are "dogs" listed with sorcerers, murders and liars? p 845 22:15...

141. What will the Celestial City be like? p 822-826

142. What does John say about the love of God? p 834

143. What does "I will come suddenly" mean? p 850-851

144. Why was John worried about others tampering with his words?  p 857 22:18...

145. *How can we fully bask in "God's love?" p 864 

146. If God knows the end why not just assign kingdoms? p 866 Some...

147. Is the full "plan of salvation" found in the book of Revelation? absolutely

148. Does the burning of the wicked happen before/after Christ comes?  p 362 2 par

149. What is the central message of the book of Revelation? p 867 In sum...

150. Who is the author of the book of Revelation? p 865