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Hans Matthias Weidmann 1675-1743

Hans Matthias Weidmann lived from 1675-1743. He married Anna Catharina Scholl (1678-1723) 9th November 1697. They had 8 children.  Anna Catharina Scholl died 26 July 1723 and the next year Hans Matthias married Maria Catharina Stengler and had 5 children. Mathias and his son Martin Weidman and (2nd) wife of Matthias Maria Catharina arrived in Philadelphia PA in 1733. The Weidman's were from Graben, a village near Russheim and Durlach, close to Karlsruhe, in Baden-Wurttemberg, now Germany. Hans died in Cocalico, Lancaster, Colony of Pennsylvania, British Colonial America 19 March 1743 and was buried the next day. 

There is no last Will or Testament for Mathias Senior his death record is actually an additional comment left scribbled alongside the birth record of his son Mathias III from 1735.  Reverend Johannes Casper Stöver’s early church records has it and I think I have included a picture of that record squeezed into Mathias III’s memories tab..(Gary Housholder, a decendant) Record not found on FS.

There are probate records giving stewardship over 8 year old Mathias III to my Adam Haushalter and his wife Maria Elizabeth Weidmann his older sister.  So we actually raised Mathias III to man hood. 
Data from par rec WGM-Groll-1956. Named spelled Katharina. !MARRIAGE: Graben Parish Register; 1645-1800; item 2; marriage record; FHL film 1238310; notes -- says surviving daughter of Johann Mattoi Scholl, former lawyer; she was married same day as her brother. 
!CHRISTENING: Graben Parish Register; 1645-1800; item 2; christening record; FHL film 1238310; notes -- name spelled Catharina. 
!BIRTH-CHR: Graben Parish Register; 1645-1800; item 2; christening record; FHL film 1238310; notes -- name Anna Catharina Scholl. !DEATH: Graben Parish Register; 1645-1800; item 2; death record; entry #59; FHL film 1238310; notes -- says Anna Catharina, wife of Johannes Matthias Wey"dmann procurator, age 45 years 5 months 3 weeks 3 days.

What happened to their children? All died in Graben except as noted.
Johann Martin Weidmann 1698-1768
Johann Peter Weidmann 1701-1734
Johann Mathias Weidmann II 1703-1703
Maria Eva Weidman 1706-1708
Eva Margaretha Weidmann 1710-1710
Jacob Heinrich Weidmann 1711-1740
Elisabetha Catharina Weidmann 1715-1715
Johannes Weidmann 1718-1790, died in Pennsylvania

Anna Catharina Scholl died 26 July 1723
Hans Matthias married Maria Catharina Stengler 15 May 1724 in Graben. The very next day his son Peter Weidmann married.

Peter Weidmann's marriage certificate translation:
Tuesday, on the 16th of May 1724 were legitimately married with each
other Peter Weÿdmann, tailoring craft, legitimate unmarried son of Matthiaes Weÿdmann, middle class inhabitant here, and with him Elisabetha, the surviving legitimate unmarried daughter of the late Joachim Holtzen from here, former hunter of the noble lord. They had a wedding sermon, "Ehrengepräng" [pomp/splendor/wedding wreath/etc.], and string music.

What happened to their children?
Christoph Weidmann 1725-1725
Maria Margareta Weidmann 1726-1729
Maria Elisabeth Weidmann 1929-1768, died in Pennsylvania
Baby Weidmann 1731-1731
Mathias Weidmann III 1735-1790, died in West Virginia, USA, see end of docs

News of the Parish:
1737 In Rüppurr in 1737, Pastor Huber complained that the field of God was not fenced in, which is why the cattle, especially the pigs, were digging around the graves; von Graben and Russheim , Weber and Hoyer complain that too much dancing permission is given on the holidays, "whereby there are often great nightly luxuries and people rave about the whole night".

1738 The secular superiors of Graben are not satisfied with their pastor that he is too "sleepy and maintain good friendship with the teacher, the congregation's night-time traffic is very suspicious to the congregation".

1740 The parish of Graben "does not wish for a better pastor because he has changed in all parts so that no more complaints can be made about him".

In 1742Graben had 78 households, Protestant, except for around 42 Roman Catholic souls. Number of school children: 80.

1743 In 1743 there were again differences between Schultheiß (Mayor) and Pastor in Graben ; the latter complains that the Schultheiß, (Mayor) against the princely decree, had taken a Catholic woman into the parish, that he had hay led by his son on a monthly day of repentance and bed, and that he had read out the parish bill at the Trinity Festival in the town hall, whereby Quarrel had arisen. Schultheiß (Mayor) Christoph Kemp, on the other hand, records the following: “On the last Easter day, the pastor's brother, the chancellor, was with the pastor, as was a Catholic Soldier from Philippsburg. Since everyone meant that the pastor would hold the service in the afternoon, the only person left from the rectory was the schoolmaster - his name is Konr. Gottl. Keplinger - and to everyone's amazement to see the powdered hair going to church, he then chose a chapter in front of the altar, but read it so that everyone could see how much wine had been awarded to him. ”The deer steward Jakob Holtz in Graben has a wine buying process with the chancellor, the pastor's brother.
From the Rhine to the Susquehanna Studies of immigration from Baden to Pennsylvania in the 1800's By Mark Häberlein
Pages 161 to 164 of the book: 
The Family "Einwandererclan" 
"Very few Baden-Durlacher emigrant families brought so favorable conditions of material assets into Pennsylvania with themselves as did the Weidmanns from Graben. Matthäus and Martin Weidmann were one of the earliest Baden American emigrant families in 1733. They even had to pay immigration taxes upon arrival, and were much wealthier than the most other emigrants coming from Baden. The Weidmanns were also one of the largest families: they consisted of Matthäus Weidmann (born 1675), his two adult sons: Martin (born 1698) and Jacob Heinrich (born 1711; his father and brother in 1736 succeeded), in addition to three wives and seven children - a total of thirteen people. Shortly after their arrival in Lancaster County Matthäus and Martin Weidmann paid for or earned rights based on 200 acres of land in Warwick Township. Then in (March of 1743) Matthäus Weidmann passed away. and his property was passed down to Martin's younger brother Johannes (born 1718 who married Maria Margaretha Haushalter in 1841 she was a slightly older sister of Hans Adam Haushalter who in turn married Maria Elisabetha Weidmann Johann's sister in 1743 shortly after they both emigrated from the village of Rußheim in 1739). Martin Weidmann however is not limited to the 1734 acquired 200 acres, but gained the rights to extra 1,000 acres (440 hectares) of land in Cocalico Township between 1745 and 1758: 1745 387 acres, 1748 536 acres in three parcels, 1758 again 80 acres. Even Martin Weidmann only managed a small part of his total land in the country. He significantly benefited from the rising land prices in Lancaster County upon selling a few parcels of his land holdings: 1757 E.g. a 172.25 acre tract that was considered very big back then in retrospect for Pennsylvania ~ another parcel of his 387-acre tract £700 (approx. £400 Sterling) on a certain Abraham Brubaker. He had given the acquisitions to his offspring, in turn they became some of the most established landowners in Cocalico Township.

Documents related to Hans Matthias Weidmann:

Hans Matthias Weidmann bap 14 Feb 1675, birth 13
Feb film 102078298 page 222

Translation by Robert Seal:

Hans Matthias Waidmann.

On the 12th?/13th? of February born into this world was Hans Matthias Waidmann, in the night between 11 and 12 o'clock; his parents Hans Peter Waidmann and his wife Elisabeth; and was baptized on the 14th of the same month. Baptismal sponsors were: (1) Mattheus Rößler and his wife; (2) Hans Endris Zimmermann and his wife.

Comments: The name "Matthias" can be spelled many different ways in German. Here you have two examples: "Matthias" for the child and "Mattheus" for the first baptismal sponsor.

Regarding the second baptismal sponsor: Is it Hans Endris Zimmermann or Hans Endris, carpenter?. Since "Zimmermann" can be both an occupation and a surname, it's difficult to know which way to go; but note that the other two adult males named in this record are not recorded with occupations either, and I do see a few other examples of "Zimmermann" on this page as a surname rather than an occupation.

Anna Catharina Scholl marriage to Hans Matthias Weidmann 9 Nov 
1697 film 102078348 page 185

Translation by Robert Seal:

On the same day [9 Nov 1697] are married Johann Mattey[s]/Matte[us], legitimately conceived surviving son of Peter Weÿmann, and Anna Catharina, the left-behind [surviving] daughter of the late Johann Mattei[s] Scholl, forner lawyer here.


Hans Matthias Weidmann 2 marriage 15 May 1724 in Graben to
Maria Catharina Stengler film 102078298 page 386

Translation Ulrich Neitzel:
On 15 May [1724] were married Matthias Weydmann, the local citizen and widower and his maid Maria Catharina, unmarried legitimate daughter of Johannis Stengler, current juryman in Blankenloch. They had a marriage sermon, wedding wreath and string music.

note on the margin:
These two spouses have dressed the altar in the local church with a blue cloth with blue and white fringes in the year 1725, December 30th. T. Weber, Pastor. I can't read the occupation of Johannis Stengler, looks like Bey_tzer?.

I edited the occupation of Johannis Stengler following @Robert Seal_1 's remark. Thank you, Robert! Blankenloch is a village 6 miles south of Graben.

Robert Seal's comments:
I read Johannis Stengler's occupation as: Beÿsitzer = Beisitzer.

I have seen "Beisitzer" translated in a number of ways: juryman; lay member of the court; council member.

I read Johannis Stengler's occupation as: Beÿsitzer = Beisitzer.

I have seen "Beisitzer" translated in a number of ways: juryman; lay member of the court; council member.

Robert Seal:
Did you notice that the next record after the marriage record of Matthias Weidmann and Catharina Maria Stengler is the marriage record of Matthias' son [Johann] Peter Weidmann and Elisabeth Holtz on 16 May 1724?

See Johann Peter Weidmann (1701-1734) in FamilySearch Family Tree: KF5K-8XJ

Hello Robert, these are my sources:
(1) dermahligen see ( Note, however, that Duden gives the meaning as jetzig = current; I probably confused it with damalig)
(2) from a publication (

@Ulrich Neitzel

Thank you very much Ulrich!

I couldn't determine what the 4th letter was in "der?ahligen" and was stumped by this word. Now I see that it is "dermahligen" thanks to you; although it is an unusual letter "m".

Also thanks for the pdf article which explains "Ehrengepräng".


Translation by Robert Seal:
The following records on this page where Johann Matthias Weidmann appears as a baptismal witness:

Record ten up from the bottom of the page dated 24 Jan 1735 and 1737: he appears twice as baptismal record, for each of the two children.

Record two up from the bottom of the page dated 12 Jan 1735.

Last record at bottom of the page dated 15 Feb 1736.

Notes by Robert Seal:
I don't see any indication in any of the records where this document comes from.

Here is a translation of the three column headings:

First column: "Gebohren" = Born.

Second column: "Peter (2) Bäcker".

Third column: "Getauftt" = Baptized.

Comment: The second column heading is odd because it looks like a person's name. I'm not quite sure what to make of it.

More notes:
This is pure speculation: I wonder if this is the baptism book of a pastor named Peter "Bäcker" II or anglicized as Peter Baker II?

FYI: "Bäcker" is the German word for "baker" but it is also a German surname.

Greetings Kent,
I answered your question in our Haushalter Facebook Chatroom: here is a copy for you.

Greetings Kent Gardiner I received your email question and Matthias Weidtmann Senior from Graben is seen on 15 May 1735 with the baptism of his son Mathias III. Mathias II died as an infant in Germany thus III is seen here. Also in 1743 Reverend Johann Casper Stōver wrote in the death date of Matthias Senior the immigrant added it into this record. Pinch zoom the image and you will see it. This record gives us a classic example of the Matthias Weidtmann spelling of his name. After the death of his father Mathias III at just 8 years old was raised by his sister Maria Elisabetha Weidman and her husband Johann Adam Haushalter who she married at 14 almost 15 years of age. I attached records of both marriages. His first wife was your Scholl connection.

So Kent, if you were to take a AncestryDNA test you would match Scholl DNA with any descendants from the first marriage.

Here is the most important record seen in red on the page which has Mathias witnessing other events also.

Gary Housholder

Mathias Weidmann III