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Salome Nuchter 1746-1820

Salome Nichter was born to Thomas Nichter and Maria Katharina Obermeyer on 24 Oct 1746. She married Georg Michael Klein 26 January 1775 in Graben.  Both the groom and the bride's father are identified as: Hintersass(e). Ernest Thode, German-English Genealogical Dictionary defines "Hintersass(e)" as: "non-citizen resident (with own household, no land, no major livestock, but no rights or obligations of citizen)". They had 5 children. Georg Michel Klein was a Hintersass (a dependent farmer who is not the Lord's serf)
What happened to their children?
Margaretha Klein 1776-1776 born 2 Jan, died 11 Jan
Maria Catharina Klein 1777-1829, married Friderich Freysinger 14 March 1809 and had one child
Jacob Friderich Klein 1779-1797, born 3 May, died 15 Oct
Georg Klein 1783 Dec
Maria Elisabetha Klein 1791-1857 

What happened during their lives?
1756 - The Seven Years' War begins. Germany allies with Britain against France, Austria, and Russia. Germany and Britain win.
1756 - Famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is born.
1789 - The transformational ideas of the French Revolution impact Germany
1803 - Beginning of the Napoleonic Wars which for the next nine years altered the course of history for large parts of Europe including Germany. Napoleon conquered the Rhineland in 1806 and fought many battles on German ground and lost the Battle of Leipzig in 1819.
1808 - Ludwig van Beethoven's Fifth Symphony is first performed.
1812 - German writers the Brothers Grimm publish their first collection of folk tales.
1813 - Napoleon is defeated at the Battle of Leipzig in Germany.

Napoleon Rules Europe
In the wars after the French Revolution in 1789, Napoleon, the emperor of the French, rose to be the ruler of the European continent. An enduring result of his policy was a new order of the southwestern German political world. When the French Revolution threatened to be exported throughout Europe in 1792, Baden joined forces against France. Baden's countryside was devastated in the ensuing battles. In 1796, the margrave was compelled to pay an indemnity and to cede his territories on the left bank of the Rhine to France. Fortune, however, soon returned to his side. (Wikipedia)

Documents related to Salome Nüchter:

Salome Nichter birth 24 Oct 1746 father Thomas, Mother Maria Cath film 102078298 page 462
Translation by Robert Seal:
1746: on the 24th of October a little daughter of Thomas Nichtern, local non-citizen resident from his wife Maria Catharina was born into the world, so thereafter was baptized and named Salome. Baptismal sponsors are P(h)ilipp Heinrich Heilmann with wife; Johann Adam Kochler, unmarried son of Lorenz Kochler; and Johann Adam Krunemeÿer's unmarried daughter Eva Catharina.
In right-hand margin is Salome's death date: 5 February 1820.
Ann Bane death 1758 Graben Film 004137289 page 610
Translation by Robert Seal:
Died on the 27th of May [1758] at night after 10:00 pm and buried on the 29th [of May 1758] Anna, the surviving widow of the late Georg Obermäyer, former "Beÿsi(t)zer" and weaver at Blankenloch. Age: 74 years.
My comment: "Beÿsi(t)zer" = Beisitzer. Ernest Thode, German-English Genealogical Dictionary, defines "Beisitzer" as: "junior lawyer; juryman; inhabitant without land (e.g. a son in the parental household) without citizenship rights or duties". Then I penciled-in in my personal copy of Thode in the margin next to this word: council member. Google Translate and DeepL translate this word as: assessor. So you have a variety of options to chose from. Hopefully if you find other records for Georg Obermaÿer you will be able to narrow this down.
Salome Nichter marriage 26 Jan 1775 film 102078348 page 731
Translation by Robert Seal:
Yes, because of all the flourishes the handwriting was difficult to read but here is the translation you requested:
[Were married] on the 26th of January [1775], George Michael Klein, the local non-citizen resident, the surviving legitimately-conceived unmarried son of the late Johann Michael Klein, former inhabitant at Fürfeld, with the late Christina, née Zieglerin, and Salome Nüchterin, the surviving legitimately-conceived unmarried daughter of the late Thomas Nüchtern, former non-citizen resident here, with Catharina, née Obermaÿerin.
My comment: Both the groom and the bride's father are identified as: Hintersass(e). Ernest Thode, German-English Genealogical Dictionary defines "Hintersass(e)" as: "non-citizen resident (with own household, no land, no major livestock, but no rights or obligations of citizen)".
Margaretha Scholl 12 Sep 1794 baptism  film 102078298page 756, Entry by Pastor J. J. Ritter.
Margaretha Scholl born on the 11th at 12:00 noon, 12 Sep 1794 baptism, parents:
Wendel Scholl and Maria Katharina Nüchter, death 6 Feb 1856 Names of witnesses: Georg Michel Klein who is a Hintersass (a dependent farmer who is not the Lord's serf) and his wife Salome born Nuchter.
Salome Nichter death 5 Feb 1820 film 102078348 page 1193
Translation by Robert Seal:
Right-hand margin: No. 6. Kleinin née Nüchterin.
On the 5th of February [1820] midday at 12 o'clock noon, Salome Kleinin, née Nüchterin, died, wife of the local non-citizen resident Georg Michael Klein, age 73 years, 3 months, 10 days, and was buried on the 7th of the same month midday at 1:00 pm. 
Witnesses are: Martin Braun and Martin Metzger, local citizens.
Graben, on the 7th of February 1820. T. G. Beck, pastor.
Pastor:  The Pastor at Salome's death was Gottlob Beck who served in Graben as Pastor between 1814 - 1823. The pastor was called T. G. Beck, Pfarrer (Pastor). He starts the firt paragraph with: Den dreissigsten März ...which is the same as Im dreissigsten März (30iest of March) Gottlob had a distinctive way of writing. He made funny circles that we call Schweineschwänzchen (little pigs tail) with the first word Im at the beginning of the sentence. Sometimes at the end of a word or sentence he adds the pig tails. It does not mean anything at the beginning, simply decoration. The swirls at the end of the page are repeated on each page with amazing consistency. Gottlob had talent. (Peter Bertschinger)