Thursday, April 2, 2020


It was as if they were surrounded by all kinds of evil spirits, as one would expect from
the evil spirits that rule the air. I must also say that with the
Today my courage and that of all of us was pretty much at an end, and that from today on we had to endure the most difficult inner challenges. - Our three brigands, by the way, were killed...
left the house at 4 a.m., and again at 10 a.m. with a red flag, which showed us all
made a terrible impression. We could barely move people for one Kronental...
to sleep away from home. We had to keep the flag.
The following day one message chased the other. Everyone agreed that the Prussians
had crossed the Rhine at Germersheim. Now it was soon said that they were standing in Graben, then in Linkenheim and in Eggenstein, then also that a corps was moving into Knielingen to occupy the town. "Of course they must be there tonight", they said to each other. I probably went up with my Frauenhofer251
on our church tower and peered in all directions, but no Prussian rooster [Helm?] wanted
show. There was a restless movement among the freeboys. Willich wants to go out to one gate, to the other
back inside, troops marching off, others on. Finally, about 5:00, the Willich Corps left.
Late in the evening, you could still hear shooting in the direction of Graben. They stood at the Ludwig Gate...
On the 21st, there was a lot of shooting and the judgement was that it must be near Waghäusel and Philippsburg, and as yesterday and the day before, people sighed and prayed for
the Prussians. Oh what hard days they had!

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