Friday, April 10, 2020

Frederick Scholl in the Newspaper

Fred in the Newspaper:
On Tuesday August 9th, 1904 a severe electrical storm struck a barn owned by Frederick and the barn and 28 loads of new hay burned to the ground according to the Falls City Journal.

According to the deed, on March 2, 1905 Frederick sold his land in section 22, totaling 160 acres to John Gleason of Missouri for $10,400.  The Falls City Journal says it was sold around June 10, 1904.

Falls City Journal, April 2, 1905 M. A. Bingaman and family are guests at the Fred Scholl home. 

The Falls City Journal reported on September 8, 1905 that Fred's daughter Mrs Morris Bingaman was seriously ill in his home. 

On Wednesday August 1, 1906 Fred's mother in law, Fredericka Weinert died in his home. The funeral services were held the next day in the home.

On March 29, 1907 the Nebraska Advertiser reported that Fred Scholl was involved in an experiment with the "department" in raising oats with a better yield and rust resistant.

On May 22, 1908 the Falls City Journal reported that Fred and his daughter Edna visited Falls City.

According to the1910 US census  Frederick, Fannie, are retired in Falls City, NE. Fred is 61.

In 1912 according to the Portland City directory, Frederick, a farmer, is living at 446 E Lincoln with his son August P, daughter Edna,  George carpenter and daughter Laura who works at M&F Co.