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Philippine Scholl 1829 - 1847

Philippine Scholl 14 Dec 1829 - 24 Feb 1847, Her parents were Philipp Scholl 1785-1858 and Christina Krauss 1788 - 1830. - 19 Nov 1874. Philippine Scholl bap 15 Dec 1829 birth 14 December. Philippine Scholl burial 25 Feb 1847 death 21 Feb.

Documents related to Philippine Scholl:

Philippine Scholl bap 15 Dec 1829 birth 14 Dec
film 102078348 page 1007

Translation by Robert Seal:

In the year of Christ 1829, on the 14th of December at night at 3:00 am was born and on the 15th of the same month midday at 11:00 am was baptized: Philippine. The parents are: the citizen and master mason Philipp Scholl and his wife Christine, née Kraußin. Baptismal sponsors are (1) Wendel Scholl, citizen, and Philip Brauch's widow Elisabetha, née Späck. (2) Philipp Krauß, citizen, and his wife Magdalena, née Metzger.

Graben, on the 15th of December 1829. Pator Käß.

In right margin: died 24 February 1847.

Hi The sponsors could be this Wendel Scholl:
and Philip Krauß could be:
Philippine Scholl burial 25 Feb 1847 death 21 Feb
film 102118620 page 319

Translation by Robert Seal:

No. 9. In the year of Christ 1847, on the 24th of February, early at 1:00 am died here and on the 25th of the same month in the evening at 4:00 pm was buried here: Philippine Scholl, unmarried citizen's daughter, age 17 years, 2 month, 10 days. Her parents are: Philipp Scholl, citizen and mason here, and the deceased Christine Kraus[s].

Witnesses are: Christoph Zimmermann, citizen and weaver here. (2) Christoph Werner, citizen and day laborer here.

Graben, on the 25th of February 1847. T. Crecelius, pastor.

My comments:

"Bürgerstochter" = citizen's daughter.

In most if not all of the other records I have translated for you, the mother Christine's surname has been spelled: Krauß = Krauss, so I added the second "s" to her surname here.

Despite your list of pastors saying Pastor Crecelius' first initial is a "G.", here it looks like a "T." Compare the "T." in the signature to the capital "G" in the word "Graben" in the line immediately above.

Kent Note:
I think you are right on the first initial for Crecelius, pastor of Graben. I made the change to the list of pastors. I'm sure that list need small refinements. This correction is helpful. Thanks as always.

Philippine was about a year old when her mother Christine Krauss died on 14 Nov 1830. That left Philipp, master mason, with 8 children from 1 to eighteen to raise. Having lost my first wife in 1994 (who left me with 6 children to raise) I have empathy for anyone with that challenge.