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Minnie Weinert 1865 - 1946

Minnie Weinert was born in Arago, Nebraska on 16 May 1865 to August Weinert and Fredericka Van Der Schaff. When Minnie was 20 when she married Edward Voegelein. Edward was born 4 July 1859 in Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, United States. They lived on a farm known as "Stone Corner." In one account, reference is made of son Fred "cultivating corn before he was born," meaning that Minnie was doing the cultivating her delicate condition. Edward Voegelein was the son of Gottlieb Frederick and Katherine Walbruh Voegelein and a brother to Mary who married Charles Weinert. In 1892 Edward became very ill and was diagnosed with "inflammation of the bowels" which today would be diagnosed as appendicitis. It was acute so laying on the kitchen table the doctor performed a "crude" operation to remove the problem but Edward never survived. He died 4 Dec 1892. So at the young age of 27 Minnie was left with the three small children to raise.

Katherine Voegelein: "Minnie sold 30 acres of land in order to keep her family together. Her brother, Charles, and his wife, Mary (Ed's sister so doubley related) built a house nearby. For three years the families lived in the country and were raised back and forth together. Each had 3 children of similar ages. Minnie had Fred, Ed, and Katherine. Charles and Mary had Clara, Carl and Alma.

"In December 1899 Minnie's sister-in-law, Amelia (married to August Weinert) died in Seattle, WA. leaving him with three small boys, agreed that she would move there and they would live in the parsonage raising their children together. Minnie became the keeper of the home. She felt so sorry for the baby and the small children. She had a soft spot in her heart for any baby at any time. She had to prolong her leaving Falls City as her youngest sister, Louise, was expecting her first child and it seemed only right that she be there for that blessed event. Minnie left for Washington in March 1900. 

After being in Seattle, Minnie became very homesick for her mother and family in Nebraska. She took her family on the train for a visit. While at her sister Anna's, Ezra, her only son was mean to Frank who was about 2. Ezra teased and pulled his hair. This really irritated Katherine that anyone would hurt "her baby." She said she fell in love with Frank from the first time she saw him. She was 9 and he was 8 or 9 months old. She ran home from school to get that baby. When they were leaving from visiting Aunt Anna and Cousin Ezra, Aunt Anna gave Katherine a dollar bill because she had been so nice to Ezra." (Source Katherine Voegelein)

In 1901 August was moved to Tigardville, Oregon to be the Pastor there and Minnie agreed to continue on and to keep house for her brother and the boys. "In 1908, Christmas day, August surprised his sister Minnie by marrying Marie Fosberg on 25 December 1908 without any notice.  The family were completely taken by surprise." (Source: Beth Weinert, Mark: Emma Scholl and Emil Hornschuch were married the same day. Kent: I'm sure the marriage was planned but it still surprised Minnie that her brother was to be wed which left her to figure out how she was going to support herself and her three children.)When August re-married she was no longer needed in the home and at sometime she opened a boarding house. She lived for a time near daughter, Katherine and also with son Fred family. She was a hard working woman and was always ready to help someone in need. She passed away on the 28th of February in 1946. Edward Voegelein is buried in the Zion Cemetery in Falls City, NE. The message on his tombstone reads: 

          But now he is dead, (can I bring him back again?)
          I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me

Mrs. Minnie Voegelein, late resident of Brooks, Ore., at a local hospital, February 28, 1946, at the age of 80 years.  Surviving are a daughter, Mrs Katherine S Daugherty of Brooks, Sons Frederick G. Voegelein of Lebanon, Ore., Edward J. Voegelein, Olympia, Wash., Frank E Weinert, Aurora, Ore., also 10 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren... Rev. F.B. Culver officiating. (Found in the Oregon Statesman, March 3, 1946, Sunday.)

What happened to their children?
Frederick aka Frank Gottlieb Voegelein was born 30 January 1886 in Falls City, NE. Fred was a farmer in 1920. He married Leoda Margaret Grebe 23 November 1924 in Stockton, CA. Leoda and her sister Hulta were on a mission for their church in 1910. In 1913 Leoda took time off her job as a nurse at Sellwood General Hospital, Portland to go on a mission to Calcutta, India. Leoda was 25 and was described as 5 food 6 and 1/2 inches tall with brown hair.  Leoda began her mission in Calcutta Feb 5 1914 and served until February 1920. Leoda was in charge of the dispensary and Hulta was given charge of the religious department.

Four years after their marriage Fred and Leoda had a child named Joan N. Voegelein. She lived until 2001. In 1930 Frederick was a scaler in a sawmill in Linn, OR. His household included his wife Leoda 36, three year old daughter Katherine, 1 year old daughter Joan L, his mother Minnie and his 13 year old cousin Miles B Dayl. In 1940 Joan was 13, and  Katherine was 11. His  51 year old wife Leoda had 5 years of college and was a private duty nurse and an RN. She was from Oregon. Fred was 54 and an alfalfa farmer. Fred died 8 January 1976 in Linn OR.  Fred's obituary says he had two children Joan Powell of Lebanon, OR and Kathryn Mesloh. 

Edward Julius Voegelein was born  19 September 1888. In 1910 Edward was a 22 year old jeweler in Portland. He married Mabel E. Palmer 3 June 1917 in Shoshone, ID. In 1717 he registered for the draft and was a jeweler for CW Gibbs in Wallace, ID. In 1938 their 17 year old son, Paul Voegelein, who was living in a State Custodial school in Medical Lake, or Centralia, Washington died from severe epilepsy. In 1940 Edward was a jeweler in Linn, OR. His household included Mabel and three children Lucile 16, Esther 10 and Donna 7.  Edward died 31 March 1970 in Thurston, Washington, USA. Mabel died 21 years later in Washington, July 1991.

Katherine Sarah Voegelein was born 3 November 1889 to Minnie Weinert and Edward Voegelein in Falls City, NE. Katherine married William Richard Daughtery 23 November 1914 in Portland, OR. William was a general farmer and later a truck farmer in rural Oregon. Katherine has 2 years of college according to the 1940 census. They had a daughter named Katherine Bernadeen in 1818.  In 1920 they were living in Linn, OR with their 2 and 8/12 old daughter Bernadeen. William was born in Kansas and  did general farm labor. In 1930 William was a truck farmer and they lived in Brooks, OR. Bernadeen was 12. Also living in Brooks are Emil and Laura Scholl Hornschuch. In 1940 Katherine and William are living in Brooks and no profession was listed. William died 22 Oct 1944. Their daughter is not listed in the home.  Katherine died 38 years after her husband on 23 June 1982 in Salem, OR. She was buried on the 28th. 

Minnie timeline:
1865  Minnie was born in Arago, NE on 16 May 
1885  8 January Minnie married to Edward Voegelein
1886  Frederick Gottlieb Voegelein was born 30 January
1888  Ed Julius Voegelein was born  19 September 
1889  Katherine Sarah Voegelein was born 3 November
1900  By the time the census is taken Minnie has moved in to help August
1892  Edward Voegelein died 4 Dec
1901  August Weinert 516 Harrison, Seattle
1904  According to her death certificate Emma Scholl Hornschuch came to  
          Oregon to help August and Minnie
1906  Minnie (Fred, Ed teamsters) 368 East 6th Street, Portland OR
1907  Minnie, (Fred, Ed, Kathrine) are running a boarding house at 408 
          East Yamhill St, Portland, OR
          August Weinert living at 408 East Yamhill St.
1908  Minnie, (Fred, Ed and Kathrine) is running a boarding house at 408
          East Yamhill St, Portland
1909  Minnie, (Fred, Ed and Kathrine) is running a boarding house at 408
          Yamhill St, Portland, OR
1910  Minnie, (Fred, Ed and Kathrine) is running a boarding house at 408
          Yamhill St, Portland, OR
1911  George lives at 232 1/2  1st St Street, Carpenter
          August "Gus" a teamster boards with Minnie at 408 East Yamhill
          Laura Scholl boards with Minnie at 408 East Yamhill
1912  Minnie, (Fred, Ed and Kathrine) is running a boarding house at 408
          East Yamhill St, Portland, OR
1913  Minnie runs a boarding house at 414 E Harrison St, Portland
          Frederick, Fannie, George, Edna, Laura at 446 East Lincoln
1914  Minnie runs a boarding house at 414 E Harrison St, Portland
1916  Minnie 414 East Harrison Portland, boarding house
1946  Minnie died 28 February. Minnie is buried at Belcrest Memorial
          Park, Salem, OR. Emma Scholl is also buried at Belcrest. They both
          have stained glass windows with their names included in the Labish
          Center Community Church. Minnie is in the newer building, Emma in
          the older. Minnie's window includes her birth and death years with a 
          stained glass mural of Christ leading his flock. 

Documents related to Minnie Weinert:

1885 January 8 Minnie wedding

Marriage entry in Church Records
Barn built by August Weinert & sons in 1877/78, 12 1/2 miles NE of Falls City, NE. LtR: Louise Weinert Wiltse: John and Anna Weinert with Rosa and Henry: August Weinert Jr: Fredericka and August Weinert: Emma Scholl: Edward, Minnie Voegelein with Fred and Edward: hired man holding gray horse: Fred, Fannie Scholl with George and August: girls front R. Elizabeth Scholl, Anna Scholl, Laura Scholl. Arago Township, Section 15, 1889.

1893 Katherine, Frederick and Edward Voegelein
Falls City, NE
1876 Edward J.Voegelein, Nebraska

1896 Map of a portion of Jefferson Township, just north
of Preston, NE showing the relative positions
of Edward Voegelein's property to Charles Weinert's
property and to property owned by John Wenert
and Jerome Wiltse. To the west of Charles's
property at "Stone Corner" is E.J. Voegelein's land
which reverted to Minnie Voegelein after Edward's
untimely death. Minnie later sold it to Charles. (See
next map.)  Charles has one barn and a home
on "Stone Corner." The Voeglein's have a
large orchard, a home and four barns.

1896 Jefferson Township showing Edward
Voegelein's land which included a home,
4 barns and an extensive orchard. After Edward's
untimely death Minnie tried to farm with her
three small boys, then sold it around 1900
to her brother Charles and moved to
Portland, OR. 

1924 map of portion of Jefferson Township
showing the land once owned by Minnie
Voegelein, and around 1900 sold
to Charles Weinert, her brother. 

About 1902, Back: Ed, Katherine, Fred Voegelein, Walter Weinert, Front: Franklin, August, Elmer Weinert, Minnie (Weinert) Voegelein, Washington or Oregon

About 1906, Porch: Edward, Fred, Katherine Voegelein, Walter, Elmer Weinert.  Front: Emma Scholl, Franklin, August Weinert Jr., Minnie (Weinert) Voegelein, Oregon

Porch: LtR Edward Voegelein, Fred Voegelein, Katherine Voegelein, Walter Weinert, Elmer Weinert.  Lawn: LtR Emma Scholl, Franklin Weinert, August Weinert Jr., Minnie (Weinert) Voegelein

Both August Weinert Jr. and his sister Minnie (Weinert) Voegelein lost their spouses while their families were young. The two decided to combine their families. They lived in a parsonage for a period of time. This may be that home. Note the large building next door that appears to be a church. As some of the Scholl and Weinert family moved from Nebraska to Portland they stayed with family members when they arrived in Portland. This may be why Emma is in the picture. Or she may have come to help with the children."
Back of the previous photo of Minnie's home.

1908 Council Crest, Portland OR LtR Sarah Voegelein Doyle, Elmer Weinert
Anna Kaiser Weinert, Louisa Weinert Wiltse, Katherine Voegelein Daugherty, Marie Fossberg
Gertrude Wiltse, Frank Weinert, Minnie Weinert Voegelein

About 1909 Frederick, Katherine & Edward Voegelein, likely Portland
1909 Portland, postcard to Miss Louisa Wilse
in Falls City

Maybe 1910 Minnie Weinert

1910 LtR Fred Voegelein, George Scholl, Gus Scholl,
Ed Voegelein, Portland OR

About 1911 George Scholl, Katherine Voegelein, Laura Scholl,
Fred Voegelein, Portland Oregon 

 About 1911 George Scholl, Katherine Voegelein, ??, Laura Scholl, Fred Voegelein, Portland, Oregon

1910 Census Portland

About 1914, Laura Scholl, Katherine Voegelein, Portland, Oregon

 About 1919, Minnie (Weinert) Voegelein, Jane (Weinert) Hofer, Fannie
 (Weinert) Scholl. Portland, Oregon

About 1919 Fannie (Weinert) Scholl, Jane (Weinert) Hofer, 
Minnie (Weinert) Voegelein, Portland, Oregon

1920 Census Linn, OR
1920 LtR Katherine Voegelein, her daughter Bernadeen,
Minnie Weinert, 3 generations

1922 Bernadeen Daugherty. Katherine (Voegelein) 
Daugherty's daughter

About 1928, Ed Voegelein & George Scholl, Portland, Oregon

1930 Census Linn, OR

1940 Census Brooks, OR

About 1930, Minnie (Weinert) Voegelein, Jane (Weinert) Hofer

1933 Front LTR: Fred Altman, Katherine Voegelein, and Edward Voegelein.
Back Left to right: Leoda Voegelein (Frederick's Voegelein's wife),
 Edith Palmer Weinert, and Mabel Palmer Voegelein (Edward's wife).
Mark: About 1933 Front, Fred Altman, Katherine (Voegelein) Dougherty, Edward Voegelein
Back, Leoda Voegelein (Frederick's Voegelein's wife), Edith (Palmer) Weinert, and Mabel (Palmer) Voegelein (Edward Voegelein's wife)

1940s Minnie Weinert

About 1936, Bernadeen (Dougherty) Boies
Katherine's daughter

Headstone, Bernadeen (Dougherty) Boies 1917-1972


Stained glass in honor of Mrs E J Voegelein (Mrs Edward Julius Voegelein)

Burial: Belcrest Memorial Park, Salem Marion County, Oregon, USA, Plot: 1/37/3
Headstone, Minnie (Weinert) Votgelein 1865-1946

Belcrest Memorial Park, Salem, OR

Zion Cemetery, Falls City, NE

Final resting place of Edward Voegelein,
Zion Cemetery, Falls City, NE