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Emma E. Zimmerman 1884 -1966

Emma Zimmerman was born 9 Sep 1884 in Falls City, NB to Philipp Zimmermann and Wihelmina Minnie Haeffele. Philip was born in Graben, Germany on the 24th of August 1855 and immigrated in 1878. Wihelmina was born in Wisconsin.

Emma married farmer August Becker Jr. 27 Feb 1907 in Rulo, NB. August and Emma had three children:

1. George Henry Becker 1908-1980
2. Lela Becker 1911-1992
3. Dora Esther Becker 1912-1916

Documents related to Emma Zimmerman:

1855 Aug 24 Birth Philipp Zimmermannfilm 102550540 page 434 left, second down
His birth record lists his last name with two n's.and 2 m's.
Translation by Robert Seal(from our old friend Pastor Crecelius):
Number 41.
In the year of Christ 1855, on the 24th of August at 5:00 pm was born here, and on the 1st of September at 8:00 am was baptized here by the undersigned pastor: Philipp, legitimate son of Jakob Zimmermann, citizen and master joiner here, and Christine, née Bleier.
Baptismal sponsors: Philipp Bleier, citizen and farmer here, and his wife Maria Elisabetha, née Lind. Leopold Köhler, citizen and farmer here, and his wife Margaretha Magdalena, née Ruthardt.
Witnesses: the two baptismal sponsors Philipp Bleier and Leopold Köhler, both from here.
Graben, on the 1st of September 1855. G. Crecelius, pastor
1878 Nov 9  Ship Mosel Philipp Zimmerman immigration
NY Passenger List 1820-1891 page 873

Mosel: Built by Caird & Co., Greenock, Scotland. Tonnage: 3,200.
Dimensions: 365' x 40'. Single-screw, 14 knots.
Inverted engines. Two masts and one funnel. Iron hull.
Launched, August 20, 1872. Maiden voyage: Bremen-Southampton-
New York, January 4, 1873. Cost $500,000 to build.
Had 8 metal lifeboats and 2 gigs. Compound engines in 1882.
Wrecked near the Lizard in a thick fog, August 9, 1882.
Sister ships: Neckar and Oder. In servicer 1872-1882.
1883 Philip Zimmermann marriage Arago, NB

1897 Arago Township. Philipp Zimmerman is farming
on the NE part of section 34 which is south
of the Scholl's and the Weinert's.  On his property
are 2 houses, four barns, an orchard and a church. 

Emma Zimmerman about 1900, Falls City

Emma Zimmerman 1896, I think the hairline suggests this is the same woman.

1900 US Census

1907 Emma's marriage certificate

1924 Arago Township map showing
August Becker's 80 acres in section 35
in the south/east corner fo the  township.
Emma grew up in section 34 and after
marriage lived kitty-corner on property
in section 35. By this time Philipp
had sold off his interest in section 34. 

1920 US Census NB

1930 US Census, NB

1940 US Census

Zion (Bauman) Cemetery, Arago, NB Section 34 in Arago Township