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Maria Elisabetha Scholl 1744 - 1801

Maria Elisabetha was born 18 June 1744 to Christoph Scholl and Maria Barbara Süss. Maria married Johann Georg Roesch on the 16th of June 1761. They had 14 children. Four of her 16 children lived to adulthood and married. Maria died 28 August 1801 which means she lived 57 years 3 months. Maria's death record has her first name as Elisabetha.

What happened to their children?
Maria Catharina Roesch 1762-1763
Magdalena Roesch 1764-1764
Elisabeth Roesch 1765-1769
Eva Roesch 1769-1836, married Jacob Seeger 10 Mar 1789, two              children
Margaretha Roesch 1772-1776
Johann Philipp Roesch 1774-1848, married Margaretha Magdalena        Pfeil 9 Oct 1798 and had 7 children
Christoph Roesch 1777-1779
Jacob Roesch 1779-1839, married Margaretha Zimmerman 19 Jan         1802 and had 5 children
Christina Roesch 1782-1782
Magdalena Roesch 1783-1784
Johann Georg Roesch 1783-1790
Catharina Roesch 1786-1811, married Johann Christoph Blau, 18         Mar 1805, 4 children
Roesch 1787-1787

During their lifetime:
Graben Pastors that served during their lifetime:
Daniel Niclas (1714 - 1719) * Nördlingen † 1719 in Graben (1695 deacon, 1701 pastor in Aalen)
Johann Jacob Ritter (1757 -1798) * 1726 in Durlach † 1798 in Graben (1751 deacon in Durlach , 1753 pastor in Teutschneureut)

In 1751, according to the protocol, we find in the community of Graben "everything calm that next to God can be attributed to the precise care of the discreet Schultheißen (Mayors or Sheriffs) - his name was Christoph Kemp"  (Source: Wikisource: Local history reports from the Karlsruhe area from the first half of the 18th century.  By Benedikt Schwarz)

Documents related to Maria Elisabetha Scholl:

Maria Elisabetha Scholl christening 18 June 1744 film 4137289 page 457
Translation by Robert Seal:
1744, on the 18th of June a little daughter of Christoph Scholl from Maria Barbara was born into the world, so thereafter was baptized and was named Maria Elisab[etha]. Baptismal sponsors are H[an]ß Simon Cammerer with wife, and Ulrich Roth with wife.

Marie Elisabetha Scholl marriage 16 June 1761 film 4137289 page 572

Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 16th of June [1761] Johann Georg Roesch, surviving unmarried son of the late Johannes Roesch, former citizen and juryman here, and Maria Elisabetha Schollin, surviving unmarried daughter of the late Christoph Scholl, former citizen here, [were married].
In lower-left corner of entry: "Quartal-Bericht" = quarterly report. [I've not seen this before; perhaps the pastor/priest made quarterly reports of the marriages in the parish and this indicates where he left off.]
Robert Seal Note:  The word is: Gerichtsverwandter. Thode defines this as: lay member of the court; juryman.
FS German Genealogical Word List defines this as: member of the judicial court

Katharina Roesch birth 29 Jan 1786 bot left mother Elisabetha film 10208=78348 page 630
Translation Robert Seal:
On the 29th of January [1786] at night at 6:00 pm born and on the 1st of February [1786] baptized: Catharina [Roesch].
Father: Johann Georg Roesch, the local citizen.
Mother: Elisabetha, née Schollin.
Baptismal witnesses: (1) Jacob Weick, the local citizen and master cartwright, and (2) his wife Cathatina, née Wernerin. (3) Barbara, née Schollin, surviving widow of the late Jacob Becker, former citizen here.
Right column: died 13 March 1811.
Margaretha illeget. 15 July sponsor Elisabetha Scholl 1795 rt top film 102078348 page 677
Translation by Robert Seal:

On the 15th of July [1795] in the morning at 7:00 am born and because of deadly weakness was immediately baptized by me: Margaretha.
Father: [blank].
Mother: Margaretha Roeschin, surviving legitimate daughter of the late Andreas Roesch, former citizen here.
Baptismal witnesses:
(1) Johann Georg Roesch, the local citizen, and (2) his wife Elisabetha, née Schollin.
Left column: Note: [child conceived] from shameful fornication.

Right column: + [died].
Note: Margarethq Roesch was born 25 Sep 1770. She was the first of 12 children of Andreas Roesch b 1744 and Catharina Magaretha Pfeil b 1752 Andreas ID: KZ8H-M2D. Andreas was the last child of Johannes Roesch b 1705 and Mzria Elisabetha Scholl b 1705. Johannes ID: LZ57-36J

Maria Elisabetha Scholl burial 28 Aug 1801 death 26 Aug age 57 3 mo. film 102078348 page 822
Translation by Robert Seal:
[Died] on the 26th of August [1801] in the afternoon between 4 and 5 o'clock and buried on the 28th [of August 1801] Maria Elisabetha Schollin, whose husband is Johann Georg Roesch, citizen, [her] age 57 years, 3 months.