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Scholl infant 1754-1754

On 3 September 1754 an infant was still born to Georg Scholl and Anna Marie Kammerer. She was their 5th infant to die in infancy or childhood. The Graben Pastor at the time was F. C. H. Beck.

Life expectancy
Average life expectancy at birth for English people in the late 16th and early 17th centuries was just under 40 – 39.7 years. However, this low figure was mostly due to the high rate of infant and child mortality; over 12% of all children born would die in their first year. With the hazards of infancy behind them, the death rate for children slowed but continued to occur. A cumulative total of 36% of children died before the age of six, and another 24% between the ages of seven and sixteen. In all, of 100 live births, 60 would die before the age of 16. A man or woman who reached the age of 30 could expect to live to 59. [Thomson Gale, 'Infant Mortality' (1998)]

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Scholl infant birth 3 Sept 1754 film 4137289 page 484 
Translation by Ulrich Neitzel:
Translation (of a sad story):
On 3 September 1754 was born a dead little daughter to Georg Schollen, citizen and farmer, from his wife Anna Maria née Cammerer by a miscarriage due to a long before suffered illness of the mother. It was carried to the funeral in silence by the midwife on the same evening when the prayer bell rang.