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Wilhelm Kammerer 1730-1731

Wilhelm Kammerer was born to Magdalena Weidmann and Hans Wendel Kammerer on  28 July 1730 and died 29 Dec 1731. He lived one year 5 months 1 day.

Graben counted 78 households in 1742, Protestant, except for about 42 souls Roman Catholic. Number of school children: 80.

Life expectancy
Average life expectancy at birth for English people in the late 16th and early 17th centuries was just under 40 – 39.7 years. However, this low figure was mostly due to the high rate of infant and child mortality; over 12% of all children born would die in their first year. With the hazards of infancy behind them, the death rate for children slowed but continued to occur. A cumulative total of 36% of children died before the age of six, and another 24% between the ages of seven and sixteen. In all, of 100 live births, 60 would die before the age of 16. A man or woman who reached the age of 30 could expect to live to 59. [Thomson Gale, 'Infant Mortality' (1998)]

Document related to Wilhelm Kammerer:

Wilhelm Kammerer birth 28 Juily 1730 film 4137289 page 358
Translation DeTe1955
Entry 297
On July 28th 1730 a little son was born to the farrier Wendel Cammerer and his wife Magdalena. He was baptized and named Wilhelm.
Godparents: coach builder Wendel Weick and his wife Anna Maria. Wilhelm Metzger and his wife Margareta.