Sunday, June 28, 2020

Elysian Park Friends by Rick Jackson

Rick Jackson, deceased
2758 1/2 Newell Street
Los Angeles CA 90039-3816
Notes: Rick is the grandson of Albert and Anne Aardema
of Elysian Park, CA.
The Elysian Park Ward was on Ripple Street, Los Angeles

Tape 1
Title: Elysian Park Friends 1957, old home movie
Time: 25 minutes
Tape: UCA 60, 3M u-matic broadcast videocassette

Tape 2
Title: Memories of Elysian Park
Time: 15 minutes
Note: audio 1 & 2 mix - mono
          Glendale College Television Production
Tape: UCA30, 3M u-matic broadcast videocassette

Tape 3
Title Interviews, January 9, 1985
1. Allard
2. Corrigan
3. Ceiling/Chapel
4. Compas
5. Chapel.
6. Tree
7. Primary
8. Kleven
9. Podium /stage
10. Nickels
11. Aardema
Time: none given, but it is a 60 minute tape
Notes: Sticker on side says NBC Burbank, KNBC Ej tape no. F4-7379
Tape: 3m UCA60, Videocassette
Time: could be an hour, unknown

Tape 4
Title: Elysian Park Friends, Voice, Music
Tape: BCA-60 Ampex 197
Time: none given but it is a 60 minute tape

Tape 5
Title: Church Footage-New Church and Old Photos
Tape: Maxell S VHS, Studio Quality, 120 or 2 hour tape

Tape 6
Title: Church Footage
Tape: Sony VHS, Dvnamicron ES-HG
Time: unknown

Tape 7
Title: Chapel Footage
Note: no other information
Time: unknown but just a few minutes are elapsed on tape