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Leopold Köhler 1820 -1896

Leopold Köhler was born 2 Mar 1820; died 7 April 1896 in Graben.

Leopold's father was Johann Köhler, a citizen and farmer in Graben. He was born 1 August 1786 and died 14 September 1845.  He married 3 January 1811 Maria Elisabetha Heinle, born 26 November 1787 and died 17 February 1827. Leopold was their fourth child. (source Baden Vol 2 by Brigitte Burkett, CGRS, Picton Press)

According to FamilySearch he married Margaretha Magdalena Ruthardt who was born in 1823 in Graben. The couple married 5 Feb 1846 in Graben according to their family book.

Documents related to Leopold Köhler:

Leopold Köhler b 2 Mar 1820 birth film 4137289 page 1022
Translation by Robert Seal:
No. 13. On the 2nd of March [1820], midday at 3:00 pm was born and on the 4th of the same month midday at 1:00 pm was baptized Leopold. Parents are the local citizen Johann Martin Köhler and his wife Maria Elisabetha, née Heinle.
Baptismal witnesses are: (1) Georg Klein, local non-citizen resident, (2) his wife Magdalena, née Braunin; (3) Jakob Friedrich Heinle, local citizen; (4) Philippine, née Lindin, surviving widow of the late Martin Krauß, local citizen.
Graben, on the 4th of March 1820. T. G. Beck, pastor.

Johann Martin Köhler born 1786 Familienbuch (Family Book)
film 102118620 page 962
                   Person                  Born             Married          Died
Köhler Johann Martin L ú L    Aug1786                     14 Sep 1845
  Maria Elisabetha Heinle   26 May 1787  3 Jun 1811   3 Jun 1827
1. Johann Philipp                 15 July 1813                                1885
2. Martin                              28 Aug 1815                                1870
3. Maria Elisabetha              18 Jan 1818                     11 Dec 1819
4. Leopold Köhler                2 Mar 1820                                1896
5. Georg Friedrich Köhler   13 Mar 1822                    11 Nov 1898
6. Jakob Köhler                     3 Apr  1824                     19 Feb 1832
7. Philippine Köhler            15 Dec 1826                    13 Aug  1827
    II marriage
Christina Scholl                   22 Apr 1798 19Apr1827  11 Oct 1843
Philipp                                  12 Feb 1825 (Ammerika)
Children 2 marriage
8. Wilhelm Köhler                 23 Jul 1831                     27 Aug 1831
9.  Christine Köhler              13 Feb 1833                                  1900
10. Wilhelm Köhler              15 Sep 1838  (Ammerika)

Note: What could the letters "B. u. B." after Martin's means citizen and farmer
u. is probably und  = and
B. could stand for Bauer = Landwirt = farmer
The other B. could stand for Bürger  = Citizen 
(Peter Bertschinger)

Leopold Köhler family book film 102118620 page 1160
Translation by Robert Seal:
The phrase preceding "Heinrich Leopold" is "vor der Ehe" = before the marriage. So Heinrich Leopold was born (and died) in 1844 before this couple married in February 1846, which is why he is set off from the other children. Minimally, Heinrich Leopold is the child of Margaretha Magdalena Ruthardt (since illegitimate children are usually recorded with the mother in these family registers). But the way this record is written, with the other 9 children recorded under the heading "in der Ehe" = in the marriage, it appears that Leopold Köhler may be the father of Heinrich Leopold as well.
You did well with the children's names:
Let me give the children a try-
Margaretha Magdalena
Leopold Wilhelm
Karoline Friederike
Christine Elisabetha
Margaretha Magdalena
Philipp Ludwig
Ludwig Philipp
Todtgeborens Knäblein - stillborn little boy
Christine Elisabetha (no. 5) had an illegitimate child named Bertha, born 6 Sep 1875.
Then Bertha had an illegitmate child named Heinrich, born 1 Feb 1894.

Leopold Köhler m film 102078348 page 1141
Translation by Robert Seal:
No. 1. In the year of Christ 1846, on the 5th of February midday at 11:00 am, after receiving state permission d. d. Karlsruhe on the 16th of January 1846, no. 1493, were here maritally blessed: Leopold Köhler, new budding citizen and farmer here, born 27 March 1820, legitimate unmarried son of the deceased Martin Köhler, former citizen and farmer here, and the deceased Maria Elisabetha Heinle; with: Margaretha Magdalena Ruthart, born 3 April 1823, legitimate unmarried daughter of Christian Heinrich Ruthart, citizen and surgeon here, and Margaretha Raichert.
Witnesses are: (1) Jakob Frierdrich Heinle, citizen and parish council member here. (2) Simon Süß, citizen and baker here.
Graben, on the 5th of February 1846. T. Crecelius, pastor.
Comment: The bride's father's occupation is: Chirurg. Ernest Thode, German-English Genealogical Dictionary, defines "Chirurg" as: surgeon (for minor wounds, animal kicks, etc.).
Leopold Köhler death burial 7 April 1896 age 26film 102118620 page 632 
Translation by DeTe1955:
On the 5th of April 1816 died Leopold Köhler, a farmer from here, a husband [he was married then] at the age of 76 years 1 month and 3 days.
His burial took place on 7th of April at 1:30 PM.
reference to register II 164
(entry made by vicar Zipperer)
Ulrich Neitzel:
I do believe that the entry is signed by a vicar Zipperer, because
the signature is very clear and readable (and not Zimmern)
the handwriting and signature of pastor Zimmerer is quite different, see the death notice of Philipp Wilhelm Köhler
in 1896 Heinrich Zimmern was a pastor and not a vicar (which is an assistant clergyman)
Vicar Zipperer may have been in this parish as part of his career, assisting pastor Zimmern. In fact, on the web I found a Karl Zipperer (1870-1936) mentioned as pastor in Weiler (Baden) in 1905 (

 Information of Vicar or pastor Karl Zipperer.

"Old cattle!". With these clear words, Pastor Karl Zipperer (1870-1936) in Weiler (Villingen) commented in 1905 on a letter from the main teacher Zimmermann, in which the author threatens to take action against an alleged defamation of his wife during a sermon by the pastor.

What Pastor Zipperer should have said exactly or whether there was a complaint is unfortunately no longer comprehensible.

It is clear, however, that the relationship between the two men was already extremely tense and Pastor Zipperer thought very little, also and above all, of Zimmermann's wife.

A month earlier, the pastor wrote a letter to the Grand Ducal District Education Office and asked for the head teacher to be transferred. This is "incapable" and has "neither the students nor the population the necessary reputation to be able to exercise any educational influence."

The reason for this? Clearly Zimmermann's behavior in public, where his appearance and his "peculiarities that embarrass the entire teaching profession" necessarily "make you laugh".

Pastor Zipperer blames the influence of Zimmermann's wife, “who is just everything else, just not a housewife”, to be particularly responsible for this. She neglects the children and spends hours chatting with other renegades on the street.
Pastor Zipperer was successful, by the way, the main teacher Zimmermann lost his position eight months later and was transferred to Linkenheim.

Further (local church) stories can soon be retrieved in a targeted manner. The Weiler parish archive is currently being developed and made usable with a finding aid. The finding aid will be published as a PDF on our website. Look up which parish archive finding aids are already researchable.(From the parish archive of Weiler (Villingen)
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