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Fannie Weinert 1853-1922

Fannie Weinert came to Nebraska when she was six years of age with her parents Augustus and Fredericka Weinert. Family sources recorded her birth on May 15th in 1853 in Buffalo, New York. The 1860 census verifies this. Her history recalls the fact that there were still Indians in the territory and that they often "frightened her." However, they gave her strings of beads so one can assume they were "friendly" in nature!

In 1876 at 23 years of age she married Frederick Scholl, who was also born in New York and came to Arago community at age 17 in 1866. Several children were born to this union, some who were stricken with tuberculosis. A younger sister of Fannie (Minnie) had moved west some years earlier so the Scholl's made plans to do the same. Around 1908 Fred and Fannie sold the farm (600 acres or one square mile) for $40,000 and around 1909 they moved to Oregon. Children Emma, Laura, George and August preceded their parents in the move and lived with their Aunt Minnie in her boarding house pending the arrival of the rest of the family. Elizabeth (Lizzie) married Ben Apel of the Falls City area and remained there for some time.  Fred Scholl build many houses in the Portland area with the help of his sons. It is believed that the family became members of the Mt. Tabor Evangelical Church (5441 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 97215) in the southeast part of Portland and were faithful in their attendance.

Fannie passed away from breast cancer in Portland in 1822 on her wedding anniversary 1 June and Fred died 7 years later in 1929. Both are buried in the Rose City Cemetery on Fremont Street, with daughter, Edna. 

Mrs. Fannie Weinert was born  in Buffalo, N.Y., 15 May 1853. Her Christian life of nearly half a century was one of deep devotion to her Lord and of loyalty to the church. In 1876 she was joined in marriage to Fred Scholl by whom she is survived, as also by 2 daughters (One the wife of Rev. E. G. Hornschuch), 3 sons and 8 grandchildren. On June 1 1922, at Portland, Ore., she answered the call to her eternal home. revs. H. Schuknecht and F. B. Culver assisted in the funeral service. by Ezra Maurer, Reverend

What happened to their children?
Emma Scholl 1877-1944, m Emil Hornschuch, Pastor, children, Willard E.,  children Naomi Edna, Erma Elizabeth
Elizabeth Scholl 1879-1914, m Benjamin Christopher Apel, children, Fred Christopher, Willard Benjamin
Anna Scholl 1880-1905, m Maurice Albert Bingaman, children, Laura Fanny Bingaman and Leona Emma Bingaman
Laura Scholl 1881-1928, m John William Zinser, children, infant Zinser, Lawerence Scholl Zinser
Philip Frederick Scholl, 2 Mar 1885-July 1885
George Fred Scholl 1886-1967, m Emma Bachman, children, Audrey May, Elaine Mary
Augustus Phillip Scholl 1888-1973, m Emma Lou Schultz, m Lillian M. Lucke
Clara Lydia Scholl 1891-1907
Edgar Fred Scholl 9 July 1895-30 July 1895, lived 3 weeks, a twin
Edna Fannie Scholl 1895-1919, fell, wheel chair, died young, a twin
Fred Clarence Scholl 1879-1989, m Helen Evelyn Short

Documents related to Fannie Weinert:

Probable location of Fannie's birth
record in St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Records, Buffalo, NY

1860 Federal Census

August  and Fredericka Weinert family, Fannie upper left.

Fannie and Frederick wedding, 1 June 1876

Nebraska State Census, 1885 Richardson Arago

United States Census, 1900 Nebraska

United States Census, 1910 Nebraska Richardson Falls City Ward 1

United States Census, 1920 Oregon Multnomah Portland 

1920 Fannie, Frederick, Portland, OR

Minnie (Weinert) Voegelein, Jane (Weinert) Hofer,
Fannie (Weinert) Scholl.

Photo taken between 1909 and 1914

Frederick & Fannie (Weinert) Scholl, Edna Scholl, ?,?, Laura (Scholl) & John Zinser

Mt Tabor Church, originally built in 1892, Building was built in 1910 and is the Presbyterian
Church the Scholl's attended. 

Tabor Church Gathering, early 1800s, 5441 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 97215

Mt Tabor Presbyterian Church

 Fannie (Weinert) Scholl Death

Rose City Cemetery, Portland, Oregon

Headstone of the Mt Tabor Reverend Maurer who wrote Fannie's obit and officiated at her funeral.
He died 13 July 1938, age 69, wife Lovenia Louisa Culver, b 4 April 1869 Waterloo, Canada.