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Gardiner Photos Notes

 Gardiner Photos Notes 

Sandy Blunck-January 2021

1.  Photo label example: 1949-02 Golden Gate-3, Kent, Elaine, Sandy, date/Sandy.jpg 

  • Year and month: 1949-02
  • Group or photo name: Golden Gate-3
  • People in photos: Kent, Elaine, Sandy
  • Source of the date: date/Sandy
  • .jpg: type of photo 

OR: 1953-07 Isabel-4, date/Janice.jpg

  • Date: 1953-07
  • Title: Isabel-4
  • source of date and person in photo: date/Janice

2.  If no source is noted like this: date/Janice—the date is a guess. Most of the date sources are from photos albums made by Elaine.

3.  All color photos have an * at the end of label through 1970. After that most photos are in color and there is no *.

4.  Groups are labeled front row to back row with ; between rows.

5.  Send corrections to Sandy

6.  Photos included:

JHG’s photos album

JHG & Elaine 1940-1945

Growing up photos 1946-1991

Group photos with an unmarried sibling in them  

All sibling marriages

Many Kroksh family photos

Misc. photos 

7.   Photos do NOT include:

Sibling photos after marriage 

Sibling families and grandchildren (some exceptions)

Photos that were poor quality or duplicates 

8.  The “misc.” file has some of the deleted photos, many Kroksh photos that don’t include our family, and other misc. photos.

PHOTOS & TIMELINE (list not complete)

Gardiner Family Photos

1952-08 Photo shoot Family photo JHG, Elaine, Mark, Kent, Sandy, Janice*.jpg

1953-02 Sunday-1 Mark, JHG, Elaine, Janice, Sandy, Kent, date/Sandy.jpg

1953-02 Sunday-2 Mark, JHG, Elaine, Janice, Sandy, Kent.jpg

1955-07 Malta Trip-9 JHG, Mark, Sandy, Kent, Janice, Elaine, Gayle, date/Dean Ottley*.jpg 

This photo is cropped to remove date and flipped (so Sedan reads correctly). Original photo from Dean Ottley was dated 1956. Elaine dated photo from same time as1955 

(1955-07 Malta trip-6 Syd, Golden, Dawn, ?, ?, Elaine, Gayle, Kent, Sandy, Janice.jpg) where children are wearing the same clothes.

1959-04 Family photos-2, Janice, Sandy, Mark, Gayle, Ken, Elaine, Julie, JHG, Jeff.jpg 

1959-04 Family photos-4. Janice, Sandy, Mark, Gayle, Kent, Jeff, Elaine, JHG, Julie.jpg

1980-06 Family photo JHG, Carol, Kent Sandy, Mark, Janice, Gayle, Jeff, Julie, JT, date/Sandy.jpg

JHG & Elaine

1943-00 JHG & Elaine-1

1943-00 JHG & Elaine-2

1943-05 JHG & Elaine married

1944-00 JHG & Elaine-1

1944-00 JHG & Elaine-2


1943-04 JHG 21 years old, date/JHG.jpg

1943-07 Golden Gate bench & JHG.jpg

1948-00 JHG.tif 

1962-07 Malta-5 JHG.jpg

1962-07 Malta-6 JHG.jpg

1973-00 JHG.tif

1973-08 JHG with toothpick.tif

1979-01 JHG at NBC, date/Sandy


1962-04 Family Outing

1962-07 Malta-3 Carol.jpg

1962-07 Malta-4 Carol

JHG & Carol

1961-10 JHG & Carol

1999-12 Christmas, JHG & Carol.tif


1946 March 18 Kent born Golden Gate, LA, CA 

1948 August 24 Sandra born Farmington, UT

October move to Golden Gate

1949 JHG family attended Hollywood Ward on Normandy

1950 July 22 Mark born Glendale, CA

Hollywood Ward on Normandy

1951 January moved to Isabel St., Glendale

1952 March 31 Janice born in Glendale, CA

NBC Christmas party

Gerry Kroksh born October 15

1953 March 18 Kent’s birthday party

December 16 Gayle born Glendale, CA

1954 Bought 1954 Ford

Gerry adopted at 18 months old (about April)

1955 July visited Salt Lake City

December olive tree removed

1956 Apr. 24??? Gerry sealed in LA temple

October 12 Jeff born in Glendale CA

Grandpa Scholl builds playhouse

1957 Malta City of Rocks

Salt Lake swim

1958 December 26 Julie born Glendale, CA

1959 Janice’s birthday party

Malta kids in tub

Kent attends BSA camp

July (about) moved to 1366 Cleveland Rd.

George Scholl started fence in August (source Kent’s letter at camp)

1960 George finishes fence

August 30 Elaine dies


1962 Malta and Zion’s on way home and meet Syd & Dawn James family


1964 January 28 JT born in Glendale, CA

Sandy’s Mia Maid class


1966 Kent serves mission in British Oct 1965- Oct 67

1967 January 24 Grandpa Scholl dies


1969 September 13 Sandy marries Ron Blunck

October 12 Grandma Scholl dies





1974 Kent marries Suzanne Brown


1976 Mark marries Karen Buckmiller

1977 Frank marries Lillian

Jeff returns from mission



1980 Julie marries Cliff Langlois

1986 August 16 JT marries Kris Davis

1991 August 17 Jeff marries Andrea Picciotto