Monday, May 11, 2020

Frederick Gottlieb Voegelein 1996-1976

Frederick Gottlieb Voegelein was born 30 January 1886 in Falls City, NE. Fred was a farmer in 1920. He married Leoda Margaret Grebe 23 November 1924 in Stockton, CA. Four years later they had a child named Joan N. Voegelein. She lived until 2001. In 1930 Frederick was a scaler in a sawmill in Linn, OR. His household included his wife Leoda 36, three year old daughter Katherine, 1 year old daughter Joan L, his mother Minnie and his 13 year old cousin Miles B Dayl. In 1940 Joan was 13, and  Katherine was 11. His  51 year old wife Leoda had 5 years of college and was a private duty nurse and an RN. She was from Oregon. Fred was 54 and an alfalfa farmer. Fred died 8 January 1976 in Linn OR. 

What happened to their children?
Katherine b 1927
Joan L b 1929

Documents related to Frederick Gottlieb Voegelein:

1910 US Census, Portland, Fred Voegelein and his siblings
and Mother

1910 US. Census, Portland, Leoda Margaret Greb
and her family. She and her sister are on a mission.
1911 Portland City Directory

1913 Consular Registration Leoda
1913 Leoda passport application

1919 Leoda passenger list from Calcutta to San Francisco

1915 Leoda passport to Calcutta, India

1930 US Census, Lebanon, OR

Kathryn Voegelin 1944. Fred
Voegelein's daughter jpg